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Hot Dog Bush

By • Jan 4th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

What kind of job will G.W. Bush be capable of doing when he finally leaves the White House? Well in this game he gets to try and manage a hot dog stand (he also serves burgers), will he be able to understand the complexities of this job?

Hot Dog Bush starts simple with just hot dogs but eventually people order drinks, burgers, fries and more. Use the mouse to click and drag items, don’t forget to collect the money after each customer.

421 Responses to “Hot Dog Bush”

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  1. 50
    super hot dog Says:

    I love hotdogs especially the RAW ONES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 49
    dannielle Says:

    is pooh

  3. 48
    shell Says:

    it is gd gd

  4. 47
    forsha Says:

    This game rocks!!!!!

  5. 46
    emily Says:

    love this game its so fun
    yaayy .
    wye valley school . is the best . i love all my friendzxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. 45
    Danhoo(: Says:

    this game sucks,
    YOU SUCK(:

    Maria & halyey are the coolest people on the planet(:
    call us uppp<3

  7. 44
    Keri & Izzy Says:

    this game is the best!
    hahahahah :-)

  8. 43
    jaja Says:

    this game bl0ws maj0r balls!

  9. 42
    Danielle Says:

    Me and my friends all enjoy this game!!!!
    it makes Computer Tech fun! =]

  10. 41
    jaja Says:

    is there a game 2 of this?

  11. 40
    U dunnn No bout me. . . Says:

    im cussin dis game cuz its swagger than the sadacts tht made up a website on burgers. . .jeez geta life. .

  12. 39
    J.P Says:

    dis game is raw blad :)

  13. 38
    bill meach Says:

    this game rocks villalobos sucks though

  14. 37
    michaela chester-nash Says:

    im still loving the game and hotdaogs and burgers.
    yummy yummy gimme more food!

  15. 36
    john Says:

    This game is cool but the only thing that sux is that our president blow and is a mistake!!!

  16. 35
    Amber Says:

    this is so fun my whole class plays this game

  17. 34
    Amber Says:

    this game was frekinnnnnnn awwsomeeeeeeeee

  18. 33

    THIS game is stupid they need to come up with a different name and game people who play this are GAY!!

  19. 32
    Allison Says:

    Great game though!!!

  20. 31
    Allison Says:

    OBAMA SUCKS!!!! SO DOES HILARY!!!! BUSH ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! either vote bush or dont vote!!! except the fact that he made us have that stupid no child left behind

  21. 30
    Michaela Chester-Nash Says:

    I cant get over how good this game is.
    Im addicted too hotdogs and Burgers now.
    Yummy Food !!
    I wish they had more games like this too do with food !!

  22. 29
    BOB Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING

  23. 28
    Nicky Says:

    Love This Gameee (H) Addictive. xx

  24. 27
    george w bush Says:


  25. 26
    Michaela Says:

    I love hotdogs and burgers so i like this game..
    YumYum !
    I love this game so much could play it all day !!! :D:D:D:D

  26. 25
    Holli Says:

    this game is good and addictive.

  27. 24
    Tim Says:

    Well i tell you what it is a fun game, but i tell you Bush still sucks. He sucks at making hot dogs and definitely sucks at running the country….. Obama all the way…

    But thank you Bush for the rebate checks…

  28. 23
    jazzie Says:

    hahaha i love this game!!!!

  29. 22
    casssie n geneva Says:

    this game is off da hook :P

  30. 21
    Sora Says:

    LOL omg all my friends & i in computers
    play this! it`s soooo addicting.

  31. 20

    dis game is 2 raw yall should put dis on ps3

  32. 19
    G 3 N 3 V A && M A R II 3 Says:

    This Game is amazinnnn Kidddahhh:D

  33. 18
    boo Says:

    this i soo cool i love it :D

  34. 17
    Abbiiee Says:

    wayyyyyy!!!!!!!! ace website.. dis game is ded gud:)

  35. 16
    Eltna Schmichael Crack Says:


  36. 15
    LExi Says:

    Well bush does need to do this cus he cant run this country he sucks at it i think this would b a good job for him!!!!! But all in all this is a fun game

  37. 14
    Libby And Siobhan :) Says:

    Its proper Cool Enit (: x

  38. 13
    wayno Says:

    yeah so i hate how the ppl are so impatient.

  39. 12
    hot dogg Says:

    this game is awesome it but one thing is that its annoying when the hot dog thing is cooking and the people r getting angry

  40. 11
    charlotte Says:

    very gd game :D

    excpet freezes a lot :@:@

  41. 10
    Cezza du sments Says:

    OMG this game is whak dude…

    Amazing. I love it. In fact i think this might be the best game everr!!!!!!!!!

    You go girls..

  42. 9
    wayno Says:

    I love this game!! I’m 18 years!!

  43. 8
    Beccie x Says:

    this gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is jokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkesssssssssssssssssssss !


    NATTTT ! x

  44. 7
    Anthony Says:


  45. 6
    gilbs Says:

    its a crap but addictive game!
    bad news….its stopping me from doing my coursework……

  46. 5
    Alex Says:

    I love the game its well good, I will play it more in my spare time lol its really good…

  47. 4
    Jamisha Says:

    I love this game. It’s a time taker! :)

  48. 3
    George W. Bush Senior Says:

    Hahaha, i wouldn’t think my son will have a future selling hotdogs

  49. 2
    George W. Bush Says:

    Hehe I like this game maybe I will do this when i get out of the white house

  50. 1
    charlotte Says:

    this game is awsum :D:D
    hot dog bush :D

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