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Cheese-Burger.net » Burger Toppings http://www.cheese-burger.net Burgers, Cheeseburgers and stuff... Yes a website about Burgers. Fri, 16 Mar 2012 21:42:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.8.23 What’s Your Top Topping? http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/whats-your-top-topping.html http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/whats-your-top-topping.html#comments Fri, 05 Jun 2009 14:10:05 +0000 http://www.cheese-burger.net/?p=726 Thanks to society’s infatuation with all things extreme, you can now get a cheeseburger loaded with just about anything you can imagine.  The more bizarre, the better.  A burger sandwiched between two donuts? It’s out there. Hell, I’m guilty of contributing to the madness myself; my B.C.O.M.L. has two fried eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches on it!

But it got me thinking: if I could have just one topping on every cheeseburger I would ever eat from now on, what would I pick?  It’s like picking your “Desert Island” movie list, or deciding between Ginger and Mary-Ann.  What’s my Top Topping?

A few ground rules.  The “cheese” and the “burger” in “cheeseburger” are givens.  Let’s assume a regular bun, too.  Leave the Krispy Kremes for another chat.  And sort of like the Genie told Aladdin, you can’t wish for more wishes.  So no topping your cheeseburger with another cheeseburger.  ‘Cos that would obviously be the perfect topping, end of story.

I have also ruled out some of the more exotic choices.  Chili, jalapeños, BBQ sauce, guac, ham… I’ve tried them all.  But c’mon, I can’t pick one of them as the last topping I’ll ever have.  Gotta stick with the classics here.

I now present my Elite 8 burger toppings, counting down to Numero Uno.

8. Pickles – I like cucumbers.  I like vinegar.  Put them together, though, and the result is simply vile.  This is the very first thing I pick off any fully-loaded burger that’s put in front of me.


7. Tomato – Ever notice how on menus, that tomato slice peeking out is always big, bright, and firm… with a smattering of water droplets misted across the edge to show you how impossibly fresh it is?  Ever actually have one like that show up on a burger?  Me neither.  They’re usually warm and limp, trailing that pulpy, jellylike goo all over everything.  No thanks.


6. Ketchup – I’m sensing a great uprising even as I type this.  But despite the torches and pitchforks some of you are reaching for, I just don’t like ketchup.  Never have.  Any burger of mine that comes with ketchup already on it also comes with a hearty side order of napkins so I can disassemble the burger and try to mop this stuff off.

5. Mustard – More napkins over here, please.  Mustard is a fine addition to a chili cheese dog at places that do them well.  But toppings #5-8, to me, just distract from the taste of the cheese and the burger.

4. Lettuce – I dated this girl when I was a freshman in college.  She was older.  She was a model.  I thought dating her would be good for me, maybe make me feel a little bit more sophisticated, a little more grown-up.  But it was just so-so.  Didn’t add that much.  When we broke up, I realized I didn’t even really miss her.  That’s lettuce on a cheeseburger for me.  You might as well just call it Cindy.


3. Onions – Now we’re getting somewhere.  A nice bit of crunch is always welcome (I’m talking to you, Pickles and Lettuce), but at least bring a flavor that actually complements the burger.  Personally, I love that slight tang and the way it stays in your mouth long after.  My wife?  Not so much.  If I ever want to get lucky again, I simply can’t make onions my Top Topping.  A third-place finish is respectable.

2. Mushrooms – Yes, please.  The earthy mushiness of sautéed mushrooms really works nicely with the texture of the cheeseburger.  Nothing wrong with a little mushroom gravy dripping down your chin, either.  A solid runner-up.


1. Bacon – Seriously, was there ever really any doubt about who would win this thing?  I mean, bacon on a cheeseburger is so good, it’s its own sandwich!  No one ever orders a Tomato Cheeseburger.  You can’t go anywhere that I know of and find a Mustard Cheeseburger on the menu.  The Bacon Cheeseburger is its own entity, and rightfully so.  Salty, fatty, crispy-yet-chewy meat… on top of more meat?  I’m so in.  Bacon improves anything you put it on.  ANYTHING.  You can’t say that about a pickle.


You can put a lot of things on a cheeseburger, and a lot of them are great.  You can take most of them away, and it’s still great.  But you can have the bacon from my cheeseburger when you pry it from my cholesterol-hardened hand. 

So let the debate begin.  What’s your Top Burger Topping?

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Chili Sauce Recipes http://www.cheese-burger.net/recipes/chili-sauce-recipes.html http://www.cheese-burger.net/recipes/chili-sauce-recipes.html#comments Thu, 13 Dec 2007 20:06:02 +0000 http://www.uncork.net/recipes/chili-sauce-recipes.html Chili Sauce
Chili Sauce or Hot Sauce is used all over the world as a condiment to spice up meals. There are hundreds of brands of chili sauce out there but we think there is nothing more satisfying than a homemade chili sauce made to your personal taste.

Try one of our chili sauce recipes with your burgers, they are quick and easy to make and you might just find one that you love.

Our Chili Sauce Recipes:

  • Easy Chili Sauce Recipe – A very easy Chili Sauce Recipe that just involves chopping everything up and throwing it into a skillet and can be made in less than 1 hour.
  • Fresh Green Chili Sauce Recipe – This is a great Fresh Green Chili sauce recipe that uses roasted green chilies and chopped tomatillos with a hint of cilantro.
  • Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe – An excellent homemade sweet chili sauce recipe that is packed full of asian style flavors and it won’t blow your head off with heat.
  • Thai Chili Sauce Recipe – A Thai Chili Sauce recipe using authentic Thai ingredients and lots of fresh birds eye chilies.
  • Garlic Chili Sauce Recipe – An excellent Garlic Chili Sauce recipe that will satisfy all of you garlic lovers. This is a very HOT garlic sauce so beware!
  • Green Tomato Chili Sauce Recipe – Green tomatoes are perfect for chili sauces, this Green Tomato chili sauce recipe is very mild and suitable for everyday use.
  • Jalapeno Sauce Recipe – This Jalapeno Sauce recipe uses lots of tomatoes and roast jalapeno peppers – perfect for Mexican food.
  • Heinz 57 Sauce Recipe – Heinz 57 sauce goes great with steaks and burgers and making Heinz 57 sauce is easier than you think!
  • Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe – This Habanero Hot Sauce recipe uses fresh mango to give a fruit flavor to an otherwise extra hot sauce.

We hope you find a chili sauce you love. Don’t forget to try them with one of our Burger Recipes and also take a look at our milder Relish Recipes.

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Relish Recipes http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/relish-recipes.html http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/relish-recipes.html#comments Thu, 13 Dec 2007 18:08:59 +0000 http://www.uncork.net/toppings/relish-recipes.html A relish is a sweet, tangy and sometime hot sauce made from cooked or pickled vegetables or fruit. It can be smooth or chunky, sweet or savory, hot or mild.
Corn relish & green pepper relish
A relish mainly consists of chopped vegetables/fruits that are flavored with vinegar, salt, sugar, and spices to create a savory, sweet tasting flavored sauce served to complement a variety of foods.

A teaspoon of relish is often placed in between the bottom burger bun and beef patty in a typical burger. Some say burgers aren’t complete without a relish.

Our Own Relish Recipes:

  • Easy Pepper Relish Recipe – This is a sweet and tangy Pepper Relish recipe made with lots of bell peppers, vinegar, sugar and optional hot sauce…
  • Hot Pepper Relish Recipe – This is an extra Hot Pepper Relish recipe made with fresh scotch bonnet or habanero peppers – it is only suitable for those that can handle very instense heat!
  • Jalapeno Relish Recipe – This Jalapeno Relish recipe is full of heat and sweetness from the strips of jalapeno peppers…
  • Tomato Relish Recipe – This Tomato Relish Recipe is sweet and tangy and goes great with any cheeseburger. Try this tomato relish recipe if you don’t want a relish that is too spicy…
  • Caramelized Onion Relish Recipe – This is a very simple Caramelized Onion Relish recipe that tastes great either hot or cold…
  • Green Tomato Relish Recipe – This Green Tomato Relish Recipe makes full use of the tangy taste of green tomatoes and has a flavor boost from jalapeno peppers…
  • Corn Relish Recipe – This is a very easy Corn Relish recipe that takes no time to make. Just combine the ingredients and chill overnight and your Corn Relish recipe is done…
  • Datil and Onion Relish Recipe – This Datil & Onion Relish Recipe uses the Datil pepper that grows in Florida and has a unique fruity taste while being very hot…
  • Vidalia Onion Relish Recipe – This Vidalia Onion Relish recipe is inspired by Paula Deen who has created a lot of recipes using Vidalia Onions in her latest book…
  • Cucumber Onion Relish Recipe – This cucumber onion relish recipe is perfect for the summer to help cool down any meal. Try this relish with a burger loaded with lots of iceberg lettuce…
  • Lime Relish Recipe – This lime relish recipe is very tangy and goes great with one of our more exotic burger recipes…
  • Habanero Relish Recipe – This is an extra-hot Habanero Relish recipe made with fresh habanero peppers and lots of garlic…

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Burger Topping Ideas http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/toppings-list.html http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/toppings-list.html#comments Wed, 12 Dec 2007 17:54:00 +0000 http://www.uncork.net/toppings/toppings-list.html We have compiled our favorite burger toppings for you here but the world of cheeseburger toppings is only limited by your own imagination! Scroll down to the bottom to submit your burger topping combinations.

New Topping Ideas, User Submitted:

  • Big Hawaii Burger: Pineapple slice sandwiched between two thin beef patties and topped with grilled ham and swiss cheese. By Jenn
  • Maryland Crab Burger: Beef patty stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat, seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning and topped with grilled onions and smothered with melted provolone cheese. By Jenn
  • Honey Goat Special: A generous layer of Goats cheese drizzled with honey, all sitting on lettuce. By Katherine
  • Black & Bleu Burger: 8 oz. Black Angus Burger with cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, and a mixture of cream cheese, bleu cheese & parmesan cheese. By Eve Rakestraw
  • Gyro Burger: 8 oz. Black Angus with provolone cheese, sliced tomato, thin sliced yellow onion, and Gyro sauce. Served on grilled pita bread. By Eve Rakestraw
  • The tropical: grilled pineapple, papaya, melted pepper jack cheese, and a mango chili glaze. By Ogin
  • Surf & Turf: Sauteed shrimp scampi and lump crab meat light bread crumb action and LIGHT on mayo and spice to hold it all together if needed. By dg
  • Aussie Burger: Pineapple, red beets, a fried egg then smothered in BBQ sauce. By Jim
  • The Indian Burger: Mix some curry (sauce, paste or powder) into your patties before grilling, serve with mango chutney, spicy peppers and baby greens. By Amanda B
  • The Bavarian Burger: Cheddar cheese, mustard, and sauerkraut served on potato bread. By Amanda B
  • The Hot Wing Burger: Melted bleu cheese crumbles, hot wing sauce, and veggies of your choice atop a patty. By Katie Q

Our Burger Toppings List:

  • The Burguesa: Two beef patties, two slices of cheese, ham, avocado, refried beans, crunchy tostada, lettuce, & burger sauce. Serve with a pickled jalapeño on the side.
  • Pesto Burger: Cooked spinach, Mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce.
  • Mediterranean Burger: Beef patty seasoned with Mediterranean spices (hot paprika, garlic, cumin, oregano leaves, mint leaves), grilled and served with Greek yogurt sauce in pita bread.
  • Bagel Burger: Lean ground beef patty served with tomato and onion on a fresh bagel with flavored cream cheese.
  • Jalapeño Burger Topper: Lots of pickled jalapeño peppers topped with melted cheddar and cream cheese.
  • Baby Burger: Grilled hamburger with ketchup only, no mustard, no pickles, no onions. Cut in half to serve.
  • Brie Burger: Herb crusted Brie, warmed and placed over granny smith apples atop a lean ground beef burger with a hint of mustard.
  • Egg Burger: One fried egg and black pepper.
  • Blue Cheese Salad Burger: Topped with crumbled Bleu cheese, lettuce and tomato.
  • Chilli Burger: Hearty beef burger hidden beneath your favorite homemade chilli and shredded cheese.
  • Mexi-Burger: Bean dip, guacamole and sour cream.
  • Anchovy Pizza Burger: Anchovies, Mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce stuffed into a grilled hamburger.
  • Wild Mushroom Burger: Grilled ground beef stuffed with a wild mushroom sauce featuring Shiitake, Chanterelle, oyster and hedgehog mushrooms.
  • Cajun Burger: Seasoned ground beef grilled with Cajun spices and spiced up with Jalapeño cheese, chili mayonnaise and pico de gallo sauce.
  • Double Decker Pizza Burger: Cheddar cheese and pizza sauce between two thin beef patties.
  • Pineapple-Gruyère Burger: Topped with grilled fresh pineapple and smoked Gruyère cheese.
  • Tex-Mex Burger: Grilled ground beef piled with guacamole, onions and bacon.
  • Horseradish-Garlic Burger: Topped with onions, garlic and horseradish.
  • Burger Italia: Grilled beef burger layered with roasted red bell peppers, red pesto, and Mozzarella cheese, served on focaccia bread.
  • Spicy Burger: Jack cheese melted on a lean ground beef burger with jalapeño peppers and onions.
  • Euro Burger: Ground beef patty beneath a layer of sliced ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard.
  • Burger Al Forno: Ground beef seasoned with robust Italian seasoning’s, fresh garlic served with a golden Parmesan crust.
  • Garlic Burger: Garlic powder mixed into ground beef, grilled, topped with garlic cheese and a dollop of garlic mayonnaise.
  • Corny Burger: Tangy corn relish (red pepper, corn, white vinegar, ground red pepper, salt and green onions) atop a beef patty.
  • The Beefster: Grilled hamburger patty topped with roast beef, horseradish and cheddar cheese, served on an onion roll.
  • Taco Burger: Topped with shredded lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and sliced jalapeños.
  • Breakfast Omelette Burger: Grilled ground beef patty piled high with diced ham, Cheddar cheese, mushrooms and green peppers, served on a toasted English muffin.
  • German Classic: Grilled burger with aged Cheddar cheese and mustard.
  • Cheesy Pizza Burger: Lean burger covered with pizza sauce, Provolone, sharp Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses.
  • Gorgonzola Burger: Hamburger stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, grilled and spread with sweet mustard.
  • Smokey Burger: Beef burger topped with roasted balsamic onions, smoked bacon and smoked cheese.
  • Worcestershire Burger: Hamburger covered with mushrooms sautéed in Worcestershire sauce.
  • Parisian Burger: Topped with crumbled Bleu cheese, marinated red onions and tomatoes served on a croissant.
  • Tough Texan Burger: Ground beef seasoned with hot sauce and dried red peppers, smothered with cheese and barbecue sauce.
  • Hawaiian Supreme: Ground beef patty stuffed with crushed pineapple, topped with a candied apple slice and sweet & sour sauce.
  • Tortilla Burger: Load a soft tortilla with sour cream, salsa, jalapeños and melted cheese.
  • The Islander Burger: Beef patty smothered with Thousand Island dressing, with lettuce, tomato and pickle.
  • Potato Chip Burger: Potato chips, ketchup and mustard.
  • Alpine Burger: Lean ground beef smothered in sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
  • Caribbean Burger: Season with jerk seasoning, pickled hot peppers and mango chutney.
  • Fajita Beef Burger: Patty mixed with fajita seasoning, and wrapped with guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and salsa, served in a flour tortilla.
  • Bruschetta Burger: Italian seasoned ground beef with fresh tomato and basil, served on toasted garlic French bread.
  • Bistro Burger: Ground beef covered with caramelized onions, Brie cheese and crisp bacon, served on a walnut bun.
  • Cheese Crunch Burger: Crumbled crisps covered in melted cheese.
  • Cowboy Burger: Grilled mushrooms, grilled onion, bacon and Monterey Jack cheese on a flavorful beef patty.
  • Chicago Burger: Grilled beef burger with sweet relish, chopped onion, ketchup, mustard and hot peppers.
  • French Bistro Burger: Hamburger adorned with Gruyère cheese and garlic mustard mayonnaise, on a French roll.
  • Sticky Burger: Grilled burger spread with peanut butter, bacon and cheese.
  • Five-Spice Burger: Ground beef seasoned with Chinese five-spice, grilled, and served with a soy-ginger sauce.
  • Olive Pizza Burger: Beef burger stuffed with mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce covered with sliced black and green olives.
  • Pepperoni Pizza Burger: Pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce.
  • Classic Burger: Hamburger with ketchup, mustard and pickles.
  • Greek Burger: Topped with herbs, Feta cheese, black olives and onions.
  • Meat-o-Rama Pizza Burger: Ground beef patty stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, diced tomatoes and pizza sauce, and topped with pepperoni and bacon.
  • Caesar Burger: Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce and avocado slices.
  • Barbecue Burger: Ground beef grilled with a tangy barbecue sauce and hot peppers.
  • Onion Burger: Grilled ground beef seasoned with dried onion soup mix, and blanketed with fried and raw onions.
  • Breakfast Burger: Fried egg, a hash brown, fried tomato and fried mushrooms.
  • Beef LT: Burger prepared BLT style — bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on grilled bread.

Have your own special topping idea? Submit it and we will add it to the list…
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Hold The Onions http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/onion.html http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/onion.html#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2007 23:22:46 +0000 http://www.uncork.net/toppings/onion.html If there is a single vegetable that can be said to be universal, that vegetable is surely the onion. Records show that the onion has been eaten by humans for thousands of years and probably has been in our diet for millions more.
Burger with red onion
The onion can be served raw as part of the salad of a cheeseburger but by far the most common use is to fry or saute the onions in some oil or fat so they become soft and sweet.

This process, know as caramelizing, literally transforms the raw onion from a sharp, sour and almost repulsive vegetable to a succulent and sugary addition to the cheeseburger.

The flavor of cooked onion is so universally accepted that diced onion is often included on the recipe for making the beef patty itself, an accolade only matched by salt, pepper and bread crumbs.
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A Bed Of Lettuce http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/lettuce.html http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/lettuce.html#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2007 23:16:20 +0000 http://www.uncork.net/toppings/lettuce.html A Bed Of Lettuce
If the typical pictorial advertisements of the cheeseburger are to believed, the lettuce is a delicate fresh green frill, its tender ruffles promising crisp flavorful vegetable goodness.

In reality the lettuce is all too often a few thick shreds of a rusty white Styrofoam-like substance. The lettuce of choice is usually the iceberg variety which has a solid head that has few nutrients and even less flavor.

The lettuce provides some basic textural function within a cheeseburger as a base for other ingredients. Not our favorite.
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A Slice Of Tomato http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/tomato.html http://www.cheese-burger.net/toppings/tomato.html#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2007 23:00:26 +0000 http://www.uncork.net/toppings/tomato.html Slices of Tomato in a burger
The tomato and the sandwich have long been in partnership all over the world, but the tomato and the burger is a matching that is only the norm in America.

Providing an extra layer of color and a unique juicy texture, the addition of the tomato is something that has naturally transferred from Americas love of the sandwich. In other parts of the world the red fruit is more represented as a condiment such as chilli sauce or ketchup.
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