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Bobby Flay Plans Burger Chain Growth, Invents New Word

By • Oct 25th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Celebrichef Bobby Flay has announced plans to expand his chain of gourmet burger bars, taking the number of locations from 5 to as many as 19 by this time next year.

Bobby’s Burger Palace currently has storefronts in Lake Grove, NY; Eatonton, NJ; Paramus, NJ; Uncasville, CT; and Philadelphia, PA.  According to Flay, the next five cities will likely be Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Princeton, NJ; Bethesda, MD; and New York City.

People say I’m so smart to have picked the right time with this economy to open a burger place,” he said recently at an LA gathering. “But I don’t think burgers are working in this economy in particular. I think burgers work in every economy — if they’re good.“  Flay, however, is still reportedly tinkering with his own burger patty recipe to get it just right.

Bobby’s Burger Palace was launched in mid-2008 and features city-themed menu offerings like the Dallas Burger (a spice-crusted patty topped with coleslaw, Monterey Jack cheese, BBQ sauce, and pickles), the Miami Burger (a burger pressed with ham, Swiss, pickles, mustard, and mayo), and the Santa Fe Burger (topped with queso sauce, pickled jalapenos, and blue corn chips):

Flay takes that “regionalization” of his burgers so seriously that he accused Applebee’s of ripping off the concept when they rolled out a similar line earlier this year.  Determined to thwart other hamburglars from lifting his lingo, Flay has trademarked the name of his flagship menu item, the Crunchburger:

Yes, those are potato chips stacked up on top of a double-cheesed patty and somehow skewered into place.  In fact, you can “crunchify” any burger on Flay’s menu (add potato chips as a topping)… but you can’t say “crunchify” without risking legal action. Flay says that “his company has had to notify some competitors” about the trademark.  “We didn’t invent it, but we did trademark it,” he said.

Although I’ve put some admittedly weird shit on more than a few of my cheeseburgers, I’ve never tried potato chips as a topping.  It doesn’t seem all that appetizing, to be honest.  I mean, don’t they all just shatter and crumble away with that first big bite?  Maybe not.  Maybe it’s really tasty.  But I’m positive that it’s not so earth-shakingly revolutionary that it warrants making up silly new vocabulary words to put in the lexicon.

Then again, I’m the guy who came up with “ketchstard.” So maybe I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it first.

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    FoodandGolf Says:

    Is that not how every sandwich in Pittsburgh is made? Either with potato chips, or french fries?

    Just like in music, food is hardly every invented – only re-invented.

    I really like your site, and I also live in Atlanta. Have you been to Farmburger (good) or Yeah! Burger (not so) yet?


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