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Big Bobs Burger Joint Game

By • Sep 29th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

This could be the ultimate burger cooking game. You must work hard in Big Bobs kitchen to get burgers, drinks and fries ready for customers. You have been warned: lots of cooking in this game!

How to play Big Bobs Burger Joint Game: You need to get familiar with the kitchen and the burger recipes book. Complete the order listed near the top left of the screen, follow the tutorial to learn exactly how to make the food.

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We pushed the game down the page because the ads on the right were getting in the way!


106 Responses to “Big Bobs Burger Joint Game”

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  1. 100
    Cyvanah Says:

    This game is fun but takes FOREVER to load!! ill be 30 by time it loads!! And im only 10!!

  2. 99
    ro Says:

    how do you pick up the fries?!? i pick the scooper and click but nothing happens ugh!

  3. 98
    bugger Says:

    Takes forever to load!!

  4. 97
    Pearly shell Says:

    wow i love this game so preety love it :) :) 8-)

  5. 96
    Anne Doe Says:

    Did they ever fix the problem with the chicken cooker?

  6. 95
    Star Says:

    Wow….This game is so fun…………….BUT it can get boring………………

  7. 94
    pickle juice Says:

    dammmm this game is so dam stupid

  8. 93
    Jocelyne Says:

    I put the meat on the grill to cook the burger but when I click on it to pick it up before it burns, nothing happens.

  9. 92
    tomato soup Says:

    i discovered it just now. open the game and then go to comments page 1. then come back again to comments 2. the ad will be not there but the game will be loaded. immediately click the stop button on your browser and voila you can access it now without any difficulty

    enjoy !

  10. 91
    tomato soup Says:

    this is the most stupid game in my life . the stupid ads why cant you stop the ads or put them somewhere else. foolish and idiotic game’

  11. 90
    tomato soup Says:

    it is stupidity man. the ad comes and the milk machine is hidden. really this is weird!

  12. 89
    cybergamin Says:

    This game is BROKE! I have made the burgers just like they suppose to be made, and they wont go on the darn tray WTH?! Game sucks!

  13. 88
    nairobianderson Says:

    my score is 100% that mean i win this game this is very fun to me

  14. 87
    eka Says:

    damn this game suckssssssssssssssssss

  15. 86
    Trickster Ty Says:

    Bogus Game! It won’t recognize a small cola on the tray and you lose the customer!

  16. 85
    no Says:

    y are the ads in the middle of the game??????

  17. 84
    no Says:

    y are the ads in the middle of the game

  18. 83
    teena Says:


  19. 82
    aarob Says:

    this game sucks

  20. 81
    maithreyee Says:

    awsome games .
    hey vewers check out the zombie burger to sell out some yuckey but interesting zombie food
    this game is a very good game

  21. 80
    Little miss princess Says:


  22. 79
    little miss princess Says:

    Dis game is getting on my last freaking nerves whoever made this sucks!!!!! There is to many technical errors, and the advertisments keep getting in the way of this fagget game i hate this and the ice cream machine doesnt work worth nothing whoever made should get freking sued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I that this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this fag game ughhh. get this freaking game out my f….. face

  23. 78
    Miley Cyrus Says:

    Hey! I just want to say this game is awesome.

  24. 77
    XxSxyShawtyxX Says:

    well,this game is kinda fun and a little Suckish because well,the clock its to fast and like yeah and i need to rush.and even though i got all the orders right the customer doesnt take all those advertisments it covers the milk machine.that game is fun but alot Suckish Better pick a game that does take a long time for the clock and the advertisments to stop covering machines!and whoever made this game i want to give them this: YOUR MOMMA SO FAT THAT WHEN SHE WAS SITTING ON A CHAIR IN THE CARNIVAL CHILDREN SAID: HEY LETS GO ON THAT BOUNCY HOUSE!.

  25. 76
    kim Says:

    hey shat up this game is not boring you are boring
    i am the besties girl in this game

  26. 75
    dfgdsfgdfgd Says:

    ummmm…i love this game but sometimes i will finish a order and it will sit there and make me loose money…and the order will be completely right, all the items will be crossed off the list too…watev. love the game but too many technical errors!!!

  27. 74
    crazybutsweet Says:

    TOO much trouble4 a game+advertisements r in da way so u cant reach the milkshake machine imma skip this game

  28. 73
    Denise Says:

    wee i love bibg bobs burger joint game i thought this game is gone i miss that game…but im playing now imso happy to play big bobs burger joint game…

  29. 72
    maggie manning Says:

    it takes way to long to load

  30. 71
    savannah Says:

    the messages are in the way so i cant get to the milkshakes what the heck dude

  31. 70
    alexuis Says:

    this game is so hard. i forgot that when a customer wants a big bob you have to look in that little book thingy. and the burgers always burn whenever i try to cook the fries. but to me this is still a very good game, its one of the best games that i have ever played so i hope other people will enjoy it like i did.
    whoever made this game i thank you because all of the other burger cooking games are horrrible. this game is really seeing how fast you can go but other games are just so wack.

  32. 69
    Christian Says:


  33. 68
    Madi Says:

    this game sucks big time! i cant figure out how to play the futzing thing!

  34. 67
    Michael Jackson Says:

    I love this game. Doctor Murray killed me with rat posion

  35. 66
    NoraZul Says:

    How to unlock the more recipe??????

  36. 65
    KIerra Mcdaniel Says:

    good bud DaMn i kcenET gEt paSs the seConD dHay

  37. 64
    sophie Says:

    hey all you pipl out there that are saying how much they love to east cheseburgers, why don’t you get off your but, do some exersize and stop be so lathargic OR YOU WILL FOREVER BE FAT!

  38. 63
    panama Says:

    i agree with al of these comments. if ur gonna put a game on the internet you could at least make sure you’ve wrked out all the bugs

  39. 62
    tony u Says:

    this game is the most retarted game ever

  40. 61
    DeMarcus Says:

    I finally learned how top play this game, its acually fun…. When u knw wat ur doin

  41. 60
    jenny Says:

    this is a realy hard game i didnt even no where u had to put the bloody burgur thing its to hard even my 9 year old niece couldnt do it and my sister who is 24 couldnt do it eather

  42. 59
    vionica Says:

    this game is so stupid

  43. 58
    marcysparky1 Says:

    i have the same problem aswell you guys we should just forget about this stupid game

  44. 57
    Kayla Says:

    This game is messed up…I complete an order then it just sits would be better if it actually worked gawd damn game :(

  45. 56
    ANGEL Says:


  46. 55
    confused Says:

    I’m getting really annoyed that baby club recipe doesn’t work, as well as the pause not working and on top of that sometimes the tray just sits there even when I have done it correctly plus the points don’t always let you store it a bit pointless.

  47. 54
    Beans Says:

    Unable to play. The entire right hand side of the game is covered by text. from Browse Categories down… Does anyone else experience this?

  48. 53
    Ris Says:

    Not only that but the recipe Baby Club doesn’t work at all no matter how many times you do it right, it won’t cross it off. Pointless. Plus, don’t pause the game cause it doesn’t actually pause. The word comes up as pause but the game still runs. When you come back the stars will be less and the time almost gone. (Just a heads up)

  49. 52
    Ris Says:

    im having the same problem. I complete the order but it just sits there. Doesn’t make sence.

  50. 51
    jimmy pop Says:

    i forgot… when i miss a customer the next order i take i complete and it all checks off but it doesnt take my order away… it just sits there.

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