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Guy Fieri Taking Burgers Out to Sea on Carnival Cruise Ships

By • Oct 6th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

Seventy-eight percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. So now there’s officially no place on the planet you can go without being bombarded by Guy Fieri.

(Food Network photo)

The ubiquitous celebrichef has announced a partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines in which he’ll lend his name and culinary kick-assitude to a chain of gourmet burger restaurants onboard the company’s ships. As part of a $500 million upgrade initiative, the Carnival vessels Liberty, Breeze, Conquest, and Glory will soon be the floating home of Guy’s Burger Joint.

If in a million years you would have told me that I was going to be involved with a cruise line and doing burgers, I would have told you I would have gone to the moon first,” Fieri told reporters at an event trumpeting the deal. Fieri has reportedly already developed a host of custom burger recipes for the venture and put his pinkie-ringed fingerprint on touches like self-serve condiment stations which will offer seafaring carnivores spreads like chipotle mayo, special BBQ sauce, garlic aioli, and three different hot sauces. Want to dust your burg with garlic and herb seasonings? Sea salt? Hot chili? Guy’s got you covered, also offering high-end toppings such as sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, blue cheese crumbles, and vine-ripened tomatoes. “The burger that we’re making is legit,” he says. “It’s a straightforward, real deal, quality burger. That’s what it has to be.Meals at Guy’s Burger Joint will be free to cruisers, included as part of their vacation package.

The look of Guy’s Burger Joint, located on the ships’ pool decks, will be muscle-car garage chic, meant to evoke the feel of a California roadside burger shack. Life-size surfboards will mix with chrome pipes and car hoods… ‘cos apparently nothing embodies that oceangoing spirit like servers in mechanics’ coveralls with their personalized nicknames embroidered on the front.

Clearly, it’s an awesome opportunity for Mr. Fieri, although I personally find his in-your-face cooler-than-thou schtick annoying and hope that his fifteen minutes of fame are just about up. (The irony is, I’d probably get along great with him if he were my next-door neighbor. Seriously, though, tone it down…) But I’m unsure what to make of this. Carnival has obviously thrown a shipload of money at him so that they can pirate his name for their boatburger boutiques.

I don’t, however, understand the business side of it enough to figure out what Carnival gets out of the deal. The burgers are free if you’re onboard the ship, so there’s no more money to be made. Surely they don’t believe that Guy’s Burger Joint is the thing that’s going to lure customers into buying a four-figure cruise package… do they?!?Gee, honey, I didn’t think I’d be interested in spending a week at sea, but you say that the spiky-haired fat dude from TV with the sweatbands on his forearms and sunglasses on the back of his head has a burger restaurant on the boat? Well, pack my Dramamine, I’ll meet you on the lido deck.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines features a Johnny Rockets onboard a handful of their ships… supposedly charging $4.95 for all you can eat. I’m afraid, though, that no shipboard burger joint- no matter whose name is on it- would be the deciding factor in my vacation plans, but hey… whatever floats your boat.

4 Responses to “Guy Fieri Taking Burgers Out to Sea on Carnival Cruise Ships”

  1. 1
    grace Says:

    i can’t help but love this guy. i just wish he’d do something with his hair… :)

  2. 2
    michael jefts Says:

    why is his name pronounced fee-et-e when it should clearly be pronounced fi-er -ee. go figure! At any rate I think Guy is a pretty cool dude and I love diners, drive ins and dives and would love to cook with him since I am a foodee too

  3. 3
    Nancy Says:

    I was on the Carnival Liberty — I had Guy’s burgers several times, and I can tell you that they were the best burgers I have ever had!!!! Plain, with bacon, with grilled onions, doesn’t matter — hands down the best burger I’ve ever had!

  4. 4
    Jay Says:

    I was on the Carnival Liberty last week. The burgers were average, nothing really spectacular. I think In ‘N Out Burgers wipe the floor with these burgers. As do Johnny Rockets, Licks and even Harvey’s. But for a free, quick burger on a cruise ship, Guy’s burgers filled the need.

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