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Burger Restaurant 2

By • Jul 18th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

Burger Restaurant 2 is here, if you haven’t played it already then make sure you play the original Burger Restaurant first.

Burger Restaurant 2 goes global with 3 new burger restaurants in Brazil, Mexico and Germany. Try and manage your customers and serve the all new meals on time!

How to play Burger Restaurant 2: The game is just like the original but this time she walks a bit faster and you have new meals and machines to work with. Click on a customer to take their order, click on machines to bake burger buns, patties and add extras like ketchup and salad.

Burger Restaurant 2 Loads Here: wait.

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61 Responses to “Burger Restaurant 2”

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  1. 61
    krutika Says:

    it take lot of time to load

  2. 60
    dfgdhfg Says:

    this game suckssssssssssssssssssssssss

  3. 59
    ika Says:

    i agreed with that comment that [email protected] give…i also have 2 wait this game 2 load…but it does’nt..i start bored 2 wait this game until load n then i open another game..herrrrrrrrrrrr this game is really3 bored 2 me……..herrrr

  4. 58
    erfa Says:

    i luv this game but i did’nt clever 2 play this game because i also lost my customer..i can’t do all the thing with fast..hehehe…but i like this game..

  5. 57
    Kayla Says:

    This is really fun!!!

  6. 56
    [email protected] Says:

    I wait for a long time but it doesn’t load….this game is very board!!!!!

  7. 55
    zhanique Says:

    this game really really hard

  8. 54
    tanmayee Says:

    burger restuarant rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 53
    I Be Moo-Moo Says:

    i luve dhiz game…!!!!! dhiz watz up….!!!!

  10. 52
    hello Says:

    i do nt see why some of these game are so hard

  11. 51
    lUpE Says:


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