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World’s Biggest Cheeseburger Photos

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Burger Blog

Continuing with our coverage of the race to create the world’s biggest burger

Bob’s BBQ & Grill of Pattaya, Thailand has smashed the current record for producing the world’s biggest cheeseburger.

The landmark in cheeseburger history was created in celebration of the king of Thailand’s 60th year accession to the throne and was part of a wide range of events being held all year in Thailand to mark the occasion.

Exclusive Photos from Bob’s BBQ & Grill.

Biggest Cheeseburger

Biggest Cheeseburger

Biggest Cheeseburger

Biggest Cheeseburger

We have a few more giant burger photos, in case you aren’t satisfied.
The McDonalds Game

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152 Responses to “World’s Biggest Cheeseburger Photos”

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  1. 100
    jessica Says:

    that is the biggest heartattack between buns i have ever seen p.s. go onto

  2. 99
    62 Says:

    Who can eat the entire burger in an hour?

  3. 98
    Casper Says:

    Bob actually had this burger on his menu, though with a waiting time of 10 days and a cost of 16k Thai Baht I certainly wasn’t going to order it.

    I do have a few friends that were around on the day of the record and together with a load of kids from a local orphanage, they enjoyed a slice or two.

  4. 97
    Italian Chow DOWN Says:

    Oh dear lord!!! Thats a big burger!! id like to try tht even tho i wont be able to complete it! hey im up for the challenge

  5. 96
    Emma Says:

    WOW that thing is huge. you don’t see that everyday.

  6. 95
    ryan Says:

    that is masive

  7. 94
    XxMicnikkioxX Says:

    ok,let me get this straight are you really telling the truth?because well when i looked at some of the pictures the meat looked really dried up.if i were you guys that are saying that the burger is really good well,take a closer look at all of the picture’s because i saw something very unappetizing.ill just rather eat a normal Hamburger.with normal topping’sand i heard that my friend told me that when i saw those hamburgers on google all i saw was Fat people eating those Hamburgers.and it was real she put one on anyway’s that burger you made was not that really appetizing.and do you guys even wash your hands? before you touch the food.because i bet that place is poor because in the background it kinda looked pretty,like i said ill rather go to Mcdonalds order a
    NORMAL SIZED Hamburger and 4 peice chicken nuggets and large fries and soda.

  8. 93
    World’s Biggest Cheeseburger | Portal Friki Says:

    [...] La Hamburguesa mas grande del mundo, su creador es Bob Schindler, un americano la mar de espabilao que estableció su restaurante en Tailandia para [...]


  9. 92
    JakleJayden Says:

    WOW that thing is the biggest food i have ever seen in my whole entire life!!i wonder how much it costs for that many inngredeants thats just amazing!!

  10. 91
    Ash-Bash Says:

    That is 1 HUMUNGO cheeseburger!

  11. 90
    Brittany Says:

    wow i have never sean a cheeseburger that big so i have some questions so

    1. are you going to eat it?
    2. how long did it take to make it?
    3. how long is it going to take you to eat it?
    4. how big is the stove?
    5. how miney pepple did it take?

  12. 89
    Dr Cheese.B Says:

    Thats a hella big cheeseburger right there!

    I think im gonna get in the kitchen right now and make one three times as big……..fOr StArtErs!!!!

  13. 88
    Sam Says:

    i like cheese

    i think it’s been said before by many of the people writing on this site that it would look much better with cheese dripping from the sides.. STEP IT UP.. You guys look like you put absolutely no effort into this. If you wanted to make a big burger you would have put more cheese in it… Isn’t that the name…… CHEESEburger… you guys suck, when are you making the big burito.. make sure you have the salsa……… and cheese… after all, you would want to make up for your hideous mistakes with this pathetic excuse for a CHEESEburger…..

  14. 87
    cool giant cheeseburger Says:

    giant chheseburgers rock

  15. 86
    jacquish Says:

    Now that is 1 big burger! I BET IT DOESNT TASTE GOOD ITS JUST HUGE!!!!! : )

  16. 85
    larry fischiwitz Says:

    i once made a cheese burger that was easily twice the size of that.

  17. 84
    partypooper10 Says:

    THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 83
    dilsath Says:

    i would love to eat this cheese burger

  19. 82
    sexyburger Says:

    your burger looks so yummy mine you i wont be able to eat it all

  20. 81
    gabbriel jakeway Says:

    omg this burger is soo juciy im wankikin over it :L

    lmaooo im a dyee duzz the women tryin to eat it waanna shag me i lovee her sexy eyes :P dou think she would shag me ??…lol im not jokin i love her so much and willl the man who madee the burger mary me …:L.
    i realii wanna mary him lol ..ppl ov this earth wanna mary him

  21. 80
    Willy Nilly Says:

    That looks like a dried up turd…looks like a hockey puck…..Maannn imagine having to take a dump the next day after eating that…crap the size of a two liter….LOLOL

  22. 79
    bobby Says:

    dude that looks so fake :O :K xD

  23. 78
    rdy Says:

    you made it look so fcken neat make is messe and it woukd be so dyman good

  24. 77
    p00k!3 Says:

    that thing is so big but i have seen a bigger one on tv you this is not the biggest one so hahah but it dose look a little dry and eewww but good lol

  25. 76
    anrem Says:

    i luv to eat ur worlds biggest cheeseburger


  26. 75
    jasmine Says:

    it does look a lil dry

  27. 74
    jasmine peters Says:

    that would look really good if the cheese waz dripping from the sides and the meat was bigger then i would think about eating it could you tell me where your resterant is so i can have you make me one(no im not a fat person im very small trust and believe.

  28. 73
    Jasmine Peters Says:

    that buger would look really good if it look juicy and had alot of cheese driping from the side

  29. 72
    owen leen Says:

    hello all you chesse burgers out there i love you
    this is a cool cheese burger i like burgers and star wars

  30. 71
    Dre Guevara Says:

    ifU take out the meat & other stuff, U’ll have the “Big Ass Biscuit” from CB4

  31. 70
    Arne krukki Says:

    I love burgers, Am horny on burgers.. Give me a burger!! bitch!

  32. 69
    owenleen Says:

    i love this burger it almost turns me on id love to have it

  33. 68
    Paul O Regan Says:

    Hello boys and females!

    That is a nice burger of cheeses and srtuff with the stuff you know? stuffing with the crandberry and melon juice and i like to eat pie cause the pie is the nice poland i am poliand poland what no english good sorry hello i are the polskinater my name is paul with the cow dung you know? so i like to eat the cheeses of the lord!

    Thank you good muchly hi!

    Paul The Polish Kid.

  34. 67
    Ana-Victoria Says:

    oh my gosh cheeseburgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 66
    d babii Says:


  36. 65
    corey Says:

    that thing look good))) but dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 64
    Cheese Burger Boy Says:

    I love them cheese burgers they make me feel so sexy inside!!!!!!!!!! they look so shabby when i smell them coming off the grill!!!!!!!!! Oh my Cheese Burgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE EMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 63
    JCfromHGala Says:

    i want that sooooo bad i would even make love to it yea it sounds creapy thats y i said it

  39. 62
    CAJUNDIK Says:

    WOW thats the gayest thing ive ever seen i bet that chinese chick will love america now after seing how big things can get

  40. 61
    cliff Says:

    damn i want that for dinner tonight lol need a shake to wash it down
    sell it to Mc Donalds put it on the dollar menu

  41. 60
    leontdbbfnvm faikndffcf Says:

    geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese that is some big hamburger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much does it way?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 59
    philippines Says:

    your big burger is a small than burger in the philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the burger in the philippines is biggest in the planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can you see the refrigerator, this burger is bigger than refrigerator

  43. 58
    mathhater101 Says:

    mmmm that looks like yummy in my tummy lol that looks like an appetizer to me.!!! lol

  44. 57
    Alexis Klute Says:

    :) i love cheeseburgers more than JASMYN !

  45. 56
    Heather Moncada Says:

    :) i really love cheeseburgers !

  46. 55
    nixzzz Says:

    i think its good to experiment on foods, but this is outrageous!

    it’s looks yummy tho… hehe

  47. 54
    TASTY!! Says:

    gimme more burger!!

  48. 53
    TASTY!! Says:

    That is totally awsome I want one. And i wud like some other big things while your at it!! lol

  49. 52
    trixman Says:


  50. 51

    To me thats just a slider from White Castle.. I’ll take five of them w/ fries and 15 gallons of sprite please.

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