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10 Cities Honored by Cheese & Burger Society

By • Jun 2nd, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

If you haven’t stopped by the Cheese & Burger Society’s website lately, it’s worth a few minutes of your surfing time today… but maybe not when your tummy is rumbling with hunger. The site, one of our absolute favorites from the day it launched, has rolled out a new campaign just in time for the summer grilling season. Called Cheeseburgers Across America, the promotion introduces ten new burgs into the Society, each one named after a great American metropolis.

Presented in the same Rolodex flip-card style and with the same heart-wrenching and knee-slapping narration by Patrick Warburton, each cheebie features at least one variety of Wisconsin cheese (the Society is the brainchild of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board). And, staying true to the high standard set in 2009 with their 30 inaugural burgers, this group includes some killer creations.

That burger, pardner, is the Dallas, topped with cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, onions, jalapenos, and Texas red all-beef chili… and saddled with a buttermilk bun. As you might have guessed, each burger salutes the city it’s named for with regionally-appropriate toppings. The Atlanta, for example, is crowned with fried mac and cheese. The Denver comes with a loaded omelet on top. The Kansas City features pulled pork, BBQ potato chips, slaw, and BBQ sauce. The New Orleans? Creole mustard and fried shrimp. The Seattle? Wild foraged mushrooms and coffee-spiked mayo. You get the idea.

In addition to the new burgs, with their food porn photography, hilarious descriptions, and detailed cheese bios, the site also now includes a sweet online store, with merch that allows carnivores to wear their burger love on their sleeve… literally.

From men’s and women’s T-shirts to ball caps, aprons, can koozies, even a button-down “work shirt” for dudes, this looks to be fairly high quality stuff- a cool conversation starter for your next backyard grillathon, or a nifty Father’s Day gift for dear old Dad as he heads out to fire up the Weber.

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