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Hot Dog Bush

By • Jan 4th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

What kind of job will G.W. Bush be capable of doing when he finally leaves the White House? Well in this game he gets to try and manage a hot dog stand (he also serves burgers), will he be able to understand the complexities of this job?

Hot Dog Bush starts simple with just hot dogs but eventually people order drinks, burgers, fries and more. Use the mouse to click and drag items, don’t forget to collect the money after each customer.

421 Responses to “Hot Dog Bush”

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  1. 400
    shakeerra wills Says:

    hii my name is shakeerra and i love playin hot dog bush. i can get to levea 19 which is the hardest levea i reconk well i just love playing thisd game i got my bro playin it and he loves it i reconk this iss the best game on the inte i love it so much lol weell thats alll from me

    from shakeerra love u all bye for not forevsa

  2. 399
    Jonathan Says:

    Dang, this game is addictive! It’s fun to play in class.

  3. 398
    Shotzz Says:

    Okay, all the haters need to get a life considering the fact that you’ve looked this game up and are writing on a blog about, so if this is what you and your friend do on your spare tome it’s you that needs to get a life. And yes I’m talking to you “Jordan” and “gross” so obviously on your comments saying only losers would read something like this look at yourself, so pretty much you guys are calling yourselves fat and ugly(which I’m sure you are)

  4. 397
    DeAnn Glenn Says:

    this game the shit i love this game lol i dnt even no y i like it so much but the shit hit doe!!!

  5. 396
    nightcore Says:

    bush is gay

  6. 395
    kajol Says:

    i lovee this game <3

  7. 394
    sharni braun Says:

    i love this game sso much

  8. 393
    tiffany Says:

    love this game hate school

  9. 392
    Marah Says:

    this takes forever to lad, you should fix it. cause i llike this game

  10. 391
    jordan Says:

    i think you should get a life instead of reading commemts off of a game only ugly fat losers would do something as immature and redundent as that

  11. 390
    Gross Says:

    me and my friend think you should stop playing this game at 2:30 in the morning. we know you do it dont try and deny it. GET A LIFE UGLY PEOPLE. we have been laughing at your comments for an hour, especially the go hard like flocka flame and gucci mane. RETARD.

  12. 389
    minne Says:

    this game is so cool if any one has stardoll pls be friends with siann19 thankyou for this game i am giving 1000/100

  13. 388
    Emma Gwerder Says:

    I love this game so much, I would love to play it everyday and i hope they make more games like this beacuse once i get started on this I can’t go BACK!!! :D <3 Plus George W. Bush is my favorite president!!! Can't stop playing im too hooked on it!

    Bye All thanks for listening! :) <3

  14. 387
    osama bin laden Says:

    IM DEADD!!!

  15. 386
    Kali Perfetti and kelly renner Says:


  16. 385
    jay Says:

    THis game will not show up on this stupid website

  17. 384
    Angelene Says:

    Great Game Best one yet!! Cant find one that measures up to it!!!
    Whats Obama going to sell?

  18. 383
    stephy95 Says:

    love it!!!!! <3

  19. 382
    Christopher Says:

    OMG This Game Rocks!

  20. 381
    jubbessa Says:

    this game is cracking !! lol

  21. 380
    anood Says:

    i love thes game

  22. 379
    Alex Says:

    THE GAME IS THE BESTT ;)))) !!!!!

  23. 378
    Chris Brown Says:

    These games suck. they so corney who agree with me

  24. 377
    Katy Says:

    These games rock LOL

  25. 376
    lady d Says:

    this game iz tu easy n kinda of stupid

  26. 375
    LaDy SkiTtLezz… Says:

    OMG diz game go hard in dA paint lyke flocka flame and gucci mane cauze deii off the chain. i luv iz game itz fun n da food luuk guud OMG. Wen i plaii da game it takes 2 long 2 load OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 374
    Derranique Says:

    I love this game!! It rocks. #Team Obamo, though-Bay-Bee!!

  28. 373
    zul Says:


  29. 372
    Painkilla Says:

    Gayest GAme ever ppl keep stealing shit

  30. 371
    Brittany Says:

    this game is da bomb

  31. 370
    CoUrTnEy Says:

    This game is soo much fun!! They need to give you more time to cook everything though, it gets kind of intense when the people start getting mad! Try the Zombie burger one. ITs fun too!

  32. 369
    TheRealTwilightGodess Says:

    awesome! i finsihed da hole game!

  33. 368
    ur momma Says:

    this is a awsome game

  34. 367
    perla Says:

    wow this is the best game I ever seen in these net really loved it [cool!!!!]

  35. 366
    maria Says:

    niceeeeeeee game

  36. 365
    ALYSSA Says:


  37. 364
    endrit Says:

    this game is very nice al the world like

  38. 363
    Ashley Elizabethe Warren/Zulka Says:

    This is soooo adictive!! And yea they totally need to give us more time to feed them and this is the best game on the net..or atleast one of them by far XD

  39. 362
    Kevin Says:

    this game coool dude, this goes hard in the paint!!! lehhgggooo… I made it to times square and its gettina lil hard but ima make it..

  40. 361
    tanajah Says:

    lay tit down lay it dwn o lay it down lay your head on my pellow yaeh

  41. 360
    becky Says:

    this game is addictive XD, could just give us more time to feed everyone lol. x

  42. 359
    tanajah Says:

    i really like thiz gme alot and i cant wait to play it at hme

  43. 358
    fatima Says:

    i love this like anything…best game on net…??

  44. 357
    lauren Says:

    This game has gotten’ me hooked, I’m afraid. lol (:

  45. 356
    Ayaz Daddy Vohra Says:

    Hello, my names Ayaz, and i think this game is very addictive as my son adam, is always playing it and demands a hot dog everyday! so i have to take him to our local chef habil!
    much love ayaz (:

    add me no long ting: [email protected]
    or add me on facebook: adam akooji

  46. 355
    Habil Teladia Says:

    Hello, my name is habil and i think this game is wicked!!!!!! i love it, but the only bad thing about it is, when i see so much food, i get hungry and my tummy rummbles!!!
    add me no long ting on: [email protected]

    much love habil fatboy xxx

  47. 354
    lovelytai Says:

    diz games iz gr8 i play it all da time but takez 4eva 2 load ugh itz still loading but otha dan dat itz AWESOME DUDE

  48. 353
    tanajah Says:

    thiz gme waz fun to me alot and i would like to play it at hme

  49. 352
    ash Says:

    i love this game like anything i play this in a it’s like 24 hrs i cannot belive that i m the one who is playing game coz i use to hate game!!!! :p

  50. 351
    MONiQUE Says:

    rainn rainn qhoo awhayy tatss whadd awll muhh haterss S A i E E !.

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