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2010′s Top Ten Burgers

By • Dec 30th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Everybody loves a year-end countdown, right?  As we all reflect on the past twelve months, I decided to go all Casey Kasem and look back at the burgers that made my 2010 totally tasty.

10. Grindhouse Style Double, Grindhouse Killer Burgers.  Inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, this lunch counter projects old-school B-movies on the wall while they serve up some of Atlanta’s favorite lunchtime burgs.  My double dose of Angus, crowned with melty American cheese, grilled onions, and zesty Grindhouse sauce killed in my book.

9. Breaded Cheeseburger, B-K Root Beer StandA Midwestern drive-in classic, the breaded cheeseburger is a close cousin of Indiana’s unofficial state sandwich, the pork tenderloin.  A thin frozen patty topped with cheese and then breaded and fried doesn’t sound like much.  But chase one with a frosty mug of root beer from off your car window and prepare to fall in love.

8. Kingburger, Fatburger.  Loosely-packed beef, flattened during cooking, sporting lovely bits of char, going rogue with under-patty cheese placement, and cradled in a superb bun, it’s a wonder this chain doesn’t get more love.  On a widespread scale.

7. Buffalo chicken burger, my backyard.  An attempt to fuse a cheeseburger with a platter of hot wings, this recipe was a huge success.  Frank’s Red Hot brought subtle heat, celery and diced scallions added crunch, a blue cheese sauce gave it a creamy finish. Orange-tinted burgers may look weird, but these were finger-lickin’ good, no bones about it.

6. Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger, Jack in the Box.  Drowning in “mayo-onion sauce” and topped with something their ping-pong-ball-headed mascot calls “Swiss-style cheese,” this shouldn’t be any good.  But if it didn’t take me 3 hours to get to my nearest Jack in the Box, I’d eat one every day.

5. Andy’s Burger, Cafe di Sol.  I sampled this bite-sized flavor bomb at Atlanta’s inaugural Battle of the Burgers and was blown away by the “all-natural ground chuck topped with herb and garlic-roasted shiitake mushrooms, melted gruyere cheese, and fluffy garlic aioli on a sesame seed bun.”  Now I need the full-sized version.

4. Beef Burger with Cheese, Yeah! Burger.  Atlanta’s newest combatant in the burger wars is for real.  Best melt on a cheeseburger I saw all year. Super juicy beef times two.  And possibly the best bun I’ve ever eaten.  Extra credit for the fries-plus-onion-rings side-by-side side.  Must go back for an old-fashioned concrete.

3. Backyard Blowout Burger, my backyard.  It started as a 4th of July goof.  “What if I crammed an entire cookout on a bun?” Baked beans topped with a beefy burger topped with creamy mac and cheese topped with a butterflied-and-grilled hot dog topped with warm potato salad- it made for a cool photo, but I didn’t expect it to be so un-fricking-believably awesome-tasting.

2. Not-So-Ugly Elk Burger, Bub’s Burgers & Ice CreamWhy aren’t we eating a lot more elk?  ‘Cos it makes a damn scrumptious half-pound burger, at least at this cool little cottage in the suburbs of Indianapolis.  I put it in my Top 3 of the year in August, and it stayed there.  If only it were twice as big.  Oh, yeah, that’s the Big Ugly Burger… and I’ll be back for it.

1. No. 6, Farm Burger.  Locavores and carnivores can agree on this eco-friendly burger joint in the city of Decatur just outside Atlanta.  Locally-raised, grass-fed, hormone-free beef is dressed in house-cured bacon, pepper jack cheese, salsa verde, and a sunny-side-up egg on this creation.  A perfect blend of tastes and textures made the Number Six my Number One for 2010.

What about you?  What was your Burger of the Year?

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    mike Says:

    have you been to US cafe in smyrna? it’s located on s. cobb drive and east/west connector. they have another location in buckhead, but i prefer s. cobb as it’s a little bit cheaper. great turkey burger and more. fresh cut fries too.

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