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A Super-sized Cheeseburger Prank

By • Dec 24th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Back in my youth, my high school friends and I spent many a Saturday night rolling a fellow student’s trees in toilet paper.  Once, when we knew the victim was safely out of town, we actually wrapped his entire house in quilted two-ply.  As we got afterschool jobs, we eventually gained access to more elaborate “re-decorating” materials.  Our crowning achievement included a case of eggs from the guy who worked at a grocery store, a quart of paint from the “oops” pile at another’s hardware store job, and a handful of syringes obtained by the guy employed at the corner drugstore.  Blue paint-filled eggs may (or may not, depending on the statute of limitations in Indiana) have then ended up peppering the gigantic faces of several local celebrities on billboards around town.  So I offer up serious prankster props to whoever left this on the front lawn of Trisha Pickerel’s Loomis, CA home:

That, obviously, is a giant cheeseburger.  Six feet long, five feet high.  (Mallie’s, eat your heart out.)  Along with a Sasquatch-sized slice of pizza, and a humongous hot dog, they just showed up in the Pickerels’ yard one night.

This is what I saw on our front yard and I couldn’t believe it,” Pickerel told Sacramento’s News 10.  “It was pretty fun.  The neighborhood kids kept coming over and playing on it.“  To website Slashfood, she said, “We’ve had many pranks with our children’s friends, because we are the types of parents that have a good sense of humor as long as they come and clean it up… It was hilarious.

Perhaps not so hilarious to the owner of the blockbuster burger.  That turned out to be local artist Debbie Quick, who didn’t know her Styrofoam-and-fiberglass artwork was missing until she saw photos of it online on the Pickerels’ front lawn.  The mega-mega-meal is part of a display for a nearby church, explained Quick.  “The hamburger sits on a six-foot Pepsi can that rotates.  It was for their concession area,” she told Loomis News.  The Bayside Church project also reportedly includes a 30-foot sunken pirate ship.  (Note to self: join Bayside Church as cheap alternative to DisneyLand.)

Almost a month after the sculpture was returned to Quick, police still have no leads in The Great Sacramento Burgernapping.  “I don’t know how they got the hamburger. It weighs about 300 pounds,” Quick said.

For hamburglars everywhere, the bar has been forever raised.

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