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Patty Panic

By • Jan 10th, 2008 • Category: Burger Games

Help Spongebob Squarepants create the world’s largest KRABBY PATTIES!!! Patty Panic is a fun puzzle style game where Spongebob has to walk over the Krabby Patty ingredients to complete each level.

Use the arrow keys to move and space to shoot burger sauce at the bad guys.

80 Responses to “Patty Panic”

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  1. 50
    kk Says:

    unbeleveble this game is the most adicting game i hav ever seen

  2. 49
    kk Says:

    even my oldest brother thats in college still plays this game

  3. 48
    *babycakes* Says:

    LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 47
    ChojiA132009 Says:

    This game is easy 4 me,is that all u got!

  5. 46
    hamza Says:

    even my oldest sister uses this website its unbelievably nice

  6. 45
    Secret Person Unknown Says:

    this game taked forever 2 load!!! I still havent played it yet!!!

  7. 44
    Secret Person Unknown Says:

    This game better load faster cause i can’t wait anymore. O wait i think it just loaded!!! YAY!!!!!

  8. 43
    The G.O.A.T. Says:

    I got 40.000 points. Can anyone beat that?

  9. 42
    [email protected] Says:

    thiis w3bsit3 is Aw3som3

  10. 41
    ruki Says:

    hi dis game is ok but u ppl need 2 b patient!!!!!!!!

  11. 40
    diamondlady Says:

    best game eva

  12. 39
    Pinky Says:

    Great game being singles funny

  13. 38
    cory Says:

    this game is hard to beat

  14. 37
    Otis Smith Says:

    Great game it’s my favourite.

  15. 36

    me and kayla can NEVER GET PASSED LEVEL 12
    and ya its awesome
    awwww we LOVE YOU SABRENA

    MOVE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 35
    THe thing Says:

    Ha I won

  17. 34
    BriBriRocks101 Says:

    I loooooove this game! I play it at school too!

  18. 33
    Beni Joe Says:

    I love this game! XD
    spongebob is awesome

  19. 32 Says:

    where s the game? im!

  20. 31
    Mhmmmm! :) Says:

    Hey Hey Hey people! I love this game!!! :)

  21. 30
    Yummy! ;) Says:

    Whoo! I love this game! :)


  22. 29
    Spongecrzy Says:

    got 6400+! Not bad, but long!

  23. 28
    Aster Says:

    This game is ****haha

  24. 27
    kemmit smith jonhson lincoln jefferson Says:

    i luv sponge bob i want to marry him

  25. 26
    Fernando Says:

    diz game sucks i only got to level 1 n died i hate it

  26. 25
    the PATTY MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    I made it to level 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 24
    pattyman Says:

    sooo cool i got to like lvl 13 then died with my last life over all the game rocked!!!!!

  28. 23
    Katie Says:

    yo dawg i love dis game, fo real

  29. 22
    Courtney Says:

    I only got 7400 on this but I love this game i have played something like it.

  30. 21
    SHAY Says:


  31. 20
    lizzie Says:

    this game is banging haha

    love it xxx

  32. 19
    the real spongebob chick Says:

    this is my baby i love this game oh my gosh so all yall so called spongebob chicks and spongebob lovers back of okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 18
    Shaunequia Says:

    I love this game

  34. 17


  35. 16
    I love the game genius Says:


  36. 15
    Sponge bob lover Says:

    this game rocks but it has so many levels but, it blowes my square pantilonays off! lovin this game!

  37. 14
    JAY Says:


  38. 13
    tammie Says:

    i cnt pass level 18 which level does this game end

  39. 12
    Rayne Says:

    This is so retarted seriously.
    Hey any of you hot guys out there single
    well just type another message and i might give you my msn

  40. 11
    Brianna Says:

    VOMG I know its stupid that palnkton steals the patties, it would be a hell of a lot better if they didint follow you and if they had like their own point to point areas but NOOOO, they have to be really stupid

  41. 10
    -x-Lady Vi-x- Says:

    Plankton always tries to steal the patty’s quite stupid rlly, any u guys have msn?

  42. 9
    Brianna Says:

    the planktons are gay, but spongebob rocks my socks!!! lol

  43. 8
    tammie Says:

    this game is never ending does anyone know which level it ends?

  44. 7
    rhian Says:

    this game is ok but it goes on a bit

  45. 6

    this game is crap man gosh
    i swear spongebob is my husband for life but them BLASTING PLANKTONS ARE DUMB !
    and it took like 2 seconds to load so your computer is crap !


  46. 5
    Aaron Says:

    this game is long!!!!!

  47. 4
    kayla Says:

    lovin dis game

  48. 3
    Khaliq Says:

    Yee so am i..
    You got msn bbe?

  49. 2
    JUST ME :P Says:

    This is a beast of a game :P
    :PIt does work… you have to be patient!

  50. 1
    Georgia hall Says:

    The game never loads ive tried loads of f***ing times o im single wat boute u boys?

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