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Shane’s Rib Shack Debuts New Cheeseburger

By • Jun 14th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

In my part of the country, barbeque is a big deal.  Folks ’round these parts get pretty fired up about hickory wood, smoke rings, bark, dry rubs, and secret sauces.  Conventional wisdom suggests that the best barbeque (or barbecue, or BBQ, or B-B-Q, depending on your particular grammatical preference) can come only from an independent, family-owned, dilapidated building that, preferably, only a handful of locals even know about.  Barbeque from a restaurant chain is generally reserved for people with no discernable taste.  Or Northerners. (Same diff, to many of my neighbors.)

But this guy is trying to change that. In 2002, Shane Thompson opened his own BBQ joint in tiny McDonough, Georgia.  The roadside shack- complete with tin roof and outhouse- served up slow-cooked baby back ribs, hand-chopped chicken and pork, and traditional Southern sides, all accompanied by his grandfather’s own sauce recipe.  What started as a one-off mom-and-pop place has grown, and now, Shane’s Rib Shack is in 13 states, with 52 of the almost 70 locations right here in Jaw-ja.

But Shane isn’t just expanding the chain to places like Iowa, Arizona, and New York… he’s stretching the menu, too.  And earlier, this month, he rolled out a creation dubbed The Shaniac Burger:

The fine print says that’s a half-pound grilled cheeseburger, piled high with Shane’s signature BBQ pork and topped with coleslaw… a behemoth burg developed by Shane himself.  “My inspiration behind the Shaniac Burger is simple,” he reports.  “I married two of my favorite things together:  my love of grilling out hamburgers and smoking BBQ pork, together under one big bun.

Myself, I’m not a coleslaw guy.  And I have yet to try a BBQ-sauce-topped cheebie that actually works.  I love me some ‘que, but personally, I find that most BBQ-and-burger combos get overwhelmed by the sauce.  Having said that, though, that’s a seriously sexy-looking burger.  And I like the way this good ol’ boy and his wife run their business, so I can see myself giving the Shaniac a go.

But I’d better hurry.  The Shaniac Burger is being touted as a limited-time-only offer.

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