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National Chain Seeks Chief Burger Officer

By • May 5th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

To help celebrate National Burger Month this May, Red Robin has announced that they’re looking to hire their first-ever Chief Burger Officer (CBO). Now through May 15, interested applicants are invited to fill out an online questionnaire detailing their burger backgrounds and answering tough interview questions like:

Describe your favorite Red Robin burger experience.

What Red Robin burger will accompany you in your CBO portrait?

After posting a photo and/or video to the Chief Burger Officer website, burger brass wannabes are then asked to stump for virtual votes from friends and family in an online campaign. (The leading vote-getter as of press time was a dude whose son was born in a Red Robin parking lot. Yikes. Can’t get much more hardcore than that.) The final decision, though, rests with Red Robin’s real-life burgermeisters.

CEO Steve Carley will make the hire on May 27, the day before National Burger Day. “Red Robin has been the gourmet burger expert for more than 40 years,” Carley stated in a press release. “And we’re now inviting our loyal guests and biggest burger fans to tell us what makes them the top gourmet burger guru. I’m looking forward to seeing what candidates bring to the table as they apply for the inaugural Red Robin Chief Burger Officer title.The chain says their final decision will come down to three factors: creativity, burger love, and use of social networks in getting the word out.

“Yeah, yeah, rules and regs,” you say. “What’s the pay like? What kind of burger benefits are we talking about here?” Here’s what the CBO will pull in:

-A two-day/two-night trip for two to the corporate homebase in Denver, CO and a business lunch with Carley or another member of Red Robin’s executive team.

-An in-kitchen burgermaking session with Red Robin’s executive chef.

-Your name (and photo) in lights on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Marketsite Tower in NYC’s Times Square to announce your new job title.

-An Apple iPad2, personalized chef’s coat, corporate desk nameplate, business cards, and other assorted goodies befitting a newly-appointed burger baron.

-Oh, yeah… and “free Red Robin burgers for a year.” (As in, twelve $30 gift cards. Not exactly an all-you-can-eat tab, but a bunch of free burgers nonetheless. Which is better than the so-called “perks” at a lot of suit-and-tie gigs.)

Ready to throw your hat in the ring? Hit the CBO website, where you’ll find the application form and all the official details.

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