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Hilton Head Island’s Best Burger: Part 3

By • Jun 14th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Looking for Hilton Head’s Best Burger?

In my previous two posts while vacationing on the beaches of South Carolina, I tried two different cheeseburgers from two different kinds of places.  The first was a tourist hotspot.  The second was something of a local secret.  It occurred to me that there was a third kind of establishment worth seeking out.

My youngest brother lives and works in Hilton Head.  He’s been a part of the local food-and-beverage scene since his high school summers, scooping ice cream in the shadow of the famous candy-cane-striped lighthouse at Harbor Town.  Now he’s the bar manager at one of the highest-profile watering holes on the island, smack underneath that same lighthouse.  So I asked him for an insider’s recommendation.

He took me to a little place called Street Meet.  It’s out of the way, in a strip mall, sort of stuck behind the local Sam’s Club.  But Griffin informed me that Street Meet is a big-time hangout for the island’s army of waiters and waitresses, bartenders and busboys.  The place was started a few years ago by one of the island’s true food-and-beverage veterans.  At every restaurant and bar he worked, the staff always wanted to go somewhere else to chill after hours, but fun places that also had good food… AND stayed open past midnight were hard to find on HHI.  So he started his own.


Street Meet boasts “American Take-Out & Tavern” food, and the menu certainly reflects that, with regional faves from all over the country.  Sandwiches with slaw and fries on top, a la Pittsburgh.  Hot dogs topped with Cincinnati-style chili sauce.  Po’Boys like you’d find in New Orleans, cheesesteaks from Philly, gyros that taste like they’re straight from Detroit’s Greektown. 

This is food from the streets, hence the name… and the theme.  Inside, you’d swear you were standing on a 1930s street corner.  There’s brickwork on the walls, and worn cobblestones underfoot.  Hey, when a restaurant’s official logo is a manhole cover, you can bet there’s real, hearty, rib-sticking food being served up inside.

I was promised some dynamite burgers, and Street Meet didn’t disappoint.  Griff got EZ’s Favorite, a crazy concoction that’s topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, Carolina BBQ sauce… and two chicken wings!


Granted, the wings have to be picked off and eaten separately from the burger.  But still, you gotta give points for originality.

I got the Lowcountry Burger, named for this marshy part of the South Carolina/Georgia coast.  It’s a thick half-pounder sitting under American cheese, sautéed onions, and three fried shrimp.  It looked gorgeous, and tasted just as nice.  I’m not sure I would have ever thought to use fried shrimp as a burger topping, but it totally worked here.  Sitting atop that double-slice blanket of cheese and a pile of beautifully-caramelized onions, the plump, delicately-battered-and-fried shrimp were the perfect capper to my week at the beach.


Street Meet certainly isn’t the biggest name on the Hilton Head Island food landscape.  It’s not flashy, it’s not trendy, and it’s not its own tourist destination.  But if you’re looking for solid street food with some unique and tasty twists, take a tip from your waiter.  Eat where he eats.

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3 Responses to “Hilton Head Island’s Best Burger: Part 3”

  1. 1
    Rino Ouellet Says:

    I stumbled across your site by chance, I was looking to hopefully find a great place to grab a hotdog and beer on Hilton Head Island and found your articles about burgers. I have lived in CT all my life and and I have been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. I was in Hilton Head 2 years ago with family so we hit all the toursits traps. What places do you recommend that are must tries. By the way, I agree totally with you about Shady Glen cheeseburgers. I feel luck only being 25 minutes away from them, they are absolutely delicious.

  2. 2
    devaunte Says:

    yummy this burger looksz really good yummm!

  3. 3
    Courtenay Rogers Says:

    I have my own burger debate going on in Nashville but I am here on vacation and can’t wait to find a great burger here. Thanks for the info!

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