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The Ultimate Cheeseburger – Delish to a Fault; Always in Style

By • Jun 16th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Talk cheeseburger with anyone, and you’re bound to end up talking beef.


Like it or not, it’s become almost impossible to discuss burger greatness without discussing beef. Round or sirloin? Chuck or round? Round versus chuck? How thick should it be? When should it be salted? Oh, and yes, what should you cook it over, or in?

Then, there’s the cheese. Melted? Grilled? Low-fat? Non-fat? Salted or unsalted?

I’m sure we can sit all day debating these questions and still not come up a uniform answer til we’re old and gay.

Surprisingly, the ultimate cheeseburger is more than the answer to all those questions; it’s a package deal. Attention is given to all of the burger’s frequently undersung and unsung components. On the one hand, you have the juicy patty, freshly ground.

On the other, you have the cheese – melted cheddar, oozing with cheesy goodness.

Then, there’s the bacon, all three fat slices of it, adding a smoky dimension to your burger.

Then, there are the pickles, taken right out of the barrel (not pre-sliced or from a can).

Finally, you have the bun – soft and grill-toasted. Toss in the onions, perfectly cut into frizzy spirals, and you have a cheeseburger you will not soon forget.

Unless, of course, you have cheeseburger dresses made – 7 of them for each day of the week.

Yum :P

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    Molly Chell Says:

    i love the burger dresses.
    i really want to buy one for a fancy dress party. where can i get one?

    thanks, Molly x x

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