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Patty Panic

By • Jan 10th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

Help Spongebob Squarepants create the world’s largest KRABBY PATTIES!!! Patty Panic is a fun puzzle style game where Spongebob has to walk over the Krabby Patty ingredients to complete each level.

Use the arrow keys to move and space to shoot burger sauce at the bad guys.

80 Responses to “Patty Panic”

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  1. 80
    dolly Says:

    wtf im lame af i cant qet passed level 11-_________-

  2. 79
    jane Says:

    i bet no 1 can beat level 40 :P

  3. 78
    tina Says:

    This game is soo freaken fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 77
    DEiiDRA Says:


  5. 76
    lily Says:

    how many levels does this freaken game have!!!!!! i cant get passes level 35!!!!!!

  6. 75
    shanikqua hunter Says:

    ths game is so cool i made it to level 7 bud i am going to try and beat it but hw it get hard at times…cn some one help me!!!!

  7. 74
    cool ghall Says:

    beat my level 35
    hahahahah sukers
    too bad 4 u
    no1 will be able to reach that

  8. 73
    JUAN Says:


  9. 72
    Carly Says:

    Wow beat my highscore level 8 ahaha :L

  10. 71
    spy girl Says:

    I made it to level 33 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. 70

    I will smoke all of you fools. Patty Panic THUG LIFE. Come down here Ill sit on your faces

  12. 69
    nairobianderson Says:

    i like this song play hotdog bush lolo

  13. 68
    nairobianderson Says:

    i like this song play hotdog bush lolo
    i hate when the little thang catch u u cant get no rest lolo

  14. 67
    JJ17 Says:

    This game is so cool. I got 14,776,345. Beat that! Also, I won!!!

  15. 66
    BooBooBananaHammock Says:


  16. 65
    Nicole Says:

    well what can i say….THAT GAME SUCKS i dont even like spongebob i thought it would be fun but its not the best game is Big bobs Burger Joint (^_^)

  17. 64
    kim Says:

    hi this game is crazy

  18. 63
    LaToya Says:

    hahal peoplez i made it all the way to level 35

  19. 62
    josh norman Says:

    this game sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss haha

  20. 61
    patty Says:

    how many more level ????

  21. 60
    khadijah Says:

    it seem like i will never make it pass level 7 its just too damn hard

  22. 59
    jarcia Says:

    this game sucks hahahahaha

  23. 58
    stevie d Says:

    35,000 points bitches!!!

  24. 57
    babe gaga Says:

    i cant get past lvl 8 i m like BADDDDD lol

  25. 56
    steph Says:

    now i got 2 lvl 12

  26. 55
    steph Says:

    i got to lvl 8 i sux

  27. 54
    akjfhdskaf Says:

    did anyone else notice that the levels start to repeat and the only differences are the # of planktons and the speed???

  28. 53
    pattypronto Says:

    It also seems like “mustard” doesn’t work in level 25

  29. 52
    pattypronto Says:

    I got to level 28 but don’t know how many more levels there are after that.

  30. 51
    lolo Says:

    How many levels does this game have? I can’t get through level 23 but don’t know how many will come.

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