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Pizza Shack Deluxe

By • Jan 6th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

Another great restaurant simulation game, we know it’s called Pizza Shack Deluxe and this is supposed to be a collection of burger games but you will eventually see burgers in the the game :-P

As is expected from any good simulation game, things start off pretty slow as you learn the ropes. In Pizza Shack Deluxe you have various machines to operate whilst trying to remember customer orders, as the levels progress you will be given more machines and that’s when the stress begins.

37 Responses to “Pizza Shack Deluxe”

  1. 1
    Sammi Says:

    This is a well cool game. It’s challenging as it goes on and I love the little people!


  2. 2
    jaja Says:

    this game blows my nuts all night!

  3. 3
    Brianna Says:

    this stupid thing wont even load on my computer!!

  4. 4
    ranae Says:

    dis iz sick blood

  5. 5
    popcorn Says:

    Nice Game

  6. 6
    Coolgirl2 Says:

    I can’t do the fryer part. No matter what I press it dosen’t work someone help please!

  7. 7
    tiera Says:

    this game is so retarded it worked on my computer but it is boring me and im already bored

  8. 8
    Chuxckered Says:

    This game is dumb. First of all it is not even working on my computer! And second it just sounds dumb!

  9. 9
    Bambiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    This is Da bomb it is the best game ever i dont give if it doesn’t load on ur dumb pc’s go somewhere else IT ROCKS

  10. 10
    Carter Puterschmidt Says:

    This game beats all ur stupid fav games it rox my sox damn u people i hate u 4 h8ing this game u freaks i dont give a f-ing damn if u have s2pid computers get a freakin noew 1 ur all freaks

  11. 11
    baylee Says:

    this is not cool dude it is not loading

  12. 12
    riley Says:

    it doesnt load :(

  13. 13
    Hamony Says:

    Don’t Load Either

  14. 14
    me lozer Says:

    why doesn’t this game load im at school bored and i can’t even play a stupid game bce it won’t load ugh

  15. 15
    me lozer Says:

    im bored

  16. 16
    skyler Says:

    omg it takes forever to load :(

  17. 17
    mopop Says:

    this game is shity

  18. 18
    Madame Emoke Von Apponyi Says:

    This game=AMAZING

  19. 19
    emily Says:

    It’s alright, it’s fun but hard to see what the people are ordering while your making sumthin. >.<

  20. 20
    someone Says:

    this game is not cool

  21. 21
    taytay Says:

    this is such a confusing game!

  22. 22
    jim Says:

    shit game

  23. 23
    sexii babii7339 Says:

    I HATE THIS STUPID GAME IT GETS ON MY NERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24
    Ashley Briana Says:

    this games is so F***** stupid big bobs burger joint is way way better this game is retarded and slow and dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would rather play freakin little kid games

  25. 25
    tab Says:

    this game is stupid u have to be right on the stupid arrow. ahhh

  26. 26
    emily Says:

    this game is good for some kids

  27. 27
    XxSxyShawtyxX Says:

    Hello,If you are looking for a game that is for you.Or that fit’s you…DO NOT PICK THIS FREAKIN GAME!!! This Retarded Game Makes lots of if i were you,i would like Rather go on is a game filled with Cute Species.But it is Okay with Children under 10.but if you are like 11 or Above 10,Then just MAKE a FACEBOOK NOT MYSPACE. Myspace are for losers.Like i was saying The Reason why i said that you should make a petpetpark if you are under 10 is because,
    my sister who is 9 plays it.And her Name is XxLittleButtercupxX.

  28. 28
    SpongeLUVER Says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! IT IS SO ADDICTING!!!!!!! ….but it takes 4EVERRRRR 2 LOAD UGGGGGHHHHH…one downfall of this game… but still hearts a million for it <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3

  29. 29
    pubic hairs Says:

    this stupid game is retarted it won’t let me fkn play

  30. 30
    sjogs Says:

    If u hate it, don’t play it. If it doesn’t load, u’r comp sucks!

  31. 31
    toncka shay Says:

    this game sucks and i cant believe it loaded so quick i was ready to play but then when it was hard using the controls i knew it wouls suck. i dont recomend this game to anyone in the world. and like i said this game sucks. WHY DO THEY MAKE GAMES LIKE THIS WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!? answer the question

  32. 32
    Precious Says:

    its taken to long to load omg

  33. 33
    Pizza Shack Deluxe Inc. CEO Says:

    Hello, people of the world. Our game Pizza Shack Deluxe is currently under renovation and reformatting. Unfortunately, some of the men we hired were lackadaisical and work neglecting. We attempted to fire them in failure. They wouldn’t leave the incorporation. They held a trial and it’s been going on for many months or maybe even years now. Meanwhile, all forward movements and renovations on Pizza Shack Deluxe are suspended. They will resume in an estimated nine days. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    On a different subject. Going through comments on this and other websites I’ve found that many people dislike this game. Although the people choose to display and convey their disappointment in rude ways we at Pizza Shack Deluxe Inc. think of them in a good way. To a certain person who left an encouraging note on this website, thank you. And to those who were disappointed, we apologize and will consider some of your suggestions in the new game.
    Pizza Shack Deluxe CEO, Robert Ross

  34. 34
    Pizza Shack Deluxe Inc. CEO Says:

    Hello, again. Our work on this game has been officially suspended for the time being. We apologize that the difficulties you experienced occurred in the first place. We additionally apologize to the parties who left nice comments. These two people were “Bambiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” and “Carter Puterschmidt”. There are some people who have resorted to profane and abusive language. Anyway, the purpose of my additional post on this quaint site is to apologize for our miscalculation on the estimate of the full restoration of this game. This is an unfortunate situation we are in at the time. We hope to have the game restored when we move to our new location. Our location malfunctioned resulting in an unfortunate ‘blowing up’ of our main fuse box and computer.
    Again we apologize for the inconvenience. Maybe some of the people who left the terrible, abusive comments will come out and apologize. We also welcome donations towards our new institution. Please visit and leave a donation.
    Pizza Shack Deluxe CEO, Robert Ross

  35. 35
    ummm i dont know! Says:

    IT WONT FREAKIN LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol =(

  36. 36
    qjp Says:

    wat the freak it it so stupid =P lol haha

  37. 37
    gofuck yourself Says:

    shitty bum game. kthanksbye

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