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KC Woman Charged in McDonald’s Trashing

By • Jan 22nd, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

We’ve all been there.  You’ve had a rough day and stop by a fast food joint to grab a quick bite.  Maybe your boss chewed your ass out.  Maybe traffic sucked.  Maybe the kid behind the counter rubbed you the wrong way when he took your order.  Whatever the cause, you’re already at the breaking point when he hands over that plastic tray.  And then you realize that what’s on the tray isn’t what you ordered.

You now have three options.  You could let it go and just eat what they gave you, because maybe it’s not wrong enough to worry about.  You could go back to the counter, inform the staff of the error, and wait for them to fix it.  Or… you could do what Alesha McMullen did.

That’s her standing at the counter of a McDonald’s in Kansas City after she ordered a cheeseburger snack wrap and was instead given a regular cheeseburger, according to the Kansas City (Mo.) Star.  Employees say they made her a new wrap, but she refused it.  McMullen then demanded her money back, but was declined a refund.  That’s when the 19-year-old went berserk.

That’s her returning to the counter with a bucket of water.  (I particularly like the nearby kids with a front row seat for Alesha’s lesson on how to act like a rational human being.) McMullen proceeded to hurl the bucket over the counter, breaking it in the process:

Then she came back with a plastic “Wet Floor” sign.  (I guess she was worried about somebody slipping on the several gallons of water she just launched into the restaurant’s kitchen.) She flung the sign behind the counter and stormed out, knocking three cash register touch screens over on her way toward the door.  Damages were estimated at $3,000.

The incident occurred on December 27.  Kansas City police released surveillance camera footage during the first week of January, hoping that someone would recognize the then-unknown woman in the video and offer a clue as to her identity and whereabouts.

After receiving many tips, police arrested Alesha on the morning of January 10.  She was located “hiding in a closet in an apartment in the 400 block of East Armour Boulevard,” according to the blog of KCPD Chief Jim Corwin.  McMullen told detectives that she had been having “a bad day” and that the restaurant “messed up” her order.  Funny how some people think that justifies this kind of behavior.

McMullen was charged with first-degree property damage and given a two-day stay in jail.

One would think that a 48-hour stint behind bars and a Class-D felony record over a $1.49 menu item might have scared young Miss McMullen straight. It didn’t.  As proof, I offer up her Facebook status, which she posted to her Wall at 2:48 pm on January 12, the day she was released from lockup:

Just got out . . It wasnt shit. Eye juss sat n da city jail 4 a couple days. . 12 yearz wat . . Fuck dat meh got a life2 live . . Jail aint 4meh. . Meh not a animal. . N fuck da sucka.z dat gave meh name im lmmfaorh. . Cuz meh frreehh u haterz wanted me gone but im bakk . .

Ah, yes.  The heartfelt eloquence and apologetic tone of someone who’s obviously taken a valuable life lesson to heart.  But then there’s this kernel of wisdom, from one of her 248 Facebook friends:

Yo ass all on the news and shit.. Bitch u knw evrybody watch fox 4.

And may that be a lesson to us all.  Let’s be careful out there.

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