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Tiger Burger

By • Dec 22nd, 2009 • Category: Burger Games

Tiger Woods has been in the news recently so somebody decided to try and cash in by creating a Tiger Woods themed burger game!

Tiger Woods is now flipping burgers but is still hounded by his annoying wife.

How To Play Tiger Burger: Customers orders appear in the bubble above their heads. Click on the right machines and put the order on the tray before sliding it to the customer.

When Tiger’s annoying wife turns up, click on her fast to get rid of her.

22 Responses to “Tiger Burger”

  1. 1
    Brianlewis Says:

    Fun but gets boring and WEIRD AS HELL

  2. 2
    GabbyE Says:

    Kinda fun but gets boring. Also, it just sayd game over out of nowhere!! Somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong.. Oh and I think those chicks at the end of each level are giving him (Brain) if you know what I mean.. Oh yuck! Haha

  3. 3
    Briana Says:

    This game is fuckin awesome and tell tiger ill suck his dick

  4. 4


  5. 5
    wakaflakaflame2016 Says:

    freak him you all this is the bomb yall just play it and see except for the hooker lady thet comes when you win and does some wierd stuff

  6. 6
    Samira Says:

    Very Weird game but its alright

  7. 7
    Nora Says:

    hmmm cool at first later boring…brain dead!

  8. 8
    lil bit Says:

    dis sucks it wont let me play dis is so retarded

  9. 9
    jordon Says:

    This game reminds me of myself when the girls comes up in give tiger a blow job :)

  10. 10
    adina sears Says:

    damn diz game is alrite

  11. 11
    adina sears Says:

    wat up jordan

  12. 12
    jordan Says:

    hey how u play that

  13. 13
    adina sears Says:

    yoooooo she suckin his dick lol wooooowwwwww

  14. 14
    kat Says:


  15. 15
    kat Says:

    dont be disen ontiger joradna ur a bitch

  16. 16
    BxtchFuckYou Says:

    First of all, I don’t think his wifde is annoying. I love Elin, & thinks that she deserves WAAAAYYY better than Tiger & his cheating ass.

  17. 17
    haha Says:

    omg, I didn’t know that happens @ the end. SMH!! Tiger Woods is SAD!!!

  18. 18
    Kristen Howell Says:

    hehehehehehe:)) soooo funnnnyyeeeeeee!!!!

  19. 19
    hannah montana Says:

    very good game but when the next level is coming why he is opening his big big mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    zoe Says:

    this is good

  21. 21
    cleo Says:

    this game is pretty kool im up 2 like level 40 naaa jks

  22. 22
    massandje Says:

    this game is the wierdess game ever. :( lool

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