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Burger Topped Pizza

By • May 19th, 2008 • Category: Burger Blog

If you weren’t satisfied with the original cheeseburger pizza then how about a double cheeseburger, fries and 6 chicken nugget topped pizza?!

We are calling this the Burger Topped Pizza, just pick 2 of your favorite cheeseburgers and plop them right onto a pizza a base along with your chosen sides.

Go do it.

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Thanks to this Flickr user for creating this cheeseburger mutant-monster.

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65 Responses to “Burger Topped Pizza”

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  1. 50
    Nakhia Says:

    That is so fuckin nasty u fat ass bitches u are so nasty u nasty ass bitches

  2. 49
    briana Says:

    thats nasty I dont want 2 try that

  3. 48
    Reid Says:

    Motherfuckers, it’s their goddamn chioce niggers, fuck you all, this looks fucking tasty bitch ass cunt!

  4. 47
    Neil Says:

    Add sheadloads of jalapenos with loads of chilli sauce.

  5. 46
    hottie11 Says:

    what the hell who ever buys that shit will have a fucking heart attack

  6. 45
    Mike Says:

    Stop being such pussies,
    Looks mighty fine :)

  7. 44
    casandra Says:

    that actually prolly wouldnt be that bad!

    people have some really good ideas

  8. 43
    LOL Says:

    Oh my Gosh who is that fat!!!!!!

  9. 42
    Jaaha Says:


  10. 41
    DaniBooskie Says:

    that shit is freakin awesome!!! i wanna try it

  11. 40
    misskeekeeboo Says:

    this looks so nasti i feel lyke thrwing up even though im hungry jus looking at thisnasti bullshyt! ewww

  12. 39
    Jermaine Mintuck Says:

    Kristen, if you are in USA, like I think you may be, listen to your mom. No, I mean SERIOUSLY. She doesn’t want to foot the medical bills for heart surgery and hospital and surgeon and etc. You don’t wanna screw with CAD (coronary artery disease). Those bills are killer costs. Like, I know. Seen too many bad articles on people stuck with those sort of bills. BE CAREFUL! You do NOT want to be one of those saddled with those bills!

    Emmy. I agree that they are looking to suffer a bad heart attack. I WISH people KNEW what they were getting INTO!

    Ralph: I agree that they MUST be begging to get a fatal, or at best, near fatal heart attack. Fine, they like hospital, surgeon and etc. bills, FINE. Not my effin prob.

    chongie: yes, this is a part of an obesity epidemic, but there are FAR WORSE things that are part of that epidemic. Heart and artery plaques. those cause heart attacks and other bad illnesses. Sometimes the heart attacks and strokes even kill, not maim, or otherwise plant you right into a hospital for days.

  13. 38
    Jermaine Mintuck Says:

    Are you in some place such as USA or other where healthcare costs are really a true fortune? IF you are, PRAY that you have money to pay for an angioplasty, or even a VERY expensive quadruple bypass surgery on your heart and arteries thereof. IF you are in a free place, such as UK, or Canada, then, I say , try it! If you have to pay for your doctors yourself, do not try this! I am warning you!

    Don’t come cryin’ to us when you need to PAY for that quadruple bypass surgery! If you are in UK or Canada, then, nm.

  14. 37
    Merc Says:


  15. 36
    Derek Says:

    Man…2 great things put together…BRAVO BRAVO!!!

  16. 35
    jasmine peters Says:

    OMG! that pizza look so bum with the hambugers and the french fries with the chicken nuggets did you eat it and was is delicious

  17. 34
    adhd Says:

    this is why most americans are so so fat, so fat some ppl need a mobility scooter to get around WTF

  18. 33
    Kristen Says:

    Wow, this is something me and my friend want to try. I showed it too my mom and she flipped out and said
    “Hell no!”
    But we are going to try it anyway.
    Hope it taste better than it looks.

  19. 32
    Jamaul Says:

    Could be much better with just a little prep… I would cut the cheese burgers like a pie and distribute evenly on the pizza. Then I would visually segregate the pizza into quarters. One half of each slice would have fries and one half nuggets. Then cheese would be applied evenly using about half of what this guy did… Uniformity would increase presentation and aid in the effective heating of crust and toppings…. You need to be serious with this with this shit!

  20. 31
    beef_doughnut Says:

    Put gravy on that!

  21. 30
    dumb dumb Says:

    do u have a life i wouldent feed that to my dog and i thinck ur the dumbest person in the world ur so stupid

  22. 29
    UNQ Says:

    DO WANT. I’m making that this weekend. It must be done!

    Everyone that says its disgusting, you know you’ve eaten those foods individually, eating them altogether just makes for epic deliciousness.

  23. 28
    Emmy Says:

    ..Heart attack waiting to happen

  24. 27
    Ana-Victoria Says:

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeee!!!! I’d try n eat that but I don’t wanna die!!!!

  25. 26
    jimbob Says:

    that looks so weird a discusting people do not eat that it will make you sick if you eat all of it

  26. 25
    sddfdfsdsdf Says:

    you really don’t like your life!

  27. 24
    Katrina Says:

    yet so fatty!

    yummy yummy in my tummy it so fatty heart attacky!

  28. 23
    johnny Says:

    my 2 favorites in one! i lov it

  29. 22
    anne Says:

    this is amazing,,it may not look good but the idea is unique…nice presentation too,,its so kewl,,,

  30. 21
    Jesus Says:

    how much do you want for that pizza?

  31. 20
    Recca Says:

    its so beautiful, i’m gonna make one or maybe even two!

  32. 19
    jenn Says:

    that looks repulsive.

  33. 18
    0per4t0r Says:

    That actually looks good to me.

  34. 17
    notme Says:

    that looks niiiice

  35. 16
    Sammie-Poo(: Says:

    thats so stupid i swear thats not even how you make it… not a full cheese burger…dummies. but their is hamburger pizza now thats just not how you make it.

  36. 15
    peace Says:

    I HAVE TO TRY IT !! .

  37. 14
    kelly Says:

    that looks awful, who would eat that i know i wouldn’t

  38. 13
    kynos Says:


    u guys have no idea what ur talkin about, this is the best idea ever, exept i would still add some pepperoni, mushrooms, chili peppers, and some more cheese =p

  39. 12
    T_LO Says:

    wtf this is retarded
    it does not even look good and i got the munchies!!!

  40. 11
    jkjk Says:

    it is so disgusting

  41. 10
    chongie Says:

    omg you fat freak! u have no life. its people like you who cause obesity epidemics. wtf!!!!!!!!

    ily em


  42. 9
    kid Says:


  43. 8
    Stoner #1 Says:

    stoners wont even eat that…..and thats pretty bad!

  44. 7
    em Says:

    what the hell as if youd eat that you obese gimp

  45. 6
    me Says:

    u would die if u eat that

  46. 5
    Kris Says:

    Oh my… thats like 2 nights dinner in one…. or a full day of meals in one.. i sure hope u did not eat all that by yourself for dinner! Bet it tasted odd, and was hard to eat.

  47. 4
    chzbrgFAN#1 Says:


  48. 3
    Joe Says:

    Hell, gotta try this one out! Great recipe!

  49. 2
    xharisx Says:


  50. 1
    Ralph Says:

    do you really want a heartatack that bad?

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