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Cheeseburger on a Chip?

By • Feb 9th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Prepping for my annual Super Bowl Buffet, I was faced with a dilemma.  Given my “job” as official cheeseburger scribe of this website (a job which still elicits a response that usually goes something like, “You do WHAT?  And they PAY you for that?!?”), I felt like cheebies should somehow be represented at this year’s table.  But since we do the whole graze-and-snack thing at my house, full-size burgs just weren’t an option.  If your plate is holding a half-pound Jucy Lucy or Bacon Fat Burger off my backyard grill, that doesn’t leave much real estate on the ol’ Chinet for cocktail franks or Southwestern chicken spring rolls or crock pot meatballs.

I considered slyders.  But truthfully, I wasn’t excited about spending the afternoon manning hot coals (and missing pre-game festivities/commercials) for silver-dollar-sized sammies.  Personally, I’m not a mini-burger fan, anyway.  Unless you’re actually at White Castle or Krystal, they’re a too-cutesy cop-out to eating a real burger.

But just as I thought I might have to give in and do some burger shots anyway, I saw this displayed en masse on an endcap of my grocery store:

Regulars in the snack chip aisle are familiar with the “Late Night” line that Doritos introduced in 2009.  The triangular chips, clad in glossy black-and-neon bags, were offered in two flavors- Last Call Jalapeno Popper and Tacos at Midnight:

I had dutifully tried both before.  I could take or leave Jalapeno Popper.  As much as I enjoy a piping hot basket of them down at the local sports bar, the taste just didn’t translate to a chip for me.  On the other hand, Tacos at Midnight might as well be sprinkled with crack cocaine, because if I have even one, the rest of the bag is on very borrowed time.  Addictive, to say the least.  Intrigued by this new cheeseburger flavor, I added a bag to my own Super Bowl roster.

There was no mistaking the bouquet upon opening the bag: ketchstard.  The aroma of ketchup and mustard certainly gave an air of authenticity to the All Nighter Cheeseburgers, even if I’m not a lover of either condiment.  A quick scan of the ingredients showed a few surprises: “Natural Beef Flavor… Mustard Seed Powder… Cheddar Cheese… Swiss Cheese.”  Nice.  Two kinds of cheese.  Some burger joints can’t pull off two-cheese burgs, but these apparently had it all… in a bag of chips.

The predominant flavor of the Doritos All Nighter Cheeseburgers, I am sad to report, is ketchup. It’s a pretty powerful blast right up front, but I also detected some subtle beef and cheese notes, too.

I felt there was something familiar about these chips.  Then I realized that I had tasted them once before:

A 2007 campaign put these generically-labeled bags on store shelves.  Inside was a “mystery flavor,” and they encouraged snackers to sample the chips, identify the flavor, and even give it a name.  I tried them then and thought they tasted like extra-ketchuppy burgers.  Sure enough, the “X-13D” chips touted on the bag as an “All-American Classic” were later identified as cheeseburger-flavored.  And then they went away… only to be re-introduced with a new name last month as part of the Late Night lineup.

Will the success of the other 2 flavors give this second-chance chip a new lease on life?  I’m not so sure. I don’t find All Nighter Cheeseburgers nearly as addictive as Tacos at Midnight, but maybe a little better than Last Call Jalapeno Poppers.  They’re certainly no stand-in for a real cheeseburger, but perhaps an interesting change-of-pace to throw into the mix at your next party.

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    boris Says:

    i cant believe you liked the taco flavored one its digusting tastes like guacamole i hate avacodo!!!!!!!!

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