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BK Stacker Math Doesn’t Add Up

By • Apr 17th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

By now, we’ve all seen the ads for Burger King’s “new” lineup of BK Stackers. The cheebies are available as single, double, or triple models costing a flat $1, $2, and $3 respectively. The ads even play off that rudimentary pricing structure, suggesting that teams of lab-coated mathematicians have slaved away over quadratic equations during all-night skull sessions to finally arrive at the absolute maximum amount of meat and cheese for the absolute minimum price.

Die-hard carnivores would be expected to go straight for the Triple. But astute burgermeisters have quickly figured out that the King’s math is a little fuzzy; anyone who takes a little DIY initiative can come away with a beefier burger at a better price. On the left of the photo below are three BK Single Stackers. On the right, a BK Triple Stacker. Same price, but the trio on the left is the wiser choice.

Now pay attention, class. Here’s the breakdown of what comes on each Stacker:

Single Stacker: 1 beef patty, 1 slice of cheese, 2 half-strips of bacon ($1)

Double Stacker: 2 beef patties, 1 slice of cheese, 3 half-strips of bacon ($2)

Triple Stacker: 3 beef patties, 2 slices of cheese, 3 half-strips of bacon ($3)

See what they did there with the cheese and bacon? A “Double” doesn’t double everything, and a “Triple” doesn’t triple anything except the beef. Start messing with our cheese and bacon, and the meat-eating masses will rise up and find a way to circumvent the system. So if you’re hungry enough for the Triple Stacker, here’s what you should do. Order 3 Single Stackers and take them apart. Ditch the buns from 2 of them, and reassemble what’s left. You’ll get something that looks a lot like this:

That’s the DIY Triple Stacker: 3 beef patties, 3 slices of cheese, 6 half-strips of bacon. The exact same $3 price tag as the “Standard Issue is for Suckers” Triple Stacker, but with an extra slice of cheese, and twice the bacon.

That’s precisely what I did recently. Some thoughts from the exercise:

-The drive-thru screwed up my order. When I got home, I realized that they bagged just 2 Single Stackers and a Triple Stacker. Seems they were determined to make that extra slice of cheese and additional bacon as elusive as humanly possible. A return trip to BK finally got me my third Single Stacker.

-I like that the receipt shorthand refers to them as “Sin Stackers.” Personally, I think this would sell a shitload more burgers. BK brass, make this an official name change across the board.

-The King slathers something called “Stacker sauce” all over these sammies. Of course, it seems to be a variant on Thousand Island dressing. Mine was more yellow than I would have expected, and quite heavy on the relish.

-In addition, all of the bacon on my Triple was scrunched over to one side, with all of the Stacker sauce on the other. It made for a weird half-and-half sensation upon eating. Also, look at the diameter of that patty in comparison to the bun. (Paging Clara Peller, paging Clara Peller stat.)

-At first glance, none of these sandwiches are impressive looking. The Singles look like solid bun, and the Triple looks like a single-patty burg. It wasn’t until I started lifting and prying that I could even find the Triple’s three patties.

-All in all, BK Stackers aren’t bad, and make for a decent enough option if you’re going the fast food route. But they’re certainly not worth getting excited about… and I highly recommend using a little elbow grease to build a better burger than the King is offering.

6 Responses to “BK Stacker Math Doesn’t Add Up”

  1. 1
    Daniel Says:

    Have also noticed the size of the meat patties have SHRUNK, I dont think they are 2oz of meat any longer, I think they have shrunk them by 10-15%. they must be like 1.5 or 1.75 oz patties now. They are really trying to screw us to make a Dollar, they also are using LESS stacker sauce on them also the bacon slices are smaller.

  2. 2
    knot26 Says:

    They had to make the burgers smaller to pay all those mathematicians. They don’t come cheap, you know.

    How long did it take to figure all this out and post it? Long enough to make a dozen or so of your own burgers any way you want. Just sayin.

  3. 3
    Jim Says:

    Perhaps they’ve caught on to this work-around, because I figured this out a while ago – And as I’m doing the low carb thing, I get 6 singles (which makes 2 triples, including double cheese and bacon) and ditch all the buns. At the BK next to my work, they’d always make them with 2 (albeit small) slices of bacon on each single stacker. I stopped at a BK closer to my house one day, and when I got home, as I was removing the buns, I noticed only a single small slice of bacon on each. I was pretty pissed… Today, back at the office, I ordered my usual 6, returned to the office, and have found only one slice of bacon on each… And they KNOW I don’t eat the buns, so they should have known I’d discover that they shorted me… Those bacon slices actually make the plain patty somewhat tasty…

  4. 4
    unhappy Says:

    This is totally absurd. when are they ever gonna bring back the buck doubles? at least these were two pattys for 1 buck.

  5. 5
    choosy Says:

    When the stacker was first introduced, the Quad Stacker was 1000 calories. It is now 760 (BK Nov. 2012). The size of the hamburger patties has gone down and they have reduced the amount of bacon. I believe it was originally advertised to have 2 pieces (half pieces) of bacon per patty.

  6. 6
    Can’t fool me Says:

    People better start paying close attention, and deep freezing samples of fast food. Because eventually they will become the size of burger nuggets. Don’t take the down sizing BS. Just don’t go to BK, Taco Bell, or McDonald’s any more. You will see how fast they change their tune when their customer base ends patronage. Stick with Arby’s, Roy Rogers, your local diner, etc…

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