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Windows 7 Whopper Takes Tokyo

By • Oct 27th, 2009 • Category: Burger Blog

Burger King has unleashed a gastronomical Godzilla on the people of Japan.  In a cross-promotion with Microsoft to celebrate the debut of Windows 7, BKs across the Land of the Rising Sun have been offering customers a 7-patty Whopper.  At five inches tall and well over two thousand calories, devouring this beefy behemoth is obviously not for the faint of heart.


Not for the light of wallet, either.  For the first 30 customers each day over the course of the 7-day promotion, the Windows 7 Whopper costs 777 yen, or about eight and a half bucks.  After the first 30 are gone, it’s about $17.  But that hasn’t stopped the masses from lining up to try one.


That’s video game blogger CheapyD.  He and his sidekick, CampingKev, can be seen on YouTube attacking the Windows 7 Whopper.  Here’s the link so you can watch the 5:00 video.  CheapyD describes the monster burger thusly: “It tastes like a Whopper.  But it has a cow attached to it.” He doesn’t finish, claiming, “It’s hard to recommend the Windows 7 burger.” CampingKev, though, knifes and forks his way through all 7 patties and exclaims, “I’m just glad it wasn’t Windows 95.”


CNN also got into the act, sending reporter Kyung Lah to Tokyo for a first-mouth account.  Here’s the 1:30-long video. She inhales the first bite and polishes off the last, but thanks to the magic of editing, you’ll never really know what happened to all those bites in between.


And this guy identifies himself as notevilspiderman.  His 8-minute YouTube video shows what happened when he went into his local Burger King somewhere in the US and asked the manager to whip one of these up for him.  He did, for $9.19 before tax, and notevilspiderman does the rest.  Despite describing the Windows 7 Whopper as being “hard to hold” and “like eating an elephant,” notevilspiderman plows through the entire thing, and gets a BK crown and free chocolate chip cookies as his reward.

As well as our hearty congratulations.  Well done, sir.

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    Notevilspiderman Says:

    Thanks for featuring me in this article! And yes, I am the same notevilspiderman from the video.

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