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The Vortex: Spanish Fly Burger

By • Mar 5th, 2010 • Category: Burger Blog

Last Thursday, while the overexposed celebrichefs and starry-eyed foodie gawkers were noshing their way through Rachael Ray’s VIP event in Miami, I decided to have my own personal burger bash at my favorite spot, the Vortex Bar & Grill.

While their location in Midtown Atlanta isn’t as in-your-face crazy as the Little Five Points store with its 20-foot-tall skull facade, this is the neighborhood where the Vortex- and the burger that’s consistently ranked the best in Atlanta- was born.  (The first restaurant opened on West Peachtree Street in 1992, and then moved to the much larger space 5 blocks away in ’97.)

Readers of my previous gushing love letters objectively-written articles about the Vortex know that they pride themselves on a certain funky, urban attitude.  If you’re offended by framed-and-autographed pictures of nude centerfold models on the wall or would be put off by your waiter’s pierced eyebrows and tattooed neck, you may be more comfortable getting your cheeseburger on at a run-of-the-mill sports bar.

But the real draw of the Vortex is, of course, the big fat burgers with outrageous toppings.  And God love ‘em, they don’t rest on their laurels, ‘cos a recently-revamped menu offers some new burgs, including a monster that lords over even the Double Coronary seen here:

But that bad boy kept me full for a solid 24 hours the last time I had one, so going twice as big (that’s what the new Super-Stack Heart Attack is) just didn’t seem worth the trouble (or the 26 bucks).  No, this time, I was after something a little smaller and lot spicier.  Feast your eyes on the Spanish Fly:

That’s the signature Vortex patty- half a pound of perfectly-seasoned sirloin- crowned with two slices of pepperjack cheese and a healthy serving of their “secret” chorizo mix.  It was ground very fine, with a consistency like the chili you’d ladle onto a chili dog.  Flecks of various spices were plainly obvious and made my dinner almost too pretty to cover with a bun.  But I did anyway.

The first thing you should know about the Spanish Fly is that it’s a messy burger.  That chorizo mix tends to ooze out and drip down the sides and makes the top bun slide around a lot.  It takes a lot to hold this baby together, and after a while, I just gave up, content to devour the whole thing by any means necessary… and lick my fingers clean afterward.  Another sensational and winning cheeseburger from the Vortex… not that they serve any other kind.

Don’t like the hot stuff?  That’s cool, too, because the Spanish Fly is actually not particularly spicy.  The pepperjack and chorizo came together for a nice warming bit of heat, but it wasn’t a blast of fire.  (They have plenty of other burgs that really bring the heat: the Ragin’ Cajun, the Black ‘n’ Spicy, and two newbies called the Tasmanian Devil and the Hell Burger.)

But I discovered an odd side effect to this cheebie.  Just like the famed aphrodisiac it’s named after, this Spanish Fly had me ready to go again in record time. I sat there with an empty plate and my check from the waiter, and realized that I was still hungry.  A steady run of always ordering the Coronary Bypass or Double Coronary had me so jacked up about this Vortex visit that I realized I had practically starved myself all day in anticipation.  And while the Spanish Fly is an excellent burger, it isn’t abnormally large or insanely filling.

So I got an Elvis Burger for dessert.

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2 Responses to “The Vortex: Spanish Fly Burger”

  1. 1
    Amy Says:

    Man Todd, you ALWAYS make me hungry!

  2. 2
    alumiere Says:

    I am not from Atlanta, but I’ve been to the Vortex (LFP please) every time I’ve visited. Family weddings, Dragon*Cons (with 20+ costumed freaks), visits to Six Flags GA (coaster junky; we hit this on one of our “tours”)

    Hands down some of the best burgers I haven’t made myself. And any staff who will seat 25 Dragon*Con attendees in full regalia in the upstairs lounge at 8ish on a Saturday, serve us with smiles and grace and friendliness is a total win. Oh, and the waitresses didn’t mind the constant moving between tables, the endless cameras, or being asked to join a few of the photo groups. I love them.

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