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The Burger Bun

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Burger Blog

In terms of sheer visual impact the burger bun is the largest and most obvious component of the burger.

Round and puffed with an eye-catching sprinkle of sesame seeds, it is the focus, the center, the treasure chest that holds the precious burger and its toppings.
Burger Bun
The burger bun is parted slightly to reveal some, but not all, of its juicy cargo, offering a tantalizing glimpse of anticipated delights and hidden surprises.

But the bun itself is all there, out in the open, for our immediate acknowledgment, soft yet sturdy, reliable and familiar. It does not evoke excitement or salivation, like the burger itself, but functions rather as the housing, the essential structure that holds everything together.

Its flavor provides a rightfully bland base for the super rich contents, its texture is soft and supple yet sturdy enough to stand up to a warm burger with its juicy accompaniments. Its inviting shape, round and puffed, is a promise of homely richness, its lack of corners and hard edges an indication of ampleness and generosity.

Yet nothing about the bun gets in the way of the burger itself, no crusty exterior, no overpowering smell, no chewy texture. The bun alone may not appeal to every taste but as a crucial support system of the cheeseburger, it fulfills its function admirably – pleasing everyone, offending no one.

The burger may be what we’re after, that hunk of meat whose juice and flavor we long to indulge in, but the cheeseburger is nothing without the bun.

We must give thanks to the burger bun.
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    alexandra Says:

    i LOVE your food, especially the turkey bun.
    they ae much more satasfying than most takeaway food stores. All workers i have been served with are all great and very friendly. i was wondering if i could apply for a job at westfield penriths burger bun, if so how do i do this?
    Please email me asap. thanks

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    kok zhi xuan Says:

    Thank you for giving me so much info that i can give my social studies teachers about the history of chessburger!!!
    and i will called my mother to make one of these chess burger!

    Thank you once again!

    Please email me asap.thanks!

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    Katie Price Says:

    Hi im katie price otherwise known as: Jordan. I love this website and look on it all the time!!!!

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