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Hot Dog Bush

By • Jan 4th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

What kind of job will G.W. Bush be capable of doing when he finally leaves the White House? Well in this game he gets to try and manage a hot dog stand (he also serves burgers), will he be able to understand the complexities of this job?

Hot Dog Bush starts simple with just hot dogs but eventually people order drinks, burgers, fries and more. Use the mouse to click and drag items, don’t forget to collect the money after each customer.

421 Responses to “Hot Dog Bush”

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  1. 250
    doubleR Says:

    What’s your best score in speed mode?
    I can’t reach the 1800$ even if I’m always close…

  2. 249
    savannah Says:

    dis game is so cool its so fun but then it kinda gets boring because you do the same thing over and over again i wish we could cook nachos on dis game……..

  3. 248
    myaha Says:

    you’ll need to stop fussing

  4. 247
    Tatyana Mizzellle Says:

    I lke dis so fun sooooooooooooo wow yall should try sims 3

  5. 246
    Doris Says:

    i lovethis game but it”s hard cooking all those things at a go it’;s fun

  6. 245
    Haley;D Says:

    You Guys Need to Learn How To Typee.:P

  7. 244
    tyeia_* Says:

    number 242 , i’ll look yuo up on facebook & comment yuo ? what’s that gonna do to make her stop cussin , lol . you’re slow , & if you’re 18 , then you “really” sound like it . hahaha ! lame .

  8. 243
    Bobby Jo Says:

    This is the best game ever people need to shut there mouth if they dont like it dont play it

  9. 242
    dog is so cute Says:

    this is fun! ROFL! nunmber 232 not say bad words kids can see it then say it! im 18 so dont even mess with meh! DONT SAY BAD WORDS ILL LOOK U UP ON FACEBOOK LOL AND I WILL COMMENT U!

  10. 241
    sacoria hunt Says:

    this game is the dam shit whoever dont like it there dam lames!!!!!!!

  11. 240
    DiiANA Says:


  12. 239
    Haley Says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!


  13. 238
    kahleb Says:

    this is the funniest games in tha world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 237
    Rebecca Says:

    This game is very fun, but stressful to keep up with all the orders. Love it, so challenging and addicting!

  15. 236
    nikkuh! Says:

    this game is really easy! luhvzz it; =)

  16. 235
    hotdogbushh _ lover Says:

    omg ;) i love this gamee like A L O T . in school , all I do is playy this gamee whilee the teacher is tlakinn . haha, i’m kinda likee addictedd to it . funny stuff . but it’s a cool gamee tho .

  17. 234
    chloe Says:

    hey i think this game is really good

  18. 233
    cheeseburger fan Says:

    this game isnt lame if u like first play it but if u just keep playing it,
    it gets boring so…..i think it sucks.

  19. 232
    Mariah Ashley Says:

    aye this website is cooler than any game i b sooo mutha fickin fast this is a skill game man ilove this game its the best i dont give a f*ck wat no1 say shitttt man whoeva made this shit up is so damn smart but thanks yall for reading aye doe look me up on Face Book

  20. 231
    shawty Says:


  21. 230
    daisy Says:

    hey wats up i really like this game keep it ups

  22. 229
    Crazy for Hot Dog Bush « Pack Of Paparazzi Says:

    [...] Follow the link below to be in. lol :p [...]

  23. 228
    jon mills Says:

    lame , joe is right .

  24. 227
    joe Says:


  25. 226
    kadi Says:

    i love this game,its make me day short when ever am lonely

  26. 225
    blah Says:

    nothing it just ends

  27. 224
    cutie pie…….. Says:

    its sometimes irritating but its awwwwessomme ! it is a real fun game………

  28. 223
    lucy Says:

    hey wat happens at the end with the aliens?

  29. 222
    fayee Says:

    loveeee itt.!!! <3

  30. 221
    vyy$taah Says:

    its fun:P

  31. 220
    Hannah Says:

    AAAAAAHHHH :0 this game makes me hungrryyy—-
    and frustratedd >:[
    but it is addicting

  32. 219
    Kimberly Says:

    My kids @ the school as well as the staff LOVE these games. BUT @ home I can’t get any of the games to come up. When I right click on where the box should be, it says movie no loaded & about Adobe Flash Player which is already installed I believe. Need assistance PLEASE!

  33. 218
    mary Says:

    this rocks

  34. 217
    THee gurly B. Says:

    OMG! I freakin love this game it is so cool..I can’t stop playin it.I be makin thes burger’s and hot dogs fast as that thang.

  35. 216
    anonymus Says:

    da best game ever i love it its so fun so cool so chalengeing lol

    no1 game woot

  36. 215
    hoomacamacwoohoomaccca Says:

    your talking to yourself lol ha ha. i love this game woot.

  37. 214
    Mary G. Says:

    This game actually have me talkin 2 myself….LOL!!!!!!!!! Nice game though

  38. 213
    wow Says:

    wow!!!! this game is da best.
    ive finnished it but i still cant stop playing.
    my hand gets rusty at the end =}

  39. 212
    carly Says:

    this game is totally awesome

  40. 211
    essssssssssssa. Says:

    this games cool xxx

  41. 210
    lashay Says:

    i love this game because it helps me manage my money…………………………..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  42. 209
    makaia smith Says:

    omg this is ma favorite website “SIKE” no its not myspace is ha ha ha ha but this is my 2nd favorite game how u like those apples they are so sour right i kno dhat

  43. 208
    holly Says:

    this game is awesome! i cant stop playing it

  44. 207
    jomah Says:

    i got to the alien part at the end but i didnt get past it because i had to get off of the computer. this game is pretty kewl

  45. 206
    Dancer Says:

    I know I love this game and I can’t never get past Central Park either

  46. 205
    brey Says:

    obama dose not suck at all and besides we need a black presadent IN DA WHITE HOUSE.DUHHH.

  47. 204
    Jojo Says:

    Oooooo meeee geee….. Diz game iz soo fun and addicting.!!! Whoever made diz game is soo awesome n I luhv ya for dat! Peace out.

  48. 203
    bob Says:

    wot a gud gaem xxxxxxxx chop chop da onions xx cant get past central park xx how stupid of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  49. 202
    Treasure Williams(mz.rice) Says:

    i luv dis game its the funniest eva so kool i never can stop playin this game it juss so kool to me
    (i luv mi idle keri hilson)

  50. 201
    romulus high school Says:

    this game is effin cool man!!!!!!!! i be maken them hambugers and hot dogs like im trappin…cuz we like it and they like it na im playin doe….but shout out to the high!!!!!! yeaaaa lets get it

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