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Hot Dog Bush

By • Jan 4th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

What kind of job will G.W. Bush be capable of doing when he finally leaves the White House? Well in this game he gets to try and manage a hot dog stand (he also serves burgers), will he be able to understand the complexities of this job?

Hot Dog Bush starts simple with just hot dogs but eventually people order drinks, burgers, fries and more. Use the mouse to click and drag items, don’t forget to collect the money after each customer.

421 Responses to “Hot Dog Bush”

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  1. 300
    Sandra Says:

    I made 18,399. cool!

  2. 299
    Destinee Says:

    haha og lol kit smiley faces x & os lmfao

  3. 298
    Meriah J. Guest Says:

    i absolutely love this qame.! but them darn customers are so effin un patient.! lol but its kool.!
    -lil redd.!

  4. 297
    marya j Says:

    i love this game!!! its sooooo addictive

  5. 296
    Nicole Says:

    Loven this game

  6. 295
    JAYLEN Says:

    this game is so cool im already at wall street why is them little kids ordering three fries dat y dey is fat lol jk

  7. 294
    christamar Says:

    omg god watt a sexy ass game

  8. 293
    christamar Says:

    nice game uv it…….hhhhhaaaaaaa

  9. 292
    corran Says:

    game is mint ,
    cleared it
    itss poo now.

  10. 291
    hahaha Says:

    man i cant win the 2nd part

  11. 290
    BreBre Says:


  12. 289


  13. 288
    cheese burger Says:


  14. 287


  15. 286
    dcole7299 Says:

    you are gay can go to hell!!!!!!

  16. 285
    dcole7299 Says:

    This game is so good i play it for 48 hour no break!!!!
    I got to the end of the game 17 times
    the total money i got at the end was 100,242,498!!!!!!

  17. 284
    you are gay Says:

    all of you are gays

  18. 283
    Courtney Says:

    I love this game it is the best ever i can play it all day people has been playing it aswell

  19. 282
    lil.keezy. Says:

    if thuis game where a guy…i would take off its pants with my teeth…pahahahahaha…jk.jk.

  20. 281
    mzkitty2 Says:

    i found out that u can serve the food with out putting the mustard an stuff on it as long as its fresh they will take it an u will pass the level! my total was 20,278 dollars at the end ;)

  21. 280
    kuku Says:

    I luv this game I got the farthest….. to the mustard

  22. 279
    XxMicnikki8769xX Says:

    ok i like the music(^_^)it gets to anyways i think the game is kinda too easy for me.i mean there has to be games where levels so it gets harder.

  23. 278
    hatejacob Says:

    This Game is awesome!!! I get so distracted i could play for hrs!!!!!

  24. 277
    lil bit Says:

    dis gamE is hOt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 276
    justinb Says:

    cool game guys

  26. 275
    Jessica Says:

    You don’t need to put on ketchup or mustard or onions, and theu still pay the same amount, thats the secret!

  27. 274
    sweet cakes Says:

    luv dis game

  28. 273
    y o mamam Says:

    y it wont let me play it does not pop up on my screen fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 272
    Selena Gomez Says:

    Too Easy

  30. 271
    dSanders Says:

    THiss game drives me crazy but i friggin love it!!!!!

  31. 270
    selina 36 Says:

    i luv this game its so funnny when the peolpe get mad but then it gets me mad.

  32. 269
    roxanne Says:

    This game is so cool. I love when the people get mad. I also like hoe you can get like thirty dollars for one plain hot dog? :))

  33. 268
    lucyy Says:

    Arrr How Frustratingg Thoughhh !!!!! Its Shatttt ?!!!!!!!!

  34. 267
    lostinlove21 Says:

    so i beat this entire game!!!!!!!!!

  35. 266
    jasman Says:

    this game is so dame crazii

  36. 265
    chantelle Says:

    omg this is well easy god anyone could do this :c)

  37. 264
    lexi1997 Says:

    it is a good game

  38. 263
    Lady Vava Says:

    I love this game with a fire burning passion, best game ever!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!

  39. 262
    cookiezz3 Says:


  40. 261
    Team Jacob#1!!! Says:

    omg!!1 i ? this is aseshome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  41. 260
    Twiix Says:

    This Game Is Sum Wat Wat U Call Hard . . . But Its Cool!!!!!???

  42. 259
    BETSY Says:

    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuck my dick

  43. 258
    EmilyArnold Says:

    Oh my Wow.
    :) this game is frustrating. :P

    How far did you get Cynara………………… if you seee this comment :) ;) :D :P lol.

  44. 257
    I Says:

    Wow. this game is weird. :)

  45. 256
    emily fermmen Says:

    where sis my other comment go. ?

    anywayzzz what ever see you tonight joshh <3 :)

  46. 255
    emily ferrmen Says:

    Oh my wow. This came is so cool. ;)
    but its getting me frusterated. <3
    Josh…. I love you <3 meet me in my room tonight and we can bangg :D

  47. 254
    josh norman Says:

    this game sucks jacob lol

  48. 253
    Ash-Bash Says:

    i heart this game soooooo much!

  49. 252
    YO’MAMA Says:

    omg:P this game is aweshome!!!!!!!!
    Team Jacob!!!!!!!!!
    eclipse 6.31.10
    i ? potatoes!!!!

  50. 251
    briyuna92 Says:

    friggin awesum!!!!!!!!

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