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Best Cheeseburger at Walt Disney World?

By • Oct 3rd, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

When my wife and I decided to take the kids to Disney World, I wasn’t expecting a world-class cheeseburger to be a part of the experience.  I mean, it’s a theme park.  No one goes to Disney World for the food, right? Well, thankfully, someone does.  I checked out the superbly-done website Disney Food Blog (and you thought we occupied a weird little niche in the food blogosphere) and found their list of the Top 3 WDW burgers.  One was at a high-end EPCOT steakhouse that requires reservations 6 months in advance (sounds great, but I’m not that organized), and one was at one of the “on-property” resorts (a bit more trouble than the fam was willing to endure just so I could feed my cheebie obsession)… and then I noticed the mention given to this place:

The Liberty Tree Tavern is a full-service, sit-down restaurant inside the Magic Kingdom.  It’s tucked away in the Liberty Square area of the park, where everything is done up like 1770s-era New England.  Cute, clever, quaint… but with attractions like The Hall of Presidents, not the most thrilling part of the park.  In my previous visits as a kid, once I checked off the Haunted Mansion, I was out of there as fast as my Zips would carry me.  (Let me think: over to Tomorrowland for Space Mountain… or stick around for animatronic Millard Fillmore?)  But with a reputation for better-than-lunch-counter food and outstanding service (amazing how your priorities change as you get older), I decided to get my Yankee on.

The Liberty Tree Tavern is a large Colonial-style home where each room is devoted to a different historical figure (Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, etc.) and decorated accordingly.  Like everything else at Disney, every detail is spot on: exposed timber-beam ceilings, “old” brick and stone fireplaces, muskets hanging on the wall.  Seated in the Betsy Ross room, I looked over a menu chock full of patriotic plates with a decidedly Founding Father flair: Declaration Salad, New England Pot Roast, Pilgrim’s Feast, you get the drift.  But I was here for the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger:

I voted for provolone and mushrooms on mine, vetoed the condiments offered, and was very pleasantly surprised with what arrived at the table:

Of particular note was the bun.  This looked authentically rustic- warm, dusted with flour, and nicely squishy- definitely not the bun being served up at every burger stand in Disney World.

Fully assembled and in my hand, the burger had some real heft to it.  I had been expecting cookie-cutter cafeteria-style burgs throughout the park, but this was starting to show some promise.

Well, stick a feather in my hat and call it macaroni, it delivered.  The beef was juicy and had a nice chew.  I came to realize over the next few days that the Angus chuck patty seemed to be the Disney standard at most places offering a burger.  Good cheese, thick-cut mushrooms, some lettuce for visual appeal… and that wonderful bun.  In hindsight, a dollop of mayo or A.1. would have been a welcome touch, and the soft bun disappeared faster than the beef, but those are my only minor complaints.

All in all, an extremely tasty burger and a really enjoyable way to grab some shade on a hot Florida afternoon.  I’m still not sure I’ll be lining up for the Hall of Presidents anytime soon, but with grub like this, I’m happy to spend more time in Liberty Square on my next visit to the Mouse House.

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