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Miley Cyrus Dissed at NYC Burger Bar

By • Nov 30th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Pop princess Miley Cyrus turned 17 last week.  And just in time for her birthday, she got a big fat dose of the real world when she stopped for some grub at a posh Manhattan burger bar.  It seems when the actress-slash-singer-slash-flavor-of-the-month and a pal wanted a cheeseburger fix recently, they went to POP Burger in New York City.


POP Burger specializes in slyder-type gourmet mini-burgs, offering two with cheese for $6.75.  The menu is rounded out with dogs, fries and milkshakes that have garnered a cult-like following, the apparently-now-mandatory cupcakes, and a few oddball items.  The “Invisible Burger” is actually a fried portabella sandwich, while the “Gobble Gobble” is a pair of turkey slyders.  Add to the menu some industrial-chic decor, a see-and-be-seen backroom bar, serving hours until 4am, and a private porn booth where you and 2 “friends” can chow down (and get off) to old-school ’70s adult films… and you’ve got the very definition of a Big Apple hotspot.


The ultra-hip eatery/lounge/poolroom does draw celebs on a pretty regular basis, with Sarah Jessica Parker, Matt Dillon, and Ed Burns among the most recent patrons.  But perhaps Hannah Montana hasn’t quite made it to that level of fame just yet.


America’s Favorite Pop-Tart strolled into the East 58th Street location and placed her order.  Then the counter manager asked for her name to place on the order.  That, according to the New York Post, didn’t sit well with the Disney diva, who snapped back, “Are you serious?  You don’t recognize me?  I’m Miley Cyrus!” The counter guy, thoroughly unimpressed, simply shrugged and ran her credit card through the machine, reportedly replying, “That’s nice for you.  Here’s your order.  Have a good day.”

If that’s how it went down for the most-recognized teen on Earth at a place that’s used to A-listers… makes you wonder what would’ve happened at a joint like Harold’s… or better yet, Ann’s Snack Bar.

I’m convinced that part of society’s love affair with cheeseburgers is that they’re an Everyman food.  Despite the celebrity chefs and molecular gastronomists of the world’s most extreme efforts to turn the All-American burger into high cuisine, a cheeseburger, at its core and at its best, is just a cheeseburger.

That’s why we care when Carl’s Jr. hires a supermodel to do a double-tonsil pole dance on one for a TV commercial.  That’s why it’s buzzworthy when a NASCAR champ wires himself up to a lie detector to profess his Whopper love.  That’s why it’s a top news story when the leader of the free world uses the Presidential motorcade to make a Secret-Service-protected cheebie runCheeseburgers remind us that famous people, underneath all of those fancy toppings, are just like us.


And now Miley Cyrus has a fresh reminder that, despite the limos and platinum records and red-carpet appearances and overpampered celebrity status, she’s no different from the rest of us, either.  I’d love to believe that the burger dude at POP knew exactly who she was and what he was doing when he treated her like any other paying customer.  But even if he didn’t, it’ll make me feel a little better about standing in a line to have my next cheeseburger served up by a regular person just like me.  And Miley.

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    Mitchell Ozzella Says:

    Appears Billy Ray Cyrus was more of the driving force behind the invitation for households of US troops to participate in the filming of Hanna Montana, starring Miley. Giving the youngsters an opportunity to tape greetings to their deployed parents was a pleasant gesture.

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