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The Luther Burger

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Burger Blog

The Luther Burger, named after Luther Vandross, is a burger with the traditional burger bun replaced by a Donut, usually a Krispy Kreme. This has got to be the world’s unhealthiest burger!

Possibly the worlds unhealthiest burger, the Luther Burger contains more than 1000 calories and typically has over 45 grams of fat per portion.

Luther Burger

If you haven’t already guessed the Luther Burger differs from usual burgers in one major way – the burger bun is replaced with a sliced sugar glazed donut. The donut of choice is usually a Krispy Kreme. In the current air of anti junk food and pro health food, how did this concoction come about and does it really sell?

Where Did The Luther Burger Come From?

The creation of the Luther Burger is a bit of an urban legend but it is widely accepted that it was invented at Mulligan’s bar in Decatur, Georgia on a day when the cook ran out of hamburger buns and decided to use two donuts instead.

Its creator named the sandwich ‘Luther Burger’ after R&B legend Luther Vandross, who reportedly enjoyed the sandwich; some rumors claim that Vandross himself invented his namesake burger. The Luther burger name has stuck since then but the creation is also referred to as the Donut Burger.

The owner of Mulligan’s bar, Chandler Goff, has sold the rights to the Luther Burger to the Atlanta Braves baseball team, who will begin selling them in 2006 or 2007. So only the Atlanta Braves can sell a burger named Luther Burger.

Some versions of the Luther Burger are made with two donuts, at other times a single donut is cut in half and grilled after the meat has been cooked separately; the donut halves are placed around the meat glazed-side-in and the whole sandwich is flattened on the grill and cooked briefly to allow for somewhat less messy consumption. They often include cheese and/or bacon, but normally no vegetables or condiments.

A smaller baseball team in St. Louis, the Gateway Grizzlies, have just started serving their own version of the Donut Burger on game days and claim that for $4.50 you get dinner and desert all in one go. Marketed as “Baseball’s Best Burger” the burger has proved a hit with fans and has played a critical role is supporting the clubs finances.

So the next time you cook up a burger at home why not go 500 calories further and grab yourself a donut and make it a Luther Burger.
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47 Responses to “The Luther Burger”

  1. 1
    Chrystal Says:

    WOW. It should be called the PMS BURGER.

  2. 2
    Katie Says:

    Actually, calories aren’t the issue. A Krispy Kreme donut only has 200 calories. A hamburger roll doesn’t much fewer than that, or has even more if it’s a big one. Sugar and fat, that’s a different story. But still… if you’re choosing between a bagel and a donut, a donut saves you a hundred calories or more!

  3. 3
    Joe Says:

    Consuming that much fat would make me want to vomit… just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

  4. 4
    Sylvie Says:

    Only in America!

    sylvie – London

  5. 5
    Jenn Says:

    Seriously, I’m from America and I second that. Only in America. Disgusting.

  6. 6
    endurablegoods Says:

    Decent – but not stupendous:

    Making one with an In-And-Out DOUBLE DOUBLE ANIMAL STYLE truly takes it to another level. Indeed, it really isn’t even a Luther Burger anymore. It is something far more sinister.

  7. 7
    Ankar Says:


    “makes me want to vomit”

    Wow, there are some seriously unamerican so-called cheeseburgaholics trolling this place. Ya’ll need to go back to your vegan forums to talk about how healthy your pressed vegetable crumb patties are.


  8. 8
    francois Says:

    this is why you Americans lose the ability to achieve a hard, rigid, veiny erection as young as the age of 20…

  9. 9
    Emma Says:

    Only in America? Well, we didn’t come up with the deep-fried Mars Bar, now did we?

  10. 10
    YoYo Says:

    My son told me about the Luther Burger but I did not believe it. I gag just looking at it!

  11. 11
    Chad Says:

    That burger looks awesome! Seriously people, if you don’t like, why comment?
    Also, why so many “Americans are the devil, they’re all fat, and have an IQ of 12″… Judging someone generally makes you an unintelligent ass… so, yeah…

    I’ll be trying this during a camping trip this week end… btw this burger has less fat and fewer calories than a Big Mac so what’s the big deal, I’d rather have something that tastes amazing instead of a bland burger from a fast food place?!

    It also isn’t our fault we come up with awesome foods that kill you… Have you even looked outside, British food is normally high in calories and tastes like the inside of a frogs ass. Now go, enjoy the McDonalds across the street that we were so nice to give you, while you’re at it, grab a Starbucks coffee, donut, go to a Wal-Mart and fund our crumbling economy… not that yours nor the rest of the worlds is any better.

    See you in the unemployment line!

  12. 12
    Zakosai Says:

    It’s over 9000…calories!!

  13. 13
    Tracy Says:

    Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from… :)

  14. 14
    jeff Says:

    it looks disgusting but it tastes so f*cking deliscious!

  15. 15
    Weird State Fair Foods — Where A Mommy Saves You Money Babee Love Says:

    [...] Sandwich goes, been there done that…yes-I have but with a burger. My husband learned of the Luther Burger about a year ago. So occasionally we will eat cheeseburgers with glazed donut buns. So MUCH [...]

  16. 16
    Matthew Metcalfe Says:

    So I made the trek to see this Luther burger… Apparently Mulligan’s has been closed…. FOR TWO YEARS. Now where am I to go in Atlanta to find the Monstrosity?

  17. 17
    Malloc Says:

    I’m not sure why this burger gets such bizarre responses like this? How can this possibly have over 1000 calories in it ? And how can it be much worse than any other regular bacon cheeseburger? A Krispy Kreme glazed donut has 200 calories. The standard Wonder white hamburger bun has 110 calories, most buns have more and some have far more!!! so everything else being the same on any other bacon cheeseburger (burger, cheese, bacon) then one would have to conclude that this only has an extra 90 calories (at its worst), hardly a huge difference when counting the calories of bacon cheeseburgers! LOL!

    I searched online for calorie counts and built a Luther Burger accordingly, here’s the breakdown

    Krispy Kreme glazed Donut 200 cal
    1/4 burger (regular 70/30 beef) 376 cal
    1 slice cheddar cheese (on average 60-80 cal) 80 cal
    1 serving (3 slices) Oscar Mayer precooked bacon 70 cal (yes I’m looking at the label right here and it says 70 calories per serving, package has 12 slices, 4 servings per package, i.e. 70 cal for three slices, don’t ask me but that’s what it says)
    For a grand total of… 726 calories! That is nowhere near the 1000 calories claimed.
    I myself have eaten cheeseburgers containing far, far more calories than this! LOL!

    The main point to remember is that if the only difference is the donut bun then is this really any worse than any other bacon cheeseburger? When I looked at regular hamburger buns, that makes the calorie difference anywhere between 90-40 calories! An extra 40 claories will kill ya? Come on guys!

    I want to try this, think I’ll make some this weekend! ;)

  18. 18
    Q Says:

    I am a vegetarian – I wonder can I get them to make that a veggie burger

  19. 19
    Guy Says:

    Now we can have the Donut-Ham-Hamburger for breakfast!

  20. 20
    fsgsdfgdf Says:

    this isnt close to most unhealthy calories dont matter as much as fat since the burger king tripple whopper has over 60 grams of fat

  21. 21
    29 Says:

    This burger is awesome! Truly anybody with common sense knows to eat things in moderation. The mingling of the different flavors is really interesting. No condiments needed. Don’t eat this everyday but don’t knock it either. It’s actually good.

  22. 22
    DC Says:

    Looks awesome!

  23. 23
    MT Says:

    I’m not sure why this burger always generates the overblown negative responses that it always gets. Are these responses all being left by vegans or what? I mean are you against eating the common cheeseburger or are you simply against eating glazed donuts? Which one is it? LOL!

    As others have already pointed out, this burger has fewer calories than most fast food burgers. If you make it with a lean ground beef patty like Laura’s then it is only around 500 calories, total! I mean come on people one Krispy Kreme glazed donut has 200 calories thats it! Many sandwhich buns have far more thna that so as you can see this really isn’t a health disaster in the making .You vegans should really check the calorie content of some of those smoothies that you drink!

  24. 24
    alysha marie Says:

    i’ve heard of this from the Food Network. On I think, Man vs. Food.
    I’m gonna so make one of these :D

  25. 25
    The Nation’s Fattest Foods Says:

    [...] food. All of them are probably delicious. Not a single one is good for you.Take Georgia’s Luther Burger, for instance (pictured left): “The story behind the Luther Burger is murky. But the general [...]

  26. 26
    Seth Says:

    Does it come with a free AED or a complimentary ride to the hospital? And we wonder why the rest of world makes fun of us. No, I am not a vegan. No, I am not un-American. No, I am not against being a vegan. Yes, I think the people that eat items like this also buy exercise products off the TV like the ab circle and complain about not being able to lose weight. Hey, while your at it, why not just staple it to your ass and save your self the time. So, enjoy your cardiac arrest and your cigarette.

  27. 27
    givemeabreak Says:

    This picture makes me want to die! OMG! Something is really wrong with people…

  28. 28
    keesh Says:

    i’d definitely want to try one of those. you could find worse than this on a menu at say mcdonalds or something of the sort. i like how Malloc gave the caloric breakdown. just because it LOOKS like it’d be extreme, it’s probably no worse than some of the things you naysayers eat on the regular. i wouldn’t recommend eating it regularly lol. but i’d def indulge every once in a while.

  29. 29
    hhhhh Says:

    I think it looks gross, thus probably won’t try it……..however, I can’t believe it is any worse for you, health wise, than any other processed fast food. If you eat healthly and exercise, than trying one of these burgers won’t hurt you. The fat and calories isn’t far off from that of a banana split, but your not going to eat one of them every day either. Anything in moderation is fine. It’s those who will eat this burger for dinner on Saturday, then go to Mcdonald’s for a big mac meal on Sunday, Pizza on Monday….etc that should be concerned about their health risk. Too many antiamerican people on here…this world is one angry place anymore, so sad.

  30. 30
    Disgusted Says:

    This is just totally disgustingly gross!!! I too, want to vomit as soon as I saw this picture.. and never again will look at it! EEWWWW!!!

  31. 31
    Disgusted Says:

    …and you wonder why America has tons of super obese people…. go figure! Yes, go ahead and knock yourselves out, eat more of these to end your miserable lives.. YUCK!

  32. 32
    deathbyburger Says:

    If anyone who eats this burger or knows anything about this burger wonders or doesnt understand why American is stuggling with obesity, they should be slapped in the face!!! this so called burger, along with so many other types of food should be banned from american society!!! Our children need a better influence and healtheir eating habits. we are virtually killing our children, grandchildren and man kinds future. why cant anyone come up with a healthy burger or food that gets this much publicity?

  33. 33
    Andy Cadge Says:

    Correction it’s about 1200-1500 Calories, a human being could almost die consuming 9000 calories in one sitting. Anyways, I in fact made this burger at home, and I might say it is quite delicious. It had to be the most filling concoction I’ve ever eaten. And for those that say fat Americans so be it, I’m an athlete and train every day so to indulge once in a while, and I mean once in a while is worth it. I suggest only eating one of these whole burgers every 6 months if not one a year if you are serious about eating one. They are insanely filling!

  34. 34
    James H Says:

    45 grams of fat? Possibly the world’s unhealthiest burger? Hardly.

    Mcdonalds’ Double Quarter Pounder isn’t far off with 42 grams of fat.

  35. 35
    MARC Says:

    @ Sylvie @4

    “Only in America”

    FROM THE INDEPENDENT March 28,2004 “According to a report published in the London Evening Standard this year, an average portion of fish and chips contains 870 calories, with more than half those calories coming from fat. That’s 126 calories more than a McDonald’s double cheeseburger and fries, and well over a third of the daily recommended intake for an adult male.”

  36. 36
    Drew S. Says:

    This isn’t bad at all a typical military MRE contains about 1300 calories which is only about 1/3 or 1/4 military recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals :).. my mom told me this seeing how shes a Sergeant ( fit as a fiddle :P ) and she feeds me basically the same amount of food she eats when she trains at her reserves.. so a meal like this wouldn’t mean much to me .mind you i do go to the gym 3 times a week im 18yo 6’5″ 225 lb 25% body fat which i don’t find to bad.

  37. 37
    Gregory Says:

    I love glazed donuts and I love Cheeseburgers!
    Putting them together is madness!
    Delicious Madness!

  38. 38
    Tasty « Unrulytravller's Weblog Says:

    [...] that is a cheeseburger with donuts for the buns. It is called a Luther Burger and masters of the universe help me it looks kind of intriguing and I have a strange desire to try [...]

  39. 39
    This is going to be a long Lent period… | When Opposites Attract Says:

    [...] So of course I plan to live it up this week, since I can’t eat out for the next month. And I started off my parade with a Luther burger. [...]

  40. 40
    Mike Jersey Says:

    The Luther Burger is named after Luther Van Dam, the character played by Jerry Van Dyke on the sitcom Coach. On one episode he invented the Luther Burger exactly as shown in your blog, almost 20 years ago. Untold millions of people have seen it by now in reruns. I just saw it again a few weeks ago. The character of Luther is a glutton and his creation of the Luther Burger reflected that.
    Vandross had nothing to do with it, other than trying to take “credit”. Mike

  41. 41

    At more than a thousand calories and 45 grams of fat, the Luther Burger sounds like everything else out there. Only the Luther burger may in fact be less caloric than other fast foods.

    These are some of the worst meals you can have by themselves which can make the Luther Burger look like a healthy burger. This information was taken from their own websites respectfully.

    Western Bacon Six dollar Burger / Carl’s Jr./ 1010 total calories / 54 grams of fat
    Triple Whopper without cheese / Burger King / 1140 total calories / 75 grams of fat
    Big Breakfast with Hotcakes / McDonalds / 1090 total calories / 57 grams of fat
    Reese’s® Peanut Butter Fudge Blendrrr / A&W Restaraunts / 1360 total calories / 79 grams of fat
    SuperSonic Cheeseburger with mayonaise / Sonic Drive INN / 1270 total calories / 87 grams of fat
    Triple Meat Whataburger with bacon and cheese / Whataburger / 1280 total calories / 81 grams of fat

  42. 42
    JayKay Says:

    very old thread revived…..I’d give one a go. Don’t think I’d manage it all, and certainly couldn’t get my gums around it’s girth (oo-er).
    No worse than sitting down to a 16 oz steak with a pepper sauce and baked potato….topped off with a cheeseboard dessert selection…per head of population there are as many obese UK/Europeans as there are Americans….just that they don’t wear plaid shorts on vacation … ;-p

  43. 43
    Nan Says:

    These sound gross but they are really very good. Not at all sweet as sounds, but the toppings are what makes them good. Just catsup is not good. Yes high calories but you can only eat one!

  44. 44
    NAVYDAN Says:

    I don’t care what any of you skinny bastards say, it is f’n delicious!!! double the cheese and I’m good to go. If you can’t stand the sight of it, why even post here? And before any of you say it, I am American, I’m not obese yet but I plan to be, as far as i’m concerned fat people are fat because they eat delicious food and lots of it. So there. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to fry up some bacon now>>>>and no I’m not kidding

  45. 45
    Gemma Says:

    Seriously…All you small minded people bitching about something without even trying it, how can you call something disgusting without even putting it in your mouth. To enjoy food is to experiment with it,live your life dont sit eating a boring meal calling other people disgusting. Excuse me i make the most of life and all the beautiful things in it, food included! I’m not fat, nor unhealthy but i will try things including the luther burger and do not see the problem…enjoy your boring lives worrying about calorie this and fat intake that, at the end of the day anything is OK in moderation, if you eat this everyday, you will die! every so often to experiment and taste new things is fine. Get a grip!

  46. 46
    nastyfreaks Says:

    You nasty son of a bitches. Its a damn doughnut. Those are meant to enjoy on thier own. Use a motherfuckin hamburger bun you sick bastards. Are yall seriously that much of losers to be arguing over this shit lmao. Im sitting here in high school with all of my friends and we are having way more intelligent conversations then all of you dumb ass idiots. Go to church, then get a damn doughnut after and learn how to eat it without the hamburger shit. You nasty dumb ass slutty bitch.

  47. 47
    Max Auer Says:

    BEST damn Burger ever had! the glazing melts in the burger wrapped up in chesee and onions, and its named after a great man.

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