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» Burger Topped Pizza
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Burger Topped Pizza

By • May 19th, 2008 • Category: Burger Blog

If you weren’t satisfied with the original cheeseburger pizza then how about a double cheeseburger, fries and 6 chicken nugget topped pizza?!

We are calling this the Burger Topped Pizza, just pick 2 of your favorite cheeseburgers and plop them right onto a pizza a base along with your chosen sides.

Go do it.

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Burger Topped Pizza

Thanks to this Flickr user for creating this cheeseburger mutant-monster.

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65 Responses to “Burger Topped Pizza”

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  1. 65
    lolhh Says:

    thats a heart attack

  2. 64
    best person EVER!!!!! Says:

    yeah well money person, i would LOVE to eat this, but your just ruining it for everyone else. i could eat this every day!!!

  3. 63
    NAVYDAN Says:

    Absolutely EPIC, I’m gonna go make one right now! I can’t wait for my first heart attack. Can I still put sausage and pepperoni on top the cheese? What am I say, of course i can!

  4. 62
    NAVYDAN Says:

    Absolutely EPIC, I’m gonna go make one right now!

  5. 61
    555-6724 Says:


  6. 60
    iiPreddiGurr’ Says:

    this looks qood ! : )

  7. 59
    firefart Says:

    that pizza needs a good slosh of my ass burning chilli sauce on it then it be a great snack after 10 pints of stella

  8. 58
    Logan Says:

    that pizza looks really good lol

  9. 57

    thats so putrid.

  10. 56
    Neko Pendragon Says:

    it feeds a family of four!

  11. 55
    persona Says:


  12. 54
    Giggle guts Says:

    LOL thats the best thing I have ever seen lol yum!!!!!

  13. 53
    crazybutsweet Says:

    WAY 2FATTY Some1 gonna hav health problems after eatin that 4sure

  14. 52
    joshuaW Says:

    u forced it wit all that dam slang typin^^^ that shyt not cute

  15. 51
    $D-money$ Says:

    if u gne eat dis u realy discus me. hu wud eat d@? if ur lukn fuh a heartattak den u chose duh rite place duh rite thing duh get 1 4rm. if u eat dis u gotta b so greedy d@ n e thing d@ soundz lyk food duh u, u wud eat!!!! it has 2 b seriusly smn rong wit u if u realy plan on eatn dis crap. if u do plan on eatn it den i wil make sur i pray fh yah cuz u gne dy soon. fuh duh ppl hu aint gne eat dis crap ur smart i wudnt eat it eathr if i wer u n i nevr wud eat it if it wuz duh las thing on erth!!!!

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