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White Castle Slider Stuffing

By • Nov 15th, 2011 • Category: Burger Blog

For those of you who just can’t put your cheeseburger cravings on hold, even for one day…

Or for the Thanksgiving Day host looking to augment the traditional menu with a big fat side of WTF?!?

The burger braniacs at White Castle have come to your rescue with a slider stuffing for your holiday turkey. Yes, turkey stuffing. Made from genuine White Castle sliders. Actually, the recipe submitted by a Columbus, Ohio family was the winner of the 1991 White Castle Cook-Off and has appeared on the White Castle website for years. But understandably, it gets resurrected each year about this time by holiday feasters looking to tweak their turkey with a dash of outrageousness.

Really, though, it’s not that gastronomically radical if you break it down by ingredient. Sausage and bread is a pretty common stuffing base, so a sack of White Castle sliders is more than halfway there. Add a few basic seasonings and some liquid for moisture, and this recipe is more about the secret-ingredient shock value than an overly exotic taste. In fact, if you didn’t tell your guests how the stuffing was made, there’s a good chance they’d never know. But what would be the fun of that?

For this recipe, it’s probably best to 86 the cheese from your order, and you’ll want to remove the pickles before you get started. A sackful of 10 sliders will make about 9 cups of stuffing, enough for a 10- to 12-pound bird. For a larger turkey, add one more mini-burger for each pound. In the South, could you get away with subbing a case of Krystals? Probably. Hell, for that matter, there’s no reason you couldn’t place an appropriately-scaled to-go order from your favorite full-size burger joint. But there’s something about “slider stuffing” that just rolls off the tongue.

It’s not exactly like the Pilgrims did it back in 1621, and it’ll likely never gain a permanent place on the Turkey Day table alongside the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, but this is one side dish that’ll give you something a little off the wall to be thankful for as you fall asleep in front of a football game this Thanksgiving.


White Castle Turkey Stuffing

10 White Castle hamburgers, pickles removed

1-1/2 cups celery, diced

1-1/4 tsp. ground thyme

1-1/2 tsp. ground sage

3/4 tsp. coarsely ground black pepper

1/4 cup chicken broth

In a large mixing bowl, tear the burgers into pieces and add diced celery and seasonings. Toss and add chicken broth. Toss well. Stuff cavity of turkey just before roasting as you would normally.

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