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Best looking onion rings ever!

By • Jan 24th, 2008 • Category: Burger Photos

Best looking onion rings ever!

Imagine ordering your regular bacon cheeseburger and it arriving on your lap with the best looking onion rings ever!

We don’t know where these perfect onion rings came from but they look to die for.

Update: they came from Cafe on the Square in San Marcos, Texas.

3 Responses to “Best looking onion rings ever!”

  1. 1
    Daniel Says:

    Thanks goodness for Flickr Stats, just found your post about this burger and rings that i posted on my flickr.

    These Onion Rings came from a place called Cafe on the Square in San Marcos, Texas
    you can read more about them at:

  2. 2
    Jaycee Says:

    They look so PERFECT and CRISPY
    and i dnt even lyke onion rings
    this picture makes me want a million of them

  3. 3
    jasmine peters Says:

    OMG that looks sooooo good i would eat that anytime

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