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World’s Smallest Burger

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Burger Blog

Thanks to hercuteness from Forums for making the smallest cheeseburger in the world! This is a real edible cheeseburger made with real miniature buns and complete with a micro portion of fries…

“After we took all the pictures we cut the tiny burger in half and each ate half. It tasted awesome.”

World's Smallest Burger

World's Smallest Burger

World's Smallest Burger

“Our burger was a little over one inch tall and about an inch wide.”

World's Smallest cheeseburger

World's Smallest cheeseburger

World's Smallest cheeseburger

World's Smallest Burger

“Everything was handmade, including the tiny buns.”

World's Smallest Cheeseburger

World's Smallest Cheeseburger

World's Smallest Cheeseburger

World's Smallest Cheeseburger

World's Smallest Cheeseburger

Just imagine if you could order 25 of these little bite-size burgers at a drive through!
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55 Responses to “World’s Smallest Burger”

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  1. 50
    34 Mattel Drowsy Dolls Says:

    Perfect size lunch we 34 “real”,Drowsy dolls! We will take 34 mini cheeseburger meals to go please,and No onions this time!?! Thank you! We’re 34 Drowsy dolls off to see the wizard, in hopes to get a “real” life! lol! :D

  2. 49
    Taylor Says:

    wow Biggg Bona needs to take a chillaxitive….

  3. 48
    angey Says:

    what the hell

  4. 47
    Thomas Ward Says:

    Ah! I’ve been outwitted!

    I didn’t think this through well enough! Even though this was last year, oops!

  5. 46
    XxSxyShawtyxX Says:

    that burger is a fake wanna know why? cause when i saw that soda it looked like it was plastic and the fries…how do you make those fries really small? and how do you get the plastic so tiny?

  6. 45
    Seth Cason Says:

    sorry, I I do not get it

  7. 44
    Hunter Colon Says:



  8. 43
    hottie11 Says:

    i could eat that in one bite… that’s awsome how about it maybe i’ll try it today

  9. 42
    savannah Says:

    no one cares about dat they just want food …………. jk

  10. 41
    LOL Says:

    Where can u get them????!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 40
    Fat pot! Says:

    wow that is soooooo unreal!

  12. 39
    admin Says:

    @Thomas Ward (comment 38)

    Technically you are right. But in reality if an ant saw a human size burger he(or she) would think it was building or a cliff and maybe not realise its a burger.

    If he saw the worlds smallest burger he would say ohhh mm thats a big burger.

  13. 38
    Thomas Ward Says:

    In response to post number twenty three AKA “Mr. Crowley”…

    This burger is not the world’s largest burger for an ant.

    The world’s largest burger for an ant would be the size of a regular human consumption burger or an even larger burger than that I suppose. It really depends on proportions.

  14. 37
    biggg bona Says:

    all of you are dumbasses………….. i made this CRAP!!
    suck my happy meal u sons of itches and Jermaine Mintuck your one ugly hoe that will never get laid even if you eat the crap i made!!!!
    and “rick n” you’re a gayass faggot magot bagot sagot vagot tagot lagot zagot yagot cagot dagot bitch…. just go give your boyfriend one of these bitches so you can get your ass canned mutha f*cka!!
    by the way: i made this sh*t!!!
    shove your triple meat cheeseburger up your ass bitch!
    and suck on your cum through your straw you insignificant fag

  15. 36
    Dick De BonĂ  Says:

    seriously it does try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 35
    Dick De BonĂ  Says:

    if you say .net as in really fast it sounds like you say donut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 34
    Noah Says:

    I work for a news agency in Birmingham, England.

    I need to talk to the owner of this site, and whoever owns the copyright for the images of the tiny cheese burger meal.

    Could someone please email me regarding it, we would like to use some of the pictures.


  18. 33
    Jermaine Mintuck Says:

    “Terrific ! how can you find that small tomato? 2 Thumbs up ! ” Quoted from Bean Sprout

    I think that would be those cherry tomatoes.

    I know this would be a cruel appetite teaser. Just cruel.

  19. 32
    Jermaine Mintuck Says:

    miniature Dollhouse big. Big for Barbie- but not big for us humans-indeed! Maybe Barbie and Skipper would like this – if they were living people. Nah, Barbie would want to keep her hawt figure. This would be an awful appetite teaser to me. Would only tease, not satisfy.

  20. 31
    taytay Says:

    omg! that thing is so small! just think how long it would take to make that thing! i’ll have 150 plz! lol!!!!!!

  21. 30
    rick n Says:

    As adorable as this tiny combo meal is, it really just makes me angry. As a bona fide cheeseburger fanatic, I feel it is wrong to even entertain the mere notion of food this small. And if the burger and fries are really awesome I believe it would make me very upset and confused. Size es mui importante!!

  22. 29
    vincent Says:

    I WANT ONE can u sell them to people?? ^__^IWANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will pay $100.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 28
    sddfdfsdsdf Says:

    oh its for midgets then

  24. 27
    Bean Sprout Says:

    Terrific ! how can you find that small tomato? 2 Thumbs up !

  25. 26
    anne Says:

    i cab eat 10 all at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. 25
    R.I.P Ginger Says:

    I WANT ONE can u sell them to people?? ^__^IWANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will pay $100.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 24
    trixman Says:

    is this real LOL

  28. 23
    mr.crowley Says:

    thats the worlds largest burger ………….. for an ant hahhahahahahhaha

  29. 22
    Top 11 Weirdest Burgers: A Tribute | ? Welcome to the interNAT ? Says:

    [...] ??The World’s Smallest Burger (yes, it’s 100% edible!) [...]

  30. 21
    Averi Says:

    how do find stuff that small?

  31. 20
    whiuehiwg Says:

    How many calories?!

  32. 19
    Lil Lo-Lo Says:

    I’ll take one, all the way, with a diet coke..two brownie sundaes for desert

  33. 18
    Obama Rocks! Says:

    ITS AWSOME and sooo CUTE!

  34. 17
    dave Says:

    size does matter

  35. 16
    Relient k lover Says:

    omg uts soo cutiful!

  36. 15
    YO DOG Says:

    OMG!you have to send me a picture it’s so small I would need way more than a billion of those to fill me!

  37. 14
    firewoman Says:

    nice concept. :)

  38. 13
    Spongebobs-girlfriend:) Says:

    That is sooooo cool and cute i want 1 !!!!!!! (maybe more because its not the biggest of meals lol!) :)

  39. 12
    xxXgillXXx Says:

    that is frekin sweet

  40. 11
    terrell Says:

    it will take a 100 of those to fell me

  41. 10
    mollie Says:

    wow can u send me one of these ones too email me. u have my email address thanks:D wooooahhhhh this is soooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..nx

  42. 9
    Mogalita Says:

    aww! its so cute and little!!! i want one.

  43. 8
    sexymami Says:

    Damnn i want 100 of da biggest burgers
    I’m only 95 pounds n i tink i can take it lmaoooo

  44. 7
    Patrick Says:

    I want 100….

  45. 6
    jim Says:

    iv picked bigger bits out of my teeth ha ha

  46. 5
    World’s Smallest CheeseBurger | So Good Says:

    [...] month over at, they posted about what they believe is the smallest cheeseburger in the world. It appears to be assembled exactly like a normal burger with all the fixings, although the whole [...]

  47. 4

    that would fill me even if i took a small bite…………………………………………..which is the whole thing

  48. 3
    Skye Says:

    It looks like the kind the kids used to get in their lunchables. o_o only less solid.

  49. 2
    Dave Says:

    You sad gays get a life….who the duck is going to eat that..i mean really who made that?

  50. 1
    bqEBV Says:

    I WANT 10!!

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