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Burguesa Burger: A New Definition For Tex-Mex

By • May 13th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Burguesa Burger is a new Dallas based burger franchise that is combining classic Mexican with classic American. The Mexican in Burguesa Burger is a lot more than the usual Jalapeño topping.

Burguesa Burger

For those of us who live in Texas, we embrace Mexican food and have even integrated it into our own cuisine, Tex-Mex. Many restaurants, fast food chains and backyard BBQ’s have promoted a spicy hamburger as “Tex-Mex Burger”. Though no fast food chain has combined these cuisines to the extent that Burguesa Burger is.

Burguesa Burger: More Than A Jalapeno Topping

The La Monumental at Burguesa Burger

Burguesa Burgers, a new chain of burger stores, has used the Mexican influence into American cuisine and has engineered a hamburger like no other.

The Burgeusa Burger signature hamburger the “La Monumental” is piled with two beef patties, two slices of cheese, ham, avocado, refried beans, crunchy tostada, lettuce, tomato, onion, a creamy special sauce and of course the obligatory jalapeño as a garnish, making this a very handsome looking hamburger indeed.

The fries are offered regular or spicy, and if you have never tried one you should – the bacon wrapped hot dog (very yummy!). The one little item that caught my eye while browsing the menu was the churro filled with dulche de leche (caramel). I cannot tell you how yummy these tasty treats are, similar to a donut, only long and thin, served warm, dipped in cinnamon sugar and then filled with warm caramel – a guaranteed eye-rolling, delightful treat if there ever was one.

Burguesa Burger: Drinks Menu

Burguesa Burger Drinks

The drinks menu is listed with the fountain sodas but Burguesa Burger promote the use of cane sugar rather that the controversial high fructose corn syrup used liberally across the United States in soda’s and they have created their own blend of sodas.

They also offer Coca Cola and Jarrito’s soda imported from Mexico, which is sold in glass bottles in a variety of flavors. There is something about a coke in a cold glass bottle and when you are so used to corn syrup, tasting the difference between and that and the cane sugar, is quite noticeable.

I did perk up at the hand dipped milkshakes blended the old fashioned way, but did cringe a little when I saw it was served with a donut skewered to the straw, perhaps a little over the top but, hey, just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to eat it, does it?

Burguesa Burger, the Real Deal?

The concept was founded in Dallas in 2009 by restaurant entrepreneur Jeff Sinelli, and has been named one of the 11 burger chains to watch in 2011 by

Burguesa Burger, now have 4 store locations around Dallas Texas with plans for further locations around the Rio Grande area which is on the borders of Texas and Mexico and in my opinion, will probably be a very popular chain before too long.

The Mexican impact on the food here in Texas has been a positive and a negative. While many restaurants are able to focus on creating a menu filled with fresh and interesting foods, some establishments have “Americanized” and cheapened the foods or simply changed the whole concept of what the foods were supposed to be originally and have all but ruined the taste buds of those who have been victims of bad Tex-Mex.

Here is to hoping that Burguesa Burger keep the traditions of the Mexican food culture and the traditional hamburger so that we may acquire a taste for the real Mexican tastes combined with our old favorites instead of the other way around where tastes and flavors can get lost in grease and sauces.

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