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Fat Ho Burgers in Texas

By • Apr 8th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

There’s a new burger joint in Texas that’s proving to be… how to put this… not exactly for everyone.

That’s Lakita Evans standing in front of her shack on 11th Street in Waco, Fat Ho Burgers. Evans says she got the name after watching the 2006 movie Phat Girlz, starring Mo’Nique. “I was trying to make myself laugh,” she told Texas Monthly recently. “I knew the name would put a smile on people’s faces, so I just did it.” Evans carried the theme to her menu items, too.

That’s the Supa Fly Ho (in a shot from Texas Monthly), a single patty with cheese. Want a second patty? You’re a Supa Dupa Fly Ho. Are you 86ing add-ons like pickle and tomato? You’re a Skinny Ho. Plain meat with cheese? Dried Up Ho. What if you’ve got kids in tow? This is, obviously, a family establishment; of course, there’s a kids’ meal. It’s called the Tiny Ho.

As you can imagine, there’s been a wee bit of controversy surrounding the new burger joint and its colorful name, especially from some of the Texas town’s more religiously-minded residents. Evans is taking the flak in stride. “When they change the economy, I’ll change my name,” she’s gone on record as saying. “When they get these kids around here jobs, I’ll change my name. If the crime rate goes down, I’ll change my name.

For now, it’s hour-long lines and standing room only at Fat Ho. Don’t believe me? Check out this collection of photos on Flickr after a recent visit by MsElenius. Business has been so good, Evans ran out of meat on her very first day and is hiring extra staff just to keep up. And the place has been spotlighted by both national and foreign news outlets. When was the last time a place featuring mismatched chairs, plastic tablecloths, and a cardboard sign with “No Big Bills” handwritten in Magic Marker has gotten international press coverage? (Although, truthfully, Ann’s Snack Bar in downtown Atlanta would seem to be a not-too-distant cousin… and she’s doing all right more than 40 years later with her world-renowned Ghetto Burger.)

So can Fat Ho keep the momentum going? That remains to be seen, but early reviews suggest that Evans needs to pay as much attention to the quality of the food as she has in giving it funny names. According to Texas Monthly, the Supa Fly Ho “was not especially juicy—or fatty, as the restaurant’s name would suggest—and the patty itself was almost charred.”

But it’s a great story. Evans, who studied culinary arts at a local community college and saved three years’ worth of salary from an overnight shift at Wal-Mart to open her restaurant, is the kind of gal you want to root for. Let’s hope everything works out for this Fat Ho.

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