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Man Orders Checkers Burger, Gets Screwed

By • Mar 27th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Order a fast-food cheeseburger these days, and you’ve got some hard choices to make.  American or Swiss?  Bacon or mushrooms?  Ketchup or mustard?  Well, a Florida man can now add a new one: Phillips-head or flat-head?

When Chase Eversole bit into his Bacon Double Cheeseburger last week, he got more than a mouthful.  He got a 1-inch sheet metal screw.

At first, the 21-year-old man, who had just come from a Checkers restaurant in Daytona Beach, thought that he had an extra-crunchy piece of bacon.  But he quickly realized that he had gotten screwed at the drive-thru… literally. “Once I shifted it over in my mouth and bit down, it hurt pretty good,” he told Orlando’s WESH-TV.  “And then I instantly spit it out.  A screw fell on the table.

Eversole says his co-workers witnessed the entire episode.  He then immediately took the burger and the screw (with cheese still visibly embedded in the threads) back to the Checkers location on Speedway Boulevard.  His story was met with skepticism by a female employee.  “She instantly said, ‘Well, I’m not assuming it was you; I’m just saying it wasn’t us.’ (She) offered me my money back and then pretty much sent me on my merry way,” Eversole said.

Eversole says he can’t be sure whether the screw got mixed into his burger at the restaurant or at the facilities of one of the restaurant’s suppliers, but he has saved the sandwich and screw and has already been in touch with the Checkers corporate office in nearby Tampa.  And although he’s contacted an attorney, Chase is unsure if he’ll proceed with a lawsuit.  He tells local reporters that it’s not about the money; he just wants the chain to take responsibility for what might have happened.

It definitely has ruined my taste for hamburgers and fast food, um, for quite a while,” he confessed.

As for Checkers’ official stance?  The chain’s corporate offices issued this statement: “At Checkers, the safety of our food is our top priority. We are aware of the guest’s concern and while we believe that it’s unlikely that a screw was in the sandwich, we are investigating.”

Good luck with that investigation turning up anything useful.  I found out in December, after trying their Philly Cheesesteak Burger, that getting Checkers to fess up about what’s in their burgers can be a wild-goose chase.  As of this writing, nutritional info for their food still did not pop up when accessed via the company website.  If they won’t tell you what they put in their food on purpose, I’ll bet they won’t cop to what else may have accidentally gotten mixed in somewhere along the line.

To see WESH’s video report (and the original source of some of the photos in this article), click here.

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    Kate Says:

    I found feathers in my chicken bites at Checkers once. Looks to me like they need higher quality standards in their factories.

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