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Texas Offers Vanity Plates to Burger Lovers

By • Nov 26th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

It’s one thing to wear your burger affinity on your sleeve.  It’s a whole ‘nother thing to slap it on the back bumper of your car for every other driver on the freeway to see.

That’s a new license plate design being offered to drivers in Texas. The “Mighty Fine” at the bottom refers to a three-restaurant burger chain in Austin.  It seems the burgermeisters at Mighty Fine ponied up $5,000 to take part in a new program from the state government to put company logos on official vanity plates.  Real estate giant RE/Max and Ford Motor Company have reportedly put their brands on plates, but Mighty Fine has figured out a way to turn it into a free lunch for their most loyal customers.

According to the city’s, drivers will pay anywhere from $55 to $595 for the burger plate, depending on the plate’s level of customization and expiration date.  In return, you get a gift card worth $100 at a Mighty Fine location.  Renew the plate the next year, get a new $100 card.  It raises some coin for the state’s general revenue fund, it scores you free cheeseburgers.  Everybody wins.

You get 6 characters max: letters, numbers, or a combo of both.  So what would you put on your personalized cheeseburger license plate?

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