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McDonald’s Launches “American Burgers” in Japan

By • Jan 7th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

McDonald’s is rolling out four new limited time-only cheeseburgers to honor the unique tastes of four uniquely American locales.  The catch?  They’re available only in Japan.

Later this month, Japanese burgerheads will be able to sink their teeth into the Idaho Burger, a 4-ouncer topped with onions, bacon, whole grain mustard sauce, and a hash brown potato patty.  There’s cheese and pepper sauce under the beef, and it’s all nestled in an onion bun:

February’s offering is the Miami Burger.  Its patty is topped with cheese, shredded lettuce, tortilla chips, and a pile of taco-seasoned ground beef.  Spicy chili sauce sits below the patty.  (Seems a bit more Santa Fe than South Beach to me, but what do I know?)

In March, the promotion wraps up with the Manhattan Burger.  This wiseguy boasts a slice of mozzarella, a slice of deli pastrami, lettuce, a sour cream sauce, and onions:

But first out of the box, starting today in those Japanese McDonald’s which also serve breakfast, is the Texas 2 Burger.  This one features American cheese, bacon, onions, grated cheese, chili beans, whole-grain mustard, and a Big Mac-esque club layer middle bun:

Why the “2″ in the Texas 2 Burger?  This is the second go-round for a Texas-themed burger at the Golden Arches in Japan. Their first “Big America” promotion in 2010 included burgs devoted to New York, California, Hawaii, and Texas… and was such a huge success, they’ve made a sequel.  (The Texas 2 Burger has different toppings than last year’s Texas Burger, the most popular of that bunch.)

Reports put the prices for this year’s Big America 2 Burgers at about 5 bucks.  The photos look tasty enough and make me wonder: why doesn’t Mickey D’s do this sort of thing here in the States? I’d certainly try a couple of these cheebies; why do we get things like oatmeal and chopped-up-burgers-wrapped-in-tortillas pawned off as “innovations” in the megachain’s own home country???

2 Responses to “McDonald’s Launches “American Burgers” in Japan”

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    Matt G Says:

    I live in the UK, and McDonald’s is running a similar promotion here, with a selection of “Taste of America” themed burgers. They suffer from the same bizarre geographical schizophrenia as the Japanese ones. I was impressed that their “Manhattan” burger has pastrami on it, that’s extremely relevant by comparison. Over here, the “Texas Grande” has pepperoni on it, presumably due to the rich tradition of Italian food in Texas. and the “Miami Melt” is covered in something that resembles bechamel sauce for reasons best understood by those with serious head injuries.
    I would write to McDonald’s and ask why they’re being so bizarre, but misrepresenting traditional American food is kind of their stock and trade.

  2. 2
    jessie Says:

    McDonalds is focusing on healthier menu items at home because of all the pressure about obesity. Think about it… California blames McDonalds for making kids fat and happy meals get smaller fries and apples in every order. New York freaks out about soda and McDonalds makes their large soda a few ounces smaller. If people took responsibility for their actions instead of blaming corporations, we might be able to get cool menu items like these.

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