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Super Scooby: UK’s Biggest Burger

By • Feb 24th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

It was once famously said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire.”  Well, if the Brits are looking to re-build, they may be starting with this behemoth of a burger, which practically has its own gravitational pull.

It’s obviously no Mallie’s, but this beastly burg actually gets cooked up and sold to real people on a regular basis.  Apparently, “super-sizing” is no longer just an American phenomenon.  In this photo, the sandwich on the right is a Big Mac:

On the left is the Super Scooby, created and sold by the Jolly Fryer, a tiny takeout joint (there, it’s a “takeaway”) in Bristol, the 6th-largest city in England.  Opened in 1986 by the Lomvardos family, the Jolly Fryer proudly proclaims itself to be “Probably the best chip shop in the world.”  (“Chips” are what we Americans call French fries.)  The Super Scooby, though, was born from the desire to offer customers something beyond fish and chips.

Spiros Lomvardos, who co-owns the Jolly Fryer with his brothers Nick and Andreas, told that the Super Scooby started out as a goof.  “A few months ago, me and my brother and another gentleman, Karl Ford, who’s an employee, were sitting at work on a dead quiet night when we saw an ad from a well-known burger chain… And we said to one another, ‘The burgers always look big in the ads — but they never look like that in real life,’ and then we started discussing making our own big burger.”

The crew whipped up the Super Scooby that night, took a picture, and put it up in the store, thinking that was the end of a funny story.  Until people began ordering it.

The Super Scooby is: 4 quarter-pound beef burgers, 8 slices of cheese, 8 strips (“rashers” to the Brits) of bacon, 12 (yes, twelve) onion rings, 4 additional onion slices, 2 lettuce leaves (how cute), 6 tomato slices, BBQ sauce, relish, and mayo… all between 2 burger buns (referred to as “baps” across the pond).  It weighs 1.5 kg (that’s 3.3 pounds), costs 10 British pounds (about $15 USD) and stands over 6 inches tall.

Oh, yeah, and it contains 2,645 calories (although 86ing the lettuce and tomato would knock 29 calories off that total).  That’s 145 more calories than an adult man should consume in an entire day.  But if you polish one off, the Jolly Fryer staff will throw in a free diet Coke!

Among those who’ve lined up to try is this guy:

That’s local chef Luigi Armato.  He works at a nearby Italian takeaway, and he’s ordered up a Super Scooby once a week since its debut.  “You have to be a real man to eat one,” Armato says.  “They’re delicious and I don’t care about the calories.  I play rugby so I burn it off on the field.” (I’m wondering just how much rugby you’d actually have to play to negate the one-meal equivalent of 4.8 Big Macs, but whatever.  Best of British to you, Luigi.)

I just found out that I’ll be in London for a week this summer.  I’m not sure it’s worth a 5-hour round trip to the outskirts of Bristol to see the Super Scooby in person, though.  I love a great cheeseburger more than the next guy, but the extreme-challenge burgers just don’t do it for me.  I’m certainly hoping to stumble across a bloody brilliant burger or two during my British Invasion, but I think I’ll leave the Super Scooby to the arse-over-tit drunkards and the barmy rugby players.

6 Responses to “Super Scooby: UK’s Biggest Burger”

  1. 1
    chanelleytons Says:

    tht is nasty u will gett fattt

  2. 2
    Cara Says:


  3. 3
    Matt Says:

    It may not even be the biggest in Bristol, some place near Temple Meads offers a Burgzilla, claiming to be 7″ high (it does include Chicken as well though)

  4. 4
    gusset Says:

    This is my local chip shop. Good to see it getting some attention. The five hour round trip is worth it if you take in more of Bristol while you are at it!

  5. 5
    Neal Says:

    Burger Buns are only known as Baps in part of the UK for your information :P

    In the North of England ‘baps’ are slang for womens breasts and Burger Buns are more likely to be called barmcakes or ‘barms’.

    Oh and what we Brits called chips are not the same as French Fries, they are a very different cut!

    Yes thats enough pedantry for now!

  6. 6
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