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Sep 30th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Walt Disney World’s Muffalata Burger

The muffuletta is one of New Orleans’ signature contributions to the culinary world. Born in a French Quarter grocery store in the early 1900s, the “muff” is now as much a part of the Mardi Gras experience as po’ boys, etouffee, and gumbo. That’s a beautiful shot from passionateeater’s wonderful blog.  A circular loaf of […]

Sep 26th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Hardee’s: Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger

One of the unforeseen hazards of having a job as a professional cheeseburger eater is that it’s actually not easy for me to just dash out on a burger run when the mood strikes.  Before this gig came along, when I felt like a cheebie for lunch, I’d hit whatever joint was closest and grab […]

Sep 22nd, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

A Look Back at Burger Chef

My last post on the history of the Big Mac got me thinking.  I was remembering my own introduction to fast food, wondering why I never gravitated toward the Big Mac (and never even tried one until last year) when I suddenly had a blast from the burger past.  Remember Burger Chef?!? Founded in 1954 […]

Sep 18th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

History of the Big Mac

You know the jingle by heart.  Seventeen of them are sold every second of every day… in the US alone.  It is such a symbol of American capitalism that The Economist uses its price to gauge the cost of living in other countries.  It is THE iconic fast-food burger, like it or not.  And despite […]

Sep 13th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

BK Delivers Pizza Burger in NYC

In January, when we first told you about Burger King’s idea for a burgers n’ beers joint called the Whopper Bar, we knew that the plans included regional variations on the signature sandwich, cold beer served in aluminum bottles, and a target clientele of young urban hipsters and wide-eyed tourists in big-city hotspots like Vegas, […]

Sep 9th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Consumer Reports Ranks Best Burgers

Just weeks after Zagat released their Top 5 fast-food burgers in the US, now comes another carnivore countdown.  The October issue of Consumer Reports features the results of their own burger survey, where 28,000 online subscribers assigned cheebies from 18 chains a 1-10 score.  After the totals were tallied and average scores calculated, there were […]

Sep 5th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Stuffed Blue Cheese Burgers

“I have an idea” are words that tend to scare my wife, especially after my Backyard Blowout Burgers that, while awesome, were admittedly quite an involved production and managed to dirty every single dish in the kitchen.  Still, I decided to start my Labor Day Grillathon with another new cheeseburger I’d been dreaming of.  This […]

Sep 2nd, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Krystal Cancels Hamburger Eating Championship

For six years, it’s been a mainstay on the late summer calendar.  Now it’s history. With almost no hullabaloo whatsoever, Krystal has scrapped their annual Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship. The reason?  Certainly not lack of interest.  Last year’s finals drew a live audience of over 10,000 people to downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, in an […]

Aug 29th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

X-Rated Burger Photo Gets 50 Cent into Twitter Trouble

Warning: the cheeseburger photo at the end of this column may not be safe for work.  No, seriously. I’m not talking about a so-mouthwatering-it-might-be-considered-pornographic-to-diehard-carnivores food shot.  This is actual cheeseburger erotica. But that didn’t stop 50 Cent from mass-mailing it out to his three million-plus followers via Twitter recently. The popular rapper uploaded a photo- […]

Aug 24th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Steak ‘n Shake: Frisco Melt

Wanna start a food fight?  Wander into an online chat room full of hamburger connoisseurs and announce in all caps that your favorite kind of burger is a patty melt.  Then sit back and watch World War III erupt. Die-hard foodies will get downright violent in telling you that a patty melt is NOT a […]

Aug 20th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Zagat Ranks Top 5 Fast Food Burgers

We all know them, the little burgundy-colored books with the funny name on the cover, packed with restaurant reviews for dozens of cities. Long before anyone with an ISP could “Like” something on Facebook or give 5 stars and their 2 cents on a website, Zagat’s restaurant surveyors were assigning scores on food, decor, service, […]

Aug 17th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Heinnie’s: Best Burger in Indiana?

Elkhart, Indiana knows hardship.  Three times within the past century, whatever industry Elkhart has pinned its livelihood on has dried up and blown away, leaving this small town of about 50,000 with little more than a blue-collar work ethic to fall back on.  (You may recall that President Obama all but named Elkhart the poster-child-city […]

Aug 13th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

NYC’s Shake Shack Goes to Washington

That sound you just heard was legions of Beltway burger fanatics having one collective (albeit anticipatory) burgergasm.  New York City’s venerable Shake Shack announced plans this week to open a new location in the nation’s capital, causing an East Coast version of the foodie frenzy usually reserved for In-N-Out grand openings out West. The DC […]

Aug 9th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Classic Indiana: The Breaded Cheeseburger

A recent family vacation had me “Back Home Again in Indiana” (native Hoosiers and anyone who has attended the Indy 500 over the past 30 years now has Jim Nabors’ velvety baritone voice stuck in their heads – you’re welcome) for a couple weeks of R&R. My trips back to Indiana- like most homecomings- are […]

Aug 5th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Red Robin Puts Kids’ Contest-Winning Burger on Menu

Gourmet burger chain Red Robin has opened up their annual Kids’ Cook-Off Contest.  For the fifth year in a row, pint-sized chefs between the ages of 6 and 12 are invited to submit their best burger recipe through September 12.  Finalists compete in a live cook-off in early December, and a grand prize winner will […]

Aug 1st, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Bub’s: Elk Burgers in Indianapolis

In writing for this site over the past 14 months, I’ve read reviews of hundreds of burger joints from all over the country.  The ones that really strike my fancy go on a master list I keep.  When I find myself traveling, I check my records, looking to cross off another hamburger hotspot while I’m […]

Jul 28th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Jamba Juice Unveils Cheeseburger Smoothie

McDonald’s announced recently that they’ll start selling smoothies.  That news has prompted an unusual response from one smoothie chain.  If a burger joint wants to go after a piece of the smoothie pie, then Jamba Juice has decided that they’ll break into the burger biz.  They’ve released a video spot to debut their newest creation, […]

Jul 25th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Krystal vs. White Castle: Head-to-Head Burger Battle

Nashville. The capital of Tennessee, the center of the country music universe. Home of the Grand Ole Opry, with a downtown entertainment district full of enough neon-lit nightlife to earn it the nickname “Nashvegas.”  For sports nuts, there’s the NFL’s Titans, the NHL’s Predators, and Vanderbilt University of the SEC.  Fan of road food?  It’s […]

Jul 21st, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Carl’s Jr. Whips Out Its Footlong… Cheeseburger

In perhaps the splashiest fast-food rollout since KFC’s Double Down, Carl’s Jr. this week has unveiled its new burger behemoth.  Currently testing in a few California stores is the new Footlong Cheeseburger: But as close inspection of the super-sized sammie proves, that name is a bit misleading.  The bun may be 12 inches long, but […]

Jul 16th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Big Boy Goes Gourmet in Michigan

The state of Michigan looks to continue its claim as the Cheeseburger State this month when a new gourmet burger bar hits Ann Arbor.  And this one isn’t just another Johnny-come-lately hamburger hut; it’s the brainchild of one of the burger biz’s big boys.  Make that THE Big Boy: The burgermeisters behind Big Boy Restaurants, […]

Jul 13th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

McDonald’s to Bail on 2 Burgers

Fast-food heavyweight McDonald’s is slimming down… their menu.  According to a company memo obtained by Crain’s Chicago Business, the Big N’ Tasty will be Dead N’ Gone by September 1. Introduced in 2001, the Big N’ Tasty burger, topped with lettuce and tomato, was seen as the clown’s direct response to Burger King’s Whopper.  But […]

Jul 8th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Backyard Blowout Burgers

I told you it was coming. Back in April, when The Cheesecake Factory was soliciting entries for a custom-built burg to add to their menu, I submitted my own creation.  Sort of a “what if…” burger idea I’d been mentally preparing in my head for the better part of a year.  And I told you […]

Jul 4th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

London: Beefeaters and Burgers at GBKBurger Reviews

During a recent visit to the UK, I found myself at one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of England, the Tower of London. The sprawling complex on the River Thames, consisting of numerous buildings inside a double-curtain stone wall and moat, is positively dripping with almost 1000 years of history.  Construction began […]

Jun 30th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Shakespeare’s Globe: Burgers with the Bard

I recently had the opportunity to visit London for the first time.  My list of must-visit places filled up quickly: the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Harrod’s.  But as an English major and former theatre rat, I knew I’d also require a pilgrimage to Shakespeare’s Globe. Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the […]

Jun 27th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Obama and Russian Prez Chat Over Cheeseburgers

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev embarked on a tour of the US to promote economic cooperation between the two countries.  When he hit the nation’s capital, he got a free lunch out of the deal, paid for by the Commander-in-Chief. That’s Medvedev on the left, preparing to tuck into an all-American cheeseburger on Thursday while he […]

Jun 23rd, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

AZ Eatery Offers Lion Burgers

“To celebrate World Cup in S. Africa we’re serving Lion Burgers this weekend!  Don’t miss your opportunity to taste real African Lion, while supplies last!” With those words, posted on Facebook on June 14, the owners of il Vinaio in Mesa, AZ sparked a roaring firestorm of controversy. Cameron and Cindy Selogie ordered up a […]

Jun 21st, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Strasburg: Big-League Pitcher, Big-Time Burger

The Washington Nationals are not a very good baseball team.  About 40% of the way through the MLB season, they’re 11 games out of first place.  Last in their division.  But a 22-year-old kid named Stephen Strasburg has given Beltway baseball fans and cheeseburger chowhounds alike something to cheer about recently. The right-handed pitcher from […]

Jun 18th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Fatburger: The Best Burger Joint You’ve Never Tried

Fatburger is one of those chains I’d heard of (probably because of that overtly-obnoxious name) but never been to.  Then, at a red light a few miles from home, I suddenly saw one I’d never noticed before, sandwiched between a Starbucks and some place wanting to buy my gold.  I don’t drink coffee, and I […]

Jun 14th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Shane’s Rib Shack Debuts New Cheeseburger

In my part of the country, barbeque is a big deal.  Folks ’round these parts get pretty fired up about hickory wood, smoke rings, bark, dry rubs, and secret sauces.  Conventional wisdom suggests that the best barbeque (or barbecue, or BBQ, or B-B-Q, depending on your particular grammatical preference) can come only from an independent, […]

Jun 10th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Australians Claim World’s Biggest Burger Title

A Vegemite sandwich, it sure ain’t. Owners of an Australian cafe have created a 210-pound cheeseburger, a feat they say will put them in the record books. The beastly burger is made up of 178 pounds of ground beef, 120 eggs used as a binding agent for the meat, 120 slices of cheese, 16 tomatoes, […]