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Burger Jones: Minneapolis’ New Cheeseburger Champ?

By • Sep 28th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

I’ve been looking for an excuse to visit my cousin in Minneapolis to try the famous Jucy Lucy.  But the itinerary just grew.  Check out this upscale Twin Cities joint called Burger Jones.


It’s a slick, ultra-hipster-cool new restaurant that opened a few months ago (in a space that was formerly a decidedly un-slick, un-ultra-hipster-cool Applebee’s), and word is that the line to get into this hotspot can be 2 hours long.

(Full disclosure: I haven’t actually been to Burger Jones.  Yet. All I’m going on is what I’ve found in my own research, but if even half of what I read is true, this place is worth the trip, meaning I’m already checking airfares to MSP.)


A cartoony logo.  Big-ass steak knives.  Dish towels for napkins.  Little moonshine jugs of draft beer.  A photo mural of a dude cramming a burger in his piehole.  Crazy designer milkshakes with alcohol.  Cheeseburgers served on restaurant-grade baking sheets.  Everything about Burger Jones seems too-cool-for-school.  Phil Roberts, founder of Parasole Restaurant Holdings and Burger Jones’ creator, had this to say to Nation’s Restaurant News about ambience:  “It’s not about the burger.  It’s about the experience, about everything that’s there in the restaurant.”

“Not about the burger?!?” Sacrilege!  That might lead one to believe that Burger Jones is all bang and no beef, style without substance.  Yet, Roberts and his team apparently trekked cross-country to dozens of great burger joints to come up with just the right mix of meat.  They believe they have it in a proprietary blend of hanger, brisket, and chuck which they coarse-grind, shape by hand, and then cook on a perfectly-seasoned grill.  But Minnesota foodies are mixed on the results, and many feel that Burger Jones is still working out the kinks with their food.

But the menu is tantalizingly intriguing.  One of the offerings is the White Trash Burger, shown here in a pornographically-gorgeous shot from Minnesota food blogger Davydd.


That baby is topped with Velveeta, fried cheese curds… and chicken-fried bacon.  (Damn, slobbered on myself again.  Gotta start wearing a bib when I write.)  They have simpler burgers, too.  Or create your own masterpiece by choosing something off the artsy-fartsy cheese list.  (My term, not theirs… although it would seem to fit with the vibe.)  Some cheeses are a free add-on; others cost extra.  Stuff like Amish Gruyere and a Wisconsin cheddar that’s aged for 14 months in the dairy’s sandstone caves.

And because everyone has to have a pig-out challenge item now, there’s this:


That’s the Meat Your Maker.  GM John Emerson gives you the rundown:

“LEVEL ONE: A bun, grilled with cheese and bacon. It supports a 7 oz. cheeseburger, chicken fried bacon, chili cheese dog-burger, 7 oz. cheeseburger, and chicken-fried bacon.

LEVEL TWO: Grilled cheese with bacon, a 7 oz. cheeseburger, chicken fried bacon, chili cheese dog-burger, 7 oz. cheeseburger, and chicken-fried bacon.

LEVEL THREE: Grilled cheese with bacon, a fried egg, cooked to order, topped with onion rings and garnished – no, crowned – with Faribault Creamery cheese curds.

Calories: Approximately 10,000. Cost: $25, not counting medical care. By the way, we are not liable for injury.  You WILL be asked to sign a waiver.  If any beer-gutted biker, college stoner, female softball player or Japanese speed eater can finish a Meat Your Maker burger within an hour, they’ll get an exclusive, open-casket-quality T-shirt and/or $20 gift card.  Moreover, I will personally take time out of my schedule to attend their funeral.”

To my cousin Matt: I’m coming.  No need to make up the guest room; I’ll stay at Burger Jones.

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