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The Counter: Free Burgers for Father’s Day

By • Jun 7th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Hello, Reader.  Your dad asked me to pass along a message (since you never call home anymore).  He said that for Father’s Day this year, he DOES NOT want another necktie.  He is also patently not interested in a World’s Best Dad coffee mug, a hammer with his name engraved on the handle, a set of barbecue branding irons, or a box of naked-lady golf tees.

This year, take Dad out for a burger.  Most of us probably ate our very first burger with the old man, so why not return the favor? And while you’re at it, why not show Pops that you were paying attention during his money-doesn’t-grow-on-trees lectures on fiscal responsibility by scoring him that Father’s Day burg for free?

Just bring Dear Old Dad to any one of The Counter’s locations on Sunday, June 20 and have him announce, “I want the BFD!” So what’s this Big F**king Deal all about?  How about a free third-pound burger with cheese, up to four toppings, and one sauce.  (But you gotta pony up for your cheebie, champ.  The freebie is for Dad.  “BFD” means Burger For Dad at The Counter.)

There aren’t too many locations of this L.A.-based chain.  Yet.  There are 14 of them in Cali, and just one in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington.  Oddly enough, there’s also one in Ireland and another in Australia!  But The Counter is growing fast and trying to ultimately expand to 400 to 600 gourmet burger bars.

The Counter’s claim to fame is the clipboard. Upon entering, everybody gets a clipboard with the menu printed on it.  You pick your patty size and the kind of meat.  You choose your cheese (from 12 exotic types like Greek feta, Horseradish cheddar, and soft brie).  You decide on your toppings (look for things like carrot strings, dried cranberries, hard-boiled eggs, and sliced cucumbers).  You select your sauce (with offerings like apricot sauce, ginger soy glaze, peanut sauce, and tzatziki sauce).  You even make the call on your bun style, custom-building your own burger by checking the appropriate boxes.

With so many options, the chain claims that you could actually come up with 312,120 burger combinations.  So choose carefully, but don’t take all day.  Dad also taught you to be considerate of the people in line behind you.

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    RON Says:


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    Big Freakin’ Deals for Father’s Day | Denver Metblogs Says:

    [...] Counter’s “Burger For Dad” deal means that fathers get a free build-your-own burger for Father’s Day. The only [...]

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    Burger Club LA Says:

    This place was ok, but I’d rather have a burger made with love and slaved over. Yes, you could design ANY burger, but some combinations were just ick!

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