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Canadian Military Chopper Makes a Burger Run

By • Oct 6th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Anyone who has ever been handed the keys to the company car has done it at one time or another.  Hell, I’ve done it.  While out making a delivery, it was not uncommon for me to swing off and grab a bite to eat or even run a personal errand while on the clock.  No big deal, right?  Well, there’s a news story out of Canada that’s got our northern neighbors all in a twist about a group of guys who did just that and used the company vehicle to make a cheeseburger run.  Oh, yeah…  with one big difference.


It seems the crew of this Canadian Forces CH-146 Griffon helicopter (photo by Randy Nickle) made a little pit stop during a recent flight.  The chopper was on its way from Edmonton to Thunder Bay, a trip of over 1,200 miles (or the equivalent of Milwaukee to Miami), when the crew landed in Kenora, Ontario (about two-thirds of the way to their destination) for fuel.  The hungry flyboys tried to grab some chow at the airport, but came up empty-handed.

Operation Cheeseburger was officially on. After gassing up the big bird, they set her down again in a vacant baseball field nearby, much to the surprise of locals.  “It’s a huge double-door… helicopter, which you don’t see landing in the middle of town every day,” Kenora resident Laura Madison said.

The pilot strolled across the street to an A&W restaurant, where Michelle Patterson was manning her post at the cash register.  “He said he was here to pick up some supper before taking off again.  He joked about wanting to come through the drive-thru, but he couldn’t fit.”


According to a CBC News interview with server Stacey Hawes, the pilot ordered four of the chain’s Papa Burgers with cheese (pictured above).  He also requested two additional burgers on the side, along with fries and root beer for the rest of the crew, who waited in the twin-engine aircraft across the street.  “The whole thing took no more than eight minutes, then he was gone,” Patterson reported.  Todd Madison snapped this pic capturing the pilot as he successfully completed his munchie mission.


But of course, it can’t be just a cute little story with a happy ending.  Word is that a full-on investigation into the “incident” has been launched.  According to a weekend email statement, “The matter is under investigation to determine what happened.  As such, I can’t say much more until all the facts are gathered.”  That’s from Dan Dugas, the director of communications for the country’s Minister of Defence.  (Yes, that’s how they spell “defense” up there.  Crazy Canucks.)

But Dugas did go on to explain that concern for public safety was not a factor in the investigation.  “First of all, at no time during the landing or takeoff was there a danger to the public,” he wrote in the email.  “The Forces thank the local police for securing the sports field for the helicopter’s landing.”

Personally, this story will help me sleep better at night.  If the Canadians will bring in military aircraft and ground support for a simple cheeseburger run at A&W, just imagine the firepower they’d come with if a foreign power ever dared to go after a truly high-value burger target like In-N-Out.

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    Taka Says:

    lmao. If there was EVER a reason to drop a helicopter getting a A&W Paper Burger is IT. Nuff said.

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