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911, What’s Your Burger Emergency?

By • Jun 30th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

An Oregon man was arrested last week, all because of a cheeseburger.

Jeremy Martin, 23, was at a Clackamas County McDonald’s and apparently got incorrect change for his order.  Instead of speaking up or asking for a manager, Jeremy decided to call 911.  “I paid ten dollars, and these guys gave me one burger and a fry,” he informed the emergency dispatcher.

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After 911 operator Andrew Michelson hurried him off the phone to attend to real emergency calls, Jeremy called back, claiming that since he was “robbed for eight dollars,” a crime had been committed.  Michelson warned him that misuse of the 911 system could result in his arrest.  Jeremy jumped at the offer of police presence. “If you’re telling me I can’t get a cop right here at 82nd and Sunnyside Road, I will sue (expletive deleted) your office right now!”

According to ABC affiliate KATU, a McDonald’s employee also called 911, reporting that three men were screaming at her and trying to start a fight.  In addition, a customer inside the restaurant notified emergency services of employees being harassed.

Unbelievably, 911 got ANOTHER call, this time apparently from one of Jeremy Martin’s burger buddies.  “Oh my God, the lady at McDonald’s has a gun pointed to my head,” the caller stated.  “Now are you gonna send a cop?”


Police did arrive this time… to arrest Jeremy Martin.  He spent a night in jail and is now awaiting a court appearance.  But he maintains that he did nothing wrong.   “For me to end up going to jail over a ten-dollar order?  That’s just ridiculous.”

No, you moron.  Calling 911 because the dork at the drive-thru mishandled your order is ridiculous. And unless the judge presiding over the case happens to be Mayor McCheese, my guess is that you’re going to end up losing a lot more than eight bucks over this little fast-food fiasco.

Here’s the video of KATU’s follow-up report and interview with Jeremy Martin.

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