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Fast Food Chain Sexes Up Turkey Burgers

By • Mar 30th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

A growing segment of the population is turning to beef alternatives as a healthier way to get their burger on. Problem is, ground turkey pressed into a patty isn’t cool. And it sure isn’t sexy. Unless, of course, you outfit it with one of these:

That’s Gizem Memic, the reigning Miss Turkey 2010, holding the new Charbroiled Turkey Burger from Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s. To promote the new sammie, which clocks in at under 500 calories, the chain has hired the actual Miss Turkey and dressed her up in a skimpy turkey-burger-print bikini. “We had fabric custom-printed with the image of our new Charbroiled Turkey Burger,” explained Beth Mansfield, PR director for CKE Restaurants Inc., the chain’s parent company, “and then had it made into a bikini.(There’s even talk of producing a limited run of the swimsuits to sell online.)

The ad, shot by agency David&Goliath, continues the same irreverent sex-sells-burgers approach that brought us Paris Hilton frolicking with a Carl’s Jr. Spicy BBQ Burger, Audrina Patridge having a beachside romp with one of their Teriyaki Burgers, and Padma Lakshmi going down on a Western Bacon Thickburger.

I could tell you about how there are three different varieties of the Turkey Burger (regular, teriyaki, and guacamole). I could ramble on about how the burgers were created in conjunction with Men’s Health magazine as a way to balance out the chain’s gastronomic crimes that grace the pages of Eat This, Not That. Blah blah blah. All you really want is to see the commercial. Okay, I hear you. Here you go.

Want more? Of course you do. Check out this behind the scenes video.

Does the ad “help me remember” that Carl’s Jr. Hardee’s has a new Charbroiled Turkey Burger on the menu, as is apparently the goal? Absofrickinglutely. Am I any more likely to actually buy a Charbroiled Turkey Burger? Um, no. So I’m not sure about the point of the ad… or the sandwich, to be honest. No amount of cleavage makes me think, “Man, she’s hot. I’d better go have one of those heart-healthy burgers.” My wife wouldn’t be any more inclined to stop by our local Hardee’s for a turkey burger… because Miss Turkey’s poolside strut with a fistful of hot meat just cements their reputation in her mind as a sexist frat-boys’ club appealing to the lowest common denominator. So what’s the point?!?

I don’t know. I’ll watch the commercial a few more dozen times and get back to you.

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    Tim Says:

    She’s hot. I want to have sexual intercourse with her a few times.

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