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Japanese Kobe Burgers From Wagyu Beef

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Burger Blog

There’s a place where cows drink beer and get regular hand massages – that place is Kobe, Japan. And we’re not talking about cows drinking at bars and visiting masseurs – we’re talking about farming.

The marbled fat that makes Kobe beef unique.
The aim of the game is to produce the legendary Kobe Beef. This beef is rich, tender and juicy and cannot be matched by any other beef. It comes from the Wagyu breed of cow that has the unique genetics to create such a highly regarded meat.

The Wagyu cow has fat that is spread throughout its muscle structure that produces a marbled like design in the meat. Its this distribution of fat that gives the unique flavor and texture.

To be called Kobe Beef the meat must not only come from a Wagyu cow but also have been produced in Kobe and meet rigid production standards.

Beer, Massages and Beef

Beer and massages I hear you ask? Lets begin with the beer issue. Your everyday cow is fed on a diet so unappetizing that it has to be force fed when it is young, this is to ensure the cow puts on enough weight to get a higher sale price at slaughter.

But the Kobe cow is given a very high quality feed and is not force fed. Once in a while the cattle is given a drink of beer, the effect of the beer is to increase the cows appetite so it eats more. Because it isn’t force fed, the cow is generally less stressed and everybody knows that a stressed cow gives tougher meat?
Hand massaging a Wagyu Cow.
This brings us to massaging. Farmers hand massage the cows to tenderize the meat and to relax the cow. The farmers insist that this directly affects the quality of the meat and those who have tasted the meat aren’t disputing that claim.

Japan is so protective of its beloved Kobe Beef that the Government has strictly limited all exports of the meat to a minimum. Farmers in the USA and Scotland raise Wagyu cattle and sell the meat as Kobe Style or Scottish Kobe. And the price? Well a pound of authentic Kobe Beef wholesales at over $80 and a pound of Scottish Kobe Sirloin sells for £23 ($40).

Kobe burgers can be seen on the menus of the most exclusive eateries all over the world. At the Old Homestead Steakhouse, New York a Kobe-style burger will cost you a mere $41. Kobe burgers are also on the menu at Lucky Devils in LA, which offers a massive Kobe burger served either standard, with caramelized onions, Arugula and garlic aioli on a brioche bun, or as one of “Lucky’s Favorites,” fully loaded with all of the above plus Maytag blue cheese, Gruyère cheese and Nueske bacon.

When it comes to expensive Kobe Burgers, LA is a burger mecca.
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20 Responses to “Japanese Kobe Burgers From Wagyu Beef”

  1. 1
    steve perry Says:

    are you serious?? 80$ a pound???

  2. 2
    Caroline Says:

    Well, here in Aussie….it costs $125 per kg.

  3. 3
    Nash Says:

    Yep, this is like the royal royce of beef.

    Just found out that Burger King fast food chain has started selling the burger made from this beef and it costs £87.00 per burger meal. It is claimed that the cows are stroked daily and that the fat particles in the beef are balanced in the middle of the meat, thus making the burger much more tasty and tender.

    But for £87.00 per I think I will give this loved beef a miss.

  4. 4
    Lu Says:

    are you f*****g kidding me or what, f**k the cow and beef eaters pay for all this hell no

  5. 5
    pam Says:

    Kobe beef should not be eaten as a burger. You loose all of the fine flavor when it is ground up. You might as well mix bacon with regular ground beef and you will get the same effect. I would only have Kobe steak. It is totally worth it. It isn’t like any other steak you have had. ALthough there are other types of Waguy which are comparible to Kobe and cheaper. I would consider Matsuzaka beef. The quality is the same, but cheaper because it doesn’t have the famous kobe name.

  6. 6
    a hustler’s wife Says:


    I had a “Kobe” beef hotdog at the Lakehouse Restaurant in Houston Tx. It cost $4.50. I would rather have it pig brains. It was not what I expected. Maybe because it was a hotdog. But the Basil Lemonade was awesome. I think I will stick to the regular meat that doesn’t cost a house note.

  7. 7
    Stonewall Says:

    Chefs and Private individuals can purchase (directly from the rancher) Montana Wagyu Beef that is 45 day dry-aged, all-natural, no antibiotics, and no growth hormones from the Montana Wagyu Cattle Co. (

    Any “cut” of Wagyu Beef that you are looking for can be purchased from the Montana Wagyu Cattle Co., and shipped overnight to you. You can also purchase a half or whole Wagyu Beef cow at a wholesale price. The price is very reasonable.

  8. 8
    Kobeguy Says:

    Just started working with a Wagyu rancher in Texas. He has the best Kobe in the US. The bloodlines are straight from Kobe and he cuts no corners in the feed and care to keep. He gave me the OK to sell the Kobe burger for $5.00 US a pound. I am at 561-313-0794 if you would be interested. He is at Yama Custom Beef for the history on his Wagyu.

  9. 9
    H E Pennypacker Says:

    Anthony Bourdain sums up the concept of Kobe Beef Burgers perfectly:

    “Why meatheads eat Kobe burgers.” by Anthony Bourdain

    Enterprising restaurants are now offering the “Kobe beef burger,” enticingly priced at near or above $100 a pop. And if there’s a better way to prove one’s total ignorance of all three words – Kobe, beef, and burger – this, my friends, is it. It’s the trifecta of dumb-ass. The Kobe experience is principally about the marbling, the even distribution of fat through lean. A hamburger is a bunch of lean beef thrown into a grinder with varying degrees of fat. If you are foolish enough to order a Kobe burger, you are entirely missing the point. Firstly, the fat will melt right out of the thing while cooking. Secondly, you are asking the chef to destroy the very textural notes for which Kobe is valued by smarter people. Thirdly, for an eight-ounce Kobe burger, you are paying for the chef to feed you all the outer fat and scrap bits he trimmed off the outside of his “real” Kobe so he can afford to serve properly trimmed steaks to wiser patrons who know what the hell they’re doing. And fourthly, you’re paying a hundred bucks for a freakin’ hamburger! Get over yourself! You’ve already established you’re too drunk and stupid to enjoy it in the first place.

  10. 10
    Kobelove Says:

    I had a Kobe once and then he went to go basketball again.

  11. 11
    Questing for Adventure » The burger pilgrimage Says:

    [...] A kobe beef burger in Japan – for the most delicious burger ever. [...]

  12. 12
    The Gramma Hamma Says:

    the grammar is terrible in this report.

    “Beer and massages I here you ask?” -> Beer and massages I hear you ask?

    “this is to unsure the cow puts on enough weight to get a higher sale price at slaughter.” -> this is to ensure the cow puts on enough weight to get a higher sale price at slaughter.

    That’s just to name a few.

    The Gramma Hamma

  13. 13
    admin Says:

    @The Gramma Hamma

    I have corrected the errors, any more nobrack?

  14. 14
    Jerry Says:

    Info update on the Kobe beef bloodline. An outbreak of foot and mouth disease has devastated a the region where the original 6 stud bulls, from which all wagyu beef is derived, has resulted in an government blanket order to slaughter all cattle within a 4 km area. This included the 6 unaffected stud bulls. The farmer is devastated as he considered them part of the family.

    However bloodlines directly from the 6 stud bulls are fine and are being bred in USA & Australia.

  15. 15
    Subwayman Says:

    Only 10$ at subway !!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    punith Says:

    i’d like to have 10 kgs of that

  17. 17
    Ali Says:

    For a grade of B12, A5 Kobe Beef which is extremely rare! Even the finest restuarants are having difficultly getting their hands on such grading. The price for this grade is $600.00 a pound!

  18. 18
    Animal RightsMatter!!! Says:

    Stop going on about the meat, what about the poor cows?

    Yes, they are massaged, whatever, but seriously?

    ‘They are not force-fed like the everyday cow’- actually, decent farmers (which happens to be most of them, at least in England) feed the cows fairly, taking good care of them.
    But feeding cows beer???

    Why on earth hasn’t this cruel method of making money been made illegal!?

  19. 19
    » Friday Night Sliders {TGIF} Lemony Thyme Says:

    […] if I recall).  They were made from THE Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef.  They were worth every penny.  Here’s a fun article on what makes Kobe beef so […]

  20. 20
    Joe Says:

    You should try the Wagyu beef form Tom Hixson, I bought some the other day tasted great and resonably priced compared to all the other retailers I’ve seen!

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