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Nov 30th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Is This Really the Best Burger in America?

When I started chronicling my own cheeseburger adventures (193 articles ago!), I began with my all-time favorite, The Double Coronary from The Vortex Bar & Grill in Atlanta. Living in this city has provided me an ideal vantage point from which to sample several others that lay claim to being the best you’ll ever eat. […]

Nov 22nd, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Smashburger Smashing Their Way Toward the Top of the Burgersphere

When I first wrote about Smashburger in November ’09, the Colorado-based chain had “a handful” of locations in 11 states. They also had visions of expansion- aiming for 200 stores by 2014. They’re on track, with current company propaganda boasting 24 states and almost 130 locations… with many more listed as “Coming Soon.” Atlanta’s first […]

Nov 15th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

White Castle Slider Stuffing

For those of you who just can’t put your cheeseburger cravings on hold, even for one day… Or for the Thanksgiving Day host looking to augment the traditional menu with a big fat side of WTF?!?… The burger braniacs at White Castle have come to your rescue with a slider stuffing for your holiday turkey. […]

Nov 2nd, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Would You Pay $100 for This Burger?

What’s your dollar limit for a burger? Where do you draw the line? As soon as you hit about six bucks, you’re out of fast food territory. Fifteen is usually the upper end of the fanciest burger at most specialty restaurants. Linen-napkin-type steakhouses and such can get away with burgers in the 20s. That’s about […]

Oct 19th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

TV Channel to be Added to McDonald’s Menu

Want fries with that Big Mac? How about some original TV programming? In a somewhat eyebrow-raising move, burger giant McDonald’s has announced the rollout of “McTV.” A digital in-store network featuring content produced specifically for Mickey D’s, the McDonald’s Channel will soon be up and on the air in 800 restaurants in Southern and Central […]

Oct 6th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Guy Fieri Taking Burgers Out to Sea on Carnival Cruise Ships

Seventy-eight percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. So now there’s officially no place on the planet you can go without being bombarded by Guy Fieri. (Food Network photo) The ubiquitous celebrichef has announced a partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines in which he’ll lend his name and culinary kick-assitude to a chain of […]

Sep 29th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Domino’s Founder to Try Burger Delivery Biz

Would you order a cheeseburger from this guy? Tom Monaghan is hoping so. The 74-year-old founder of Domino’s Pizza is getting into the burger business, according to reports out of Naples, Florida… and he’s bringing with him the revolutionary right-to-your-door delivery model that changed the world of ‘za. That’s Monaghan on the right in that […]

Sep 13th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

290-Pound Man Sues White Castle Over Seats

Martin Kessman has a beef with his local White Castle restaurant, and he’s not taking it sitting down. The 64-year-old has filed suit in Manhattan’s federal court, suing the chain for unspecified claims. And bigger chairs. See, Kessman weighs in at almost three bills. And when the 290-pound stockbroker strolled in to a Nanuet (NY) […]

Sep 7th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

McDonald’s Goes Retro with 1955 Burger

Ronald McDonald has been partying across Europe like it’s 1955. That’s the year that Ray Kroc opened the very first McDonald’s location in Des Plaines, Illinois. To commemorate that historic occasion, the megachain has introduced a brand new burger, which it has been adding to the Golden Arches’ menu boards all over Europe. And in […]

Aug 31st, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

A-List Actor to Open Burger Restaurant in Boston

Underwear model. Rapper. Oscar nominee. Soon, Mark Wahlberg will add a new line to his resume: Burger baron. That’s because the 40-year-old star of Boogie Nights, The Perfect Storm, and The Departed will be opening up a 4,300 square-foot burger joint in Boston. Copyright 2007 NBAE (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images) That’s […]

Aug 22nd, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Is Hamburger Helper an Acceptable Alternative to the Real Thing?

Boy, that box with its smiling glove mascot brings back memories for lots of us. It’s a pantry staple for poor college students (“I’m too wasted to drive to BK!“), struggling newlyweds (“Yes, mom, we cook!”), and uninspired parents of young children (“If I make this, will you actually eat it?”) everywhere. But if you […]

Aug 5th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

President Obama Treats Debt Team to Burgers

After negotiating for months and finally passing the debt relief plan that supposedly saved the country from some serious end-of-days-type bad financial juju last week, President Barack Obama packed up his staff and motorcaded his way to a Capitol Hill hotspot for a big cheeseburger lunch. That’s POTUS (in a pic by Jason Reed of […]

Jul 31st, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Big Farm Burgers from Bob Evans

I’m an equal opportunity cheeseburger lover. I’ve had burgs from greasy spoon dives, sketchy food trucks, stadium concession stands, even the occasional convenience store freezer in the wee hours after a post-kegger party in college. And as I’ve said before, it’s possible to get a damn good burger from some unlikely places. But there are […]

Jul 22nd, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

World’s Largest McDonald’s Coming to London Olympics

The official motto of the Olympic Games is, “Citius, Altius, Fortius.” That’s, “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” for you Latin nerds. Well, the burger barons at McDonald’s have now added “Bigger” to that creed. The longtime Olympic sponsor will have a major presence at the 2012 Summer Games in London by building the world’s largest McDonald’s. There […]

Jul 17th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Culver’s ButterBurgers: True Taste of the Midwest

I admit to having an unusual affinity for chain restaurants that I don’t have regular access to. In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, White Castle, Smashburger, and Whataburger: when I see a place I don’t have at home, I automatically assume awesomeness. And during my frequent trips to the Midwest to visit family, I’ve always been […]

Jul 5th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Would You Eat a Test-Tube Burger?

For many these days, what comes on your burger isn’t the question; where your burger comes from is all the rage. It isn’t enough to get your hands on a killer burger, it seems. Now discriminating diners are all but performing a full-blown background check on the cow that their burger used to be. Was […]

Jun 27th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

“BBQ” Chain to Hold Burger Eating Contest

Carnivores, start your mandibles. This Wednesday, Smokey Bones is hosting the Burger Battle 2011, a chowdown showdown where one burger inhaler will waddle away with $2,000! Launched in Orlando in 1999, the chain is instantly recognizable for its unique log-cabin restaurants meant to evoke the look and spirit of a rustic mountain lodge. Inside, they […]

Jun 21st, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

The King is Dead and Other News from the BK Realm

Kind of a mixed bag of burger news from the folks at BK these days. Call it the good, the bad, and the gross. First, the good. And for fast food burgermeisters, it doesn’t get much better than free Whoppers. That’s the offer that was being made last week for DirecTV customers with lots of […]

Jun 13th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Krystal’s Big Angus Burger: What’s the Big Deal?

There are some things that I just don’t get. Lady Gaga, for example. The Lord of the Rings movies. Mufflers specially designed to make your car sound like it has no muffler. Golf. While popular, these things seem silly and pointless to me. Add Krystal’s Big Angus Burger to that list. It’s surprising- given the […]

Jun 2nd, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

10 Cities Honored by Cheese & Burger Society

If you haven’t stopped by the Cheese & Burger Society’s website lately, it’s worth a few minutes of your surfing time today… but maybe not when your tummy is rumbling with hunger. The site, one of our absolute favorites from the day it launched, has rolled out a new campaign just in time for the […]

May 24th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Greek Lamb Burgers at The Counter

The Counter is a burger joint with a build your own gourmet burger concept. We popped in and sampled their burger of the month, a Greek Lamb Burger.

May 20th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Wisconsin Man Eats 25,000th Big Mac

Say what you want about your carnivorous habit and how deep your burger love runs. Fact is, Don Gorske mops up the floor with you when it comes to pure passion for the patty. Since 1972, the Wisconsin man has eaten a burger nearly every single day (missing only eight days), and often more than […]

May 15th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Travel + Leisure Names Top Burger Cities

Back in my very first post for this site, I asked (hypothetically… or so I thought) if there was a Burger Capital of America. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one wondering. In their May edition, Travel + Leisure magazine has published a list of what their readers consider to be the 20 Best Burger Cities […]

May 13th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Burguesa Burger: A New Definition For Tex-Mex

Burguesa Burger is a new Dallas based burger franchise that is combining classic Mexican with classic American. The Mexican in Burguesa Burger is a lot more than the usual Jalapeño topping.

May 5th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

National Chain Seeks Chief Burger Officer

To help celebrate National Burger Month this May, Red Robin has announced that they’re looking to hire their first-ever Chief Burger Officer (CBO). Now through May 15, interested applicants are invited to fill out an online questionnaire detailing their burger backgrounds and answering tough interview questions like: Describe your favorite Red Robin burger experience. What […]

Apr 25th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Burger-Building Arcade Classic Rebooted

Everything old is new again as an arcade classic from the ’80s is finally capitalizing on the real world’s recent burger renaissance. BurgerTime is back, baby. Back when playing video games required a stack of quarters and took place in the neon-strobe cacophony of that teenage nirvana known as The Arcade, a dude named Peter […]

Apr 17th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

BK Stacker Math Doesn’t Add Up

By now, we’ve all seen the ads for Burger King’s “new” lineup of BK Stackers. The cheebies are available as single, double, or triple models costing a flat $1, $2, and $3 respectively. The ads even play off that rudimentary pricing structure, suggesting that teams of lab-coated mathematicians have slaved away over quadratic equations during […]

Apr 8th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Fat Ho Burgers in Texas

There’s a new burger joint in Texas that’s proving to be… how to put this… not exactly for everyone. That’s Lakita Evans standing in front of her shack on 11th Street in Waco, Fat Ho Burgers. Evans says she got the name after watching the 2006 movie Phat Girlz, starring Mo’Nique. “I was trying to […]

Apr 2nd, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Umami Burger?

A new sensation seems to be taking off with Umami experts taking burgers to the next level.

Mar 30th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Fast Food Chain Sexes Up Turkey Burgers

A growing segment of the population is turning to beef alternatives as a healthier way to get their burger on. Problem is, ground turkey pressed into a patty isn’t cool. And it sure isn’t sexy. Unless, of course, you outfit it with one of these: That’s Gizem Memic, the reigning Miss Turkey 2010, holding the […]