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The World’s Biggest Burger

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Burger Blog

In America the challenge to create the world’s biggest burger is one that is taken very seriously indeed. It began with the imaginable 6 pounds of meat used to make the “Olde 96er” at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

Denny Leigey Jr., owner of Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub says his world’s biggest burger building race began all the way back in 1991 with a 2 pound offering to compete with another local diner. This local race led to a 3 pounder in 1993 but things really got going when Denny began competing with not so local diners.

In 1998 his daughter went to college and came back with tales of a 4 pounder being served at a restaurant – Denny could only respond in one way, he had to beat it. The result was the massive Olde 96er which used 6 pounds of meat, one large onion, two whole tomatoes, one half head of lettuce, 1 1/4 pounds of cheese, top and bottom buns, and a cup each of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, relish, banana peppers and some pickles.

Denny Leigey and his Olde 96er.

Since its launch on to the menu, the Olde 96er has drawn attention from all over the world. The pub itself challenges eaters to finish the burger within 3 hours to make it onto the Denny’s wall of fame and receive the burger for free. Many challengers have tried to eat the burger within 3 hours and most have failed, including veteran competitive eating star Eric “Badlands” Booker.

Eric 'Badlands' Booker begins his challenge.

Badlands made his gallant attempt in June 2004 and managed to down the burger – but it took him over 7 hours to do so. Although he was the first person to eat the Olde 96er in full, the challenge to eat the burger in one 3-hour sitting was still unmatched. In January 2005 came an unlikely challenger – 100lb college student Kate Stelnick.

Kate Stelnick ready to eat.

Kate Stelnick took a five hour drive from New Jersey when she saw photos of the giant burger online. She prepared by not eating for 2 days and wearing loose clothes. She came and she conquered. She ate the Olde 96er on 2 hours and 54 minutes. Another petit female, Lori Weiss, managed to meet the challenge on her 4th attempt in July 2005.

Leigey said he was pretty sure somebody would meet his world’s biggest burger challenge, though he didn’t have a petite woman in mind. “I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t think it was possible,” Leigey said.

News of Denny’s Olde 96er has spread all over the world and has led to new challengers to the thrown of world’s biggest burger.

The Baloo Burger Co. of Glasgow, Scotland has even had its attempt at making the world’s biggest cheeseburger with its Baloo Big Burger which uses 7 pounds of meat and will set you back a huge $125. But the real challenger to the thrown is the Clinton Station Diner, New Jersey which created the Zeus in 2005 that also used 7 pounds of meat.

Once again, Denny’s was eager to hold the accolade of world’s biggest cheeseburger and could only respond in one way – the result was the Beer Barrel Belly Buster. This mammoth creation consists of 11.5 pounds of meat, 25 slices of cheese, 1 full lettuce, 2 onions, 3 tomatoes and 25,000 calories. This would set you back a modest $34.99.

The Beer Barrel Belly Buster

And the challenge? To eat this creation within 6 hours. The prize consists of $350 cash, burger is free, a certificate of achievement, photo on the “wall of fame,” and a t-shirt. It is unlikely that someone will meet this challenge – but many will try. Believe it or not the Beer Barrel Belly Buster is not the current thrown holder, the big burger race has one final leg.

The Clinton Station Diner has introduced the Mount Olympus burger which, wait for it, uses 25 pounds of meat and its total weight is over 50 pounds. Taking over 1 hour to prepare and costing $99 the challenge that goes along with the burger is for a 5 person team to complete the burger within 3 hours.

Denny’s response? Queue the out of this world Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser. Using two 25 pound beef patties, 4 pounds of cheese, five heads of lettuce, a couple of onions, a cup of peppers, a jar of relish, smothered with loads of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Nobody can deny that this is the world’s biggest burger.

The Mount Olympus Burger

Denny created the Bruiser just for a bit of family fun and doesn’t challenge anyone to eat it in full. The burger stands 34 inches tall and easily feeds groups of 35 to 50 diners. It takes an understandable 4 hours to make and must be ordered 24 hours in advance, and the price? A mere $179.

The Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser

Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub has entered the 50 pound burger in to the Guinness World Records and is awaiting there approval to crown the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser as the world’s largest commercially available burger.

The race for the world’s biggest cheeseburger continues, watch this space…
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  1. 50
    Felixes Says:

    damm that’s a small burger. Come to Denmark & you see

  2. 49
    Justin-Da Burger Ninja Says:

    OMG….That thing is ridonculous..i will eat it one day (soo i hope) go burgers

  3. 48
    anrem Says:

    so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 47
    Lori Says:

    Now I’m so hungry for a burger with all the works…

  5. 46
    BRITTANY Says:


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    Sophie Says:


  7. 44
    monterio moore Says:

    I want to eat one of them< can i try one for free? i bet it tast good im in north carolina grover 1504 long branch Rd. pleaselet me try one

  8. 43
    THee gurly B. Says:

    Omg!! those are some huggee burger’s. how did you guys make a huge burger like that

  9. 42
    Ali Says:

    I would finish any of those burgers in 3 hours especially the olde 96er.
    The trick is starv your self for 2 days first

  10. 41
    Carl Says:

    I wonder how they cooked it

  11. 40
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  12. 39
    Kyle Says:

    wow thats one mighty fine burger!

  13. 38
    Eric Says:

    I could eat that with one bite.

  14. 37
    ow Says:

    i like burgers

  15. 36
    camran Says:

    im camran and im from iraq and i think there cool chesse bnurgers i wish i could have one b ut my relgion forbids it anyway cool.

  16. 35
    skyler Says:

    NAAAA i wish i could of ate it

  17. 34
    sam jeppson Says:

    Dude you have got to buy me that freakin burger because i am in Methodist home, Take in mind that MCH does not have acceptable food. so i recommend that i buy that burger to last me quite awile.
    Sam JEppson

  18. 33
    owen Says:

    OMFG!!!!! this is really frigging me out. i never thought anyone could finish a burger that “SMALL”. hahaha…..

  19. 32
    Bob Says:

    Wow now that is weird and that is final. I would take a bite and I would be full. How could someone eat that whole thing? Someone should try eating the whole thing I bet they would puke after they had tried. Does anyone know where they sell those huge burgers because I would love to try won. Has anyone ever tried one if you did put a comment on this website. I know I would want to see it. Thanks if you did or not that is totally fine.

    TTYL Bob!!!!!!!

  20. 31
    Mark Says:

    Does someone have a tissue, I left a little dribble on the moniter as I licked the screen!

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    skyler Says:


  22. 29
    Tilly Says:

    I wish i could eat a burger that big!It looks so yummy!!!!!

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    Caroline Says:


  24. 27
    brittany Says:

    send me a piece of that burger! 40675449 e main st ladonia tx

  25. 26
    brittany Says:

    wow send me the recipe

  26. 25
    craig williams Says:

    mmmmmm thats disgusting ……… hey should see if some homeless people could eat one …hint hint …

  27. 24
    Cal Says:

    Awww man down here in Australia we have no ‘huge’ burgers, no ‘mega-spicy’ wings, heck we don’t even have Diners. I’m in envy, I want a mega-burger!!

  28. 23
    nordan Says:

    At 50 pounds, the Mt. Olympus burger sold at Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, N.J., is the largest hamburger sold in the world. Made with 25 pounds of beef, the burger goes for $99 and takes about an hour to cook. The diner’s owner Mike Zambas says that they sell at least one of the mega-burgers a week but, despite the $1,000 prize, no one has had the stomach to eat it all.

  29. 22
    nordan Says:

    i like 2 eat hamburger
    its so delicious

    nasabot kam???

  30. 21
    Unknown Says:

    Lissa attempted the challenge in late 2008, and ate the burger in a matter of 30 minutes. Shortly after downing this burger, she asked for seconds. (y)

  31. 20
    Aliya Says:

    It’s so tasty i wanna eat that all, yummy!

  32. 19
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  33. 18
    David Says:

    anyone hungry????

  34. 17
    David Says:

    dag that huge…i want to go there so bad

  35. 16
    DaneO*Great Says:

    Hey, I live here. Their Food is Great!!! Much more than Burgers, too! Dometic 16 OZ. Draft beer is $1.65! Good Food, Cold Beer ; Cheap, Hot Women ! Penn State is Close by! Hard to Beat the Mountains Of PA!

  36. 15
    monanatatabananna Says:

    hmm good i will eat this burger

  37. 14
    Drew Says:

    I’ve eaten there. Not only are the burgers big, they’re really good. The buns taste good. Not soggy.

  38. 13
    Susanne Says:

    I saw this place on the travel channel and also some familiar faces and had to check it out. Good luck with the Guinness book.

  39. 12
    elizabeth terry Says:

    hey those things are huge but I bet I can eat one in a week or two LOL LMAO

  40. 11
    ROK’S BELLY Says:

    BURPPPPPPPP, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I feel much better now after reading about all that meat and toppings, yikes!!!!!! I wonder if it comes with a bottle of blood thinners, lol, lol?????

  41. 10
    Mogalita Says:

    omg! that is one big burger.

  42. 9
    Rollerbobby Says:

    I can has cheezburger?

  43. 8

    :O omfg i want one

  44. 7
    Jonathan Owens Says:

    You guys should do a story about the Andy’s Challenge burger in North Carolina. It’s 50 ounces, but a lot of people try it because they have locations all over.

    Go to my blog: to watch me take it down!!!

  45. 6
    FAT JIMMY Says:

    They stole me burger they came on and put a gun to me head and i yelled BACON!!!! With my finger held up high.

  46. 5
    kenny maness Says:

    dang those look like cheese burgers ill kill it

  47. 4
    dara Says:


  48. 3
    Blake Leduc Says:

    See the new Cheese Buger T Shirt Design in Silhouette:

  49. 2
    ramon hernandez Says:

    that looks really good! ! ! ! ! i could just eat the computer ! ! ! ! !

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    Emma Says:


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